Remember, Remember the 5th of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot, I see no reason
why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot

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Albrecht, Katherine :  RFID Spychips
Alexander,  Rachel:  Shared Parenting
Angry Harry
Annett, Kevin: Child Trafficking in BC
Asher, Jeffrey
Baskerville, Stephen: "Taken .. Custody
Beatley, Terry:  UNCRC Vs Parental Rights
Baxter, Dorian: Canada Courtwatch
Beck, Glenn Beck: World Government
Bennett, Richard: Purpose Driven Church
Blick, Edward:  Global Warming & Marxism
Blumner,Court Ordered Sexism
Briffault, Robert: Briffault's Law
Burrows, Lynette: Homo Adoption
Caradori, Gary: Franklin Cover-up Investigator
Carley, Dr. Rebecca: Vaccinations
Carr, William Guy:  Pawns in the Game
Christie, Doug:  Freedom of Speech
Chopra, Dr. Shiv: Health Canada
Clarke, Christine:  BC Conservatives
Clifford Dean:   Freeman
Coulter, Ann: Free Speech
Cools, Senator Anne:  Lying Lawyers
Coffman, Dr. Michael:  Global Warming
Coleman, John:  Global Warming Fraud
Coleman, Dr. John (MI6) Comittee of 300
Coren, Michael:  Islamophobia, Homophobia
Crane, Ian:  Codex Alimentarius Scam
Cromwell, Oliver: Supremacy / Parliament
Cuddy, Dennis L. "Power Elite"
Cumbey, Constance :  New Age Nazism
Cummins, John:  BC Conservative Party
Decamp, John: Franklin Cover-up
Delaney, Chris : "No HST in BC!"
Dioguardi, Joe:  Saving US / Debtors' Prison
Dodd, Norman:  NWO Fabian Socialists
Doomsday Preppers
Duane, James:"Don't Talk to Police"
Dutton, Don:  RADAR, "Rethinking DV"
Estulin, Daniel:  Bilderberg Group
Evans, Stanton: "Blacklisted, Joe McCarthy"
Farage, Nigel:  UKIP, EU Titanic
Farrell, Warren:  Why Men Earn More
Federer, Bill: Endang'd Speeches, Quran
Fischer, Greg:  Family Preservation Festival
Fogal, Connie:  No NAU
Forseth, MP Paul:  FTSOTC Panelist
Fromm, Paul:  Free Speech, CAFE
Gage, Richard: Architects & Engineers 9/11
Gairdner William
Galloway, Roger:   FTSOTC Panelist
Geldof, Sir Bob:  The Love..
Gerrish, Brian:  EU's "Common Purpose"
Griffin, G. Edward:  Fed Reserve
Grignon, Paul:  "Money As Debt"
Gunderson, Ted:  FBI, Protected Pedophiles
Haeck, Lisa:  Sexual Abuse
Haines, Bruce, QC: Justice Review
Hein, Arnie:  "Cross My Heart" EP Trek 2005
Hiebert, MP Russ:  Human Rights Commission
Hill, MP Jay: EP Legislation
Hinton , Betty:  Status of Women's "Hit List"
Holland, Lary: "GET OFF THE BENCH"
Horowitz, David:  Islamofacism, Universites
Howse, Torm
Hunt, Dave:  Woman / Beast
Iserbyt, Charlotte: Dumbing Down
Jones, Alex
Kah, Gary: Obama, Vatican, Globalization
Kay, Barbara, National Post
Kennedy, John F:  Assassination 1963
Kernberg, Dr. Otto: Personality Disorder
Kerkman, Larry :  CRISPE
Keyes, Alan :
Khodeir, Lucien:  Child-Support Guidelines
Knight, Robert: Obama's "Radical Rulers"
Kruk, Edward: Child Custody
Lafantaisie, Michele:  CAS, CCA wood
Leslie, Sarah: "Pied Pipers of Purpose"
Levant, Ezra: HRT, Islam, Freedom of Speech
LInde, Carey: Statutory Ammendments
Lively, Scott:  "Pink Swastika"
Loftus, Elizabeth: Recovered Memories Myth
Luther, Martin: "Sola Scriptura"
Macdonald, Peter: "Taxcap" limits Debt
Machon, Annie:  Ex-MI5
Makow , Henry PhD: "Save the Males"
Man, Woman, & Myth
Matrisciana, Caryl:  Islam Rising, FITNA
Martin, Malachi: Globalization, Occult
McManus, John:  Stopping NAU
McKay, Dr. Marty
McLean, Candis
MacKenzie, Rob:  EP Trek 2006
Menard, Robert: "Bursting Bubbles"
McQuaid, Robert: Fix CAS
Millar, David
Mills, Dennis: MP Targetted by Homsexuals
Monckton, Lord Christopher
Monarchy, David Starkey
Monteith, Dr. Stanley:  Aides / Luciferians
Morris, Dick: G-20 Vs US Sovereignty
Murtari, John:  NCP Hunger Striker
Nash, Dave:  Cross Canada Run
Nazanin:  Persian Beauty for a Free Iran
Neufeld, Gordon: Hold - Kids
Nicholson, Robert:  BC's Protected Pedophiles
Nicolosi, Joseph:  Homosexuality
Norton, Bob:  Family Court Watcher
O'Connor, Matt: Original F4J-UK
PAFE = Planetary Alliance, Fathers in Exile
Palin, Sarah
Paul, Dr. Ron:  Sound Money
Peck, Dr. Scott: "People of the Lie"
Pedersen, Rob: EP Bike Trek US, 2007
Pellman, Adrian, LLB:  Judicial Activism
Perloff, James: Shadows of Power
Phenomenon: The Lost Archives
Pizzey, Erin: Women's Shelter Scam
Plywood Man, NWT
Protestant Revolution, BBC
Quigley, Carroll: Banking, Globalization
Rhodes, Carol: Child Support
Riplinger, Gail: Luciferian Bibles
Roberts, Carey
Roberts, Elise:  False Allegation of Abuse
Roscoe, Peter:  Judicial Bigotry
Russo, Aaron: NAU, CFR, Rockefellers
Ruppert, Michael C
Saburido, Jacqueline:  Don't Drink
Sacks. Glenn
Secret Files of the Inquisition
Schlafly, Phyllis:  Global Governance
Simons, Frank: Courts From Hell
Schafer, Nancy:  Child Trafficking at CPS
Schiff, Peter:  Currency Crisis, Debt Ceiling
Shafarevich, Igor:  The Socialist Phenomenon
Short, David:  St. John's Anglican
Shrimpton, Michael , QC:  Intelligence
Shrout, Winston: Common Law
Silverman, Earl:  Domestic Abuse against Men
SJCA - FTSOTC 48 Recom's
Simpson, Kari:  Road Kill Radio
Smith, Dr. Helen,  "Men on Strike"
Smith, Ron:  DC Rally, Drugging of Children
Soever, Alar:  SOW's Child Support Fraud
Sodhi, Eeva
Somerville, Margaret:“Same-Sex Marriage”
Still, Bill:  "Money Masters", "Mystery of Oz"
Stopps, Gordon  Vs Just Ladies, BCHRT
Stormer, John:  Betrayed ..  Bench
Story, Christopher:  "Perestroika Dec.
Sutton, Anhony:  Wall Street & Hitler
Taylor, Captain Tony: "Fatherless Day"
Trociuk Darrell, BC Birth Registration
Tyndale, William, "God's Outlaw", RIP 1536
V for Vendetta / Guy Fawkes the Hero
van Gogh, Theo:  Islamic Violence, RIP 2005
Vellacott, MP Maurice
Ventura, Jesse:  Conspiracy Theory
Vieira, Dr. Edwin:  Fiat Empire
Wagener, William
Wallace, Tom:  Sharia Law in UK & US
Warren, Elizabeth: Collapse Middle Class
Watson, Paul:  EU's Nazi  Origins
Wilberforce, William: Slave Trade Act, 1807
William III & Mary II:  "Bill of Rights" 1689
Wooldridge, Nancy:  Canadian Grans
World, Gordon:  Sexualizing BC Children
Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), UVic
Zepezauer, Frank:  Feminist Crusades

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Let Ex Husbands Be Fathers
Perception vs Reality
Some Facts...
Both Parents Vital
Broken Homes, Bleak Future
Justice Review
Rights of fathers Ignored?

Petitions, Class Action

Support one of over 50 class-actions against unconstitutional 'sole custody' by Indiana Civl Rights Council

Support one of over 50 class-actions against unconstitutional 'sole custody' by Indiana Civl Rights Council

BC Statutory Amendments

Your Letters to an MP

Your Letters to an MP:  HOME

Letters to MP: I have $104.58 left over after paying child support

Post New Letters to a Member of BC Legislative Assembly (MLA) here

Your Letters to an MLA

Your Letters to MLA: HOME

Post New Letters to a Member of a Legislative Assembly (MLA) here

Your Letters to an Editor

Your Letters to an Editor: HOME

Post your New Letters to an Editor here 

Senator Anne Cools, FTSOTC Chair on False Accusations & Lying Lawyers

Senator Anne Cools, formerly Liberal, now Conservative, on False Accusations &
Law Societies' permitting Lawyers to Lie in Court

"'..  mothers and fathers should have equal rights in the raising of their children, regardless of marital break down"

Anne Cools - Google Search
Anne Cools - Google Video

Canadian Bill s-12, senator cools - Google Search

"Honorable senators know that I have studied a terrible and pernicious heart of darkness that has developed in our court system, being the use of FALSE ACCUSATIONS in civil justice.

"This is the mischief of litigating parties, usually mothers, suddenly within the context of divorce and within child custody proceedings falsely accusing the other party, usually fathers, of the sexual abuse of their own children.    ,,,    

"These FALSE ACCUSATIONS are often made with the overt or covert complicity of their lawyers. They are a lethal weapon in the business of parental alienation. They are a tool for achieving sole custody of children and creating fatherlessness."


Senator Anne Cools Runs Away With The Suns's 10 Top Women Poll, Kevin Connor, TO Sun

2004-06-08  Liberal senator < Anne Cools >  goes Conservative

1997-10-28 Child Custody and Access Reform, Special Joint Committee Established

Erin PizzeyMore:  Issues:  Cools, Senator Anne
Issues: False Accusations;
Isues Women's Shelters' Scam
News:  Liberal Hedy Fry / Status of Women (SOW):
News:  Cross, Pamela:Feminist Law:  Female Accusers must not be required to face those they accuse of Violence;
Issues:  Domestic Violence Scam & "Women's Studies" Propaganda
Issues:  Pizzey, Erin: Women's Shelter Scam;
Issues:  "Women's Shelter" Gulags:  Lesbian Brainwashing & Seduction Camps
Issues:  Cools, Senator Anne: Lying Lawyers;
News:  Liberal Hedy Fry / Status of Women (SOW):
Issuess:  False Accusations;
Issues:  Child Trafficking by Public Officers & Judges

Liberal Irwin Cotler:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS"

Irwin Cotler, former Liberal "Justice" Minister robbed Canadians of their NATURAL PARENTS' Rights

Irwin Cotler - Google Search;
Irwin Cotler - Google Video

"Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS....  ONLY RESPONSIBILITIES....

"Natural Parents' Rights now  gone with my Homosexual Marriage bill"

16.10 Maximum Contact & Friendly Parent Rule has to go to conform to Judicial Practice, or Judges may be held in criminal BREACH OF TRUST"

FYI, the ideas that the State assigns Rights & Responsibilities to it's Citizen is straight from pre-war Nazi Germany.   Under the British system rights are not State-given, but God Given.

Buying into the Court's position that what rights remain are Children's Rights, is buying into the same position that "<Natural> Parents have no rights", and Canadian Children are at birth the property of the Courts.

More:  News:  Cotler, Irwin:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS...;
News:  European Union;
Issues:  Paul Watson:  Nazi Origins of European Union;;;
Issues: G. Edward  Griffin ;
Issues: Fabian Socialism;

Liberal Anne McLellan says "Joint Custody Perpetuates the domination of men over women"

Former Liberal Justice Minister, Deputy Prime Minister

Anne McLellan , MP - Google Search

In "Women and the Process of Constitutional Reform" McLellan warns that <Horrors!> "Provincial Legislatures may impose a presumption of Joint Custody... and perpetuate the domination of men over women"  

The Liberal Party and Child Sexual Abuse

More:  News:  McLellan , Liberal Anne "Joint Custody Perpetuates the domination of men over women"

Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy

Chapter VII. The English Common Law. Section 57. The Norman Conquest

A beautiy of British  Common Law is that it is STATIC, and NOT DYNAMIC as these Activist Judges would have you think.

Ask a lawyer what "Common Law" is and they will likely tell you it is "Judge Made Law", and expand up this to say "Common Law is whatever the Judges are commonly saying these days"

This is completely FALSE.  The Judges are Agents of the Crown and they BY DEFINITION Judges are WITHOUT CAPACITY to make any law whatsoever.  Since 1649, only PARLIAMENT has the Capacity to make Law.

British Common law was NOT created by Judges, it was only observed and documented by individuals sent out by the newly Norman Crown after the Norman Conquest of 1066  to observe and codify the laws and customs of the various peoples of Britain..  This was done with a view to aggregate existing customs which may vary across the land,  into a unified body of Laws.  The Authority quoted by the Commoners in their administration of Common Law were frequently direct quotations from the Bible and principles of Danelaw

The process of documentation took only a couple of hundred years, and the product was a STATIC body of Law which was historical, popular, and has served in the intervening centuries as a Benchmark against which Statutory Law may be measured for "Fairness".  It does NOT change.

More:   Issues:  Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy;
Issues:  "Judicial Interpretation" to pervert Statutes of Parliament;
Issues:  Judicial Activism is Breach of Trust;
Issues:  Judicial Globalization is Treason

McKenzie & Pedersen, the "Two Robs",
Equal Parenting Bike Trek US 2006, 2007...

Robb MacKenzie Equal Parenting Bike Trek - Google Search;
Robb MacKenzie Equal Parenting Bike Trek - Google Video

Rob Pederson, Equal Parenting - Google Search;
Robert Pederson, Equal Parenting - Google Video Equal Parenting Bike Trek's photostream

More:  Issues:  McKenzie & Pedersen, the "Two Robs", Equal Parenting Bike Trek US 2006, 2007...;
Issues:  Smith, Ron:  DC Family Preservation Rally, Compulsory Drugging of Children;
Issues:  Compulsory Drugging of Children, Thymerisol;

Beware of the "Parental Rights" IMPOSTER!!!!

"Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights"

Be on the lookout for the "Parent's Rights" IMPOSTER.  Insist on "Natural Parents Only", please!

It comes as a big surprise to us that many groups that present themselves as "Parents Rights" groups  REFUSE to defend the  NATURAL PARENT, and  and to demand RESTORATION of Natural Parents Rights taken from Canadians in the Homosexual Marriage legislation.

Instead their position to promote the "rights" of  a "Parent" in the widest sense of the word, making NO distinction  between NATURAL PARENTS and wannaabe Legal Parents.  They have bowed to University of Victoria's  assertion that  the SCC's Trociuk Decision "endorses a Heterosexual View of the Family and must be ignored", legitimizing the ongoing Child Trafficking by the State which views Canadian children as State Property and merchandise for  sale in the lucrative Child Adoption Market  They refuse to be hampered by prior obligations to that pesky Natural Parent who thinks they can Veto an Adoption.

It appears that many "Fathers Rights" groups commonly fall in with the United Nations and Liberal Irwin Cotler's assertion that the Child's Right is to be protected, but the Natural Parent has "NO RIGHTS", making the State, not the Natural Parents the Protector of the Child..

Without Cause or Consent, no Child shall be removed from a Natural Parent!!!

More:  About:  Beware of the IMPOSTER!!!!  "Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights";
News:  Lessard, Hester - Heterosexual view of Parenthood must be ignored
News:  Smith, Judge Daphne, BCSC, for Child Trafficking;
Issues:  Trociuk, Darrell;
Issues:  Child Trafficking, Canadian;
Testimonials:  Rick Fredrickson of Saskatoon

Bill Graham, Liberal <Pedophile> Leader & Defense Minister

Bill Graham, mp - Google Search;
Bill Graham, mp - Google Video

Lawrence Metherel - Google Search

2007-06-19  Liberal MP Bill Graham announces resignation

"In spite of credible revelations dating back to April 2002 about Bill Graham, a sex addicted bi-sexual sodomizing a 15 year old male prostitute named Lawrence Metherel, Paul Martin allowed Graham to remain Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister - and eventually named him to the portfolio of Minister of Defense.

"On Sept. 28/2005 a vote was held in Parliament to raise the age of consent from 14 (one of the lowest age of consents in the world) to 16 (an age which many still consider too low).

"Bill Graham, Paul Martin, and Anne McLellan, on Sept. 28th, voted against raising the age of consent to 16

More:  News:  Graham, Bill:  Pedophile Parliamentarian, Defense Minister

Phyllis Schlafly and Stephen Baskerville

On February 14, 2006 Both Phyllis Schlafly and Stephen Baskerville join together in a landmark interview
"War Against The Family".mp3


"The Family Courts are <generally> a bunch of second rate hangers-on   ...  build each other's businesses through referrals...Family Law is a <parasitic> self-sustaining Industry"


"Why isn't "Focus on the Family" working for Equal Parenting?

Stephen Baskerville's Home; American Coal. for Fathers and Children


Habeas Corpus :  "literally, "you may have the body". A Habeas Corpus is a legal writ that protects an individual against arbitrary imprisonment by requiring that any person arrested be brought before a court for formal charge. If the charge is considered to be valid, the person must submit to trial; if not, the person goes free. When the law is suspended, then individuals can be imprisoned indefinitely and without charge."      ..... 

More, Glossary of terms

Skeletons in the Closet, 2001

Skeletons in the Closet

Skeletons in the Closet, a film drawn from the dramatized lives of families living with a protected Pedophile and the mental illness it may create when a loving, faithful, Victim keeps the Secret.  This is shockingly common.  The Secret is their Power - BREAK IT!  (You would be well advised to stay away from the Public Servant.)

Trial By Jury displaced by Activist Judges

Of course Judges and other "Friends of the Court" won't receive capital punishment for Capital Crimes like Treason.

Trial By Jury, Canada - Google Search

Violence and Murder of Men by  Women sanctioned by Courts

FYI, most of what you  hear about Family Violence is a huge fraud because World Health Organization obligates members to:

a)  NOT report results of studies which do not show "expected results", and

b) if "unexpected results do eventually get reported, they may only be reported with "expert" commentary to explain away the deviation from the expected result that "Men are violent" and "Women are their Victims".

The World Health has as a primary Sponsor, the Rockefeller Foundations,  a Fabian Socialist group which has as it's aim the conversion of the West to a Soviet style block which can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.  See Norman Dodd.

What Is Gendercide?

Wages Gleaned at Source

BC ALS victim Art Brown finds FMEP garnishing his disability pension of Child Support for adult Child not living with Mother

Threats of Court  Costs &  Assessments lead Natural Fathers to abandon Custody Rights under Duress

Opponents of Equal Parenting like to tell you that seventy something percent of Custody Cases don't go to Trial, and are awarded as Sole Custody to Mom BY CONSENT. 

What they don't tell you is that in ninety something percent of Custody Cases that do go to Trial Mom gets Sole Custody anyway, and Dad has to pay on top of his Lawyer fees, the Court Costs for having lost his Application.  Faced with these abysmal odds, Dads are commonly told to "Just give her what she wants so you can have a good relationship with her".  Under such Duress many Dads foolishly acquiesce  ....  for a time at least......

We prefer that Natural Parents NOT sign a Consent Order that is not completely Equal with respect to Gender, as the relationship of the divorced couple is greatly destabilized with each injury to the equality of parental powers .

Pedophile Activists: Sexual Enticement of Children

Teacher-Student sex rules being relaxed by BCSC

Sexual Abuse by a Public Officer

Pedophile Activists obviously don't go around telling you what they're up to.  Instead they  call themselves "Mentors", "Social Workers", "Feminists" or "Homosexual Rights Activists".  In Canada, Pedophile Activists  have been successful in getting greater access to children by reducing the Age of Consent to FOURTEEN, and in eliminating a parents "right to know" when the child reaches the age of TWELVE, replacing them with school counselors and Social Workers, and by, of course, eradicating fathers from their children's lives entirely from birth on request by the mother. 

With the recent changes to accommodate homosexual marriage, the right of natural parents to "parent" their natural children will soon be removed entirely.  Through these statutory changes, the term "LEGAL PARENT" is replacing the historic term "NATURAL PARENT" in Canadian statutes.  As a result Natural Parents can no longer automatically claim to be the Legal Parents of their own natural children at birth.  Instead, to accommodate the Homosexual Activists' plan to push Natural Parents aside when it comes to parenting children, the Courts alone now decide who will be the "parents' of all children born in Canada.

Pedophile Activists are often lawyers, school counselors, teachers, Social Workers, Sex Ed teachers, YWCA leaders, pastors, Judges, etc. etc.  They seek positions with access and power over Children & Families, and positions to create social and political change.  The publicly undisclosed prevalence of Pedophile & Homosexual Activists in our civil service has been attributed to their determined politicism in the many groups like ACT UP! , the secrecy of the alliances made in various "secret societies" and sex clubs, and to Sexual Nepotism in the workplace.

Pedophiles Fear Dads! (Unless you're a BC Judge!)


Pedophiles are very selective in the victims they choose.  They tend to avoid kids that have a Dad like the plague.  They want to find children alone, unsupervised, and lonely.  They are attracted to single moms with sole custody.

 The risk of coming under the "care" of a pedophile is increased hundreds of times when the mother has sole custody.  Not only are the kids out of Parental care for most of their young lives, but the pedophiles actively seek out opportunities to get physical custody of  kids from broken homes and into the sole care of single mothers.  The most powerful method of getting control of Children and Families is their selection of employer, and the obtaining extraordinary powers granted them through their workplace.  They know full well, the Civil Service will not prosecute it's members and will instead scapegoat an innocent bystander over which it has power. 

The most common class of sexual abusers  is the "Step Father" class.  The next most numerous class of pedophile are "Rigid Dogmatic" Class.  These choose careers working with and "protecting" and "caring" for your children, and possess unmitigated powers over children, even over the parents.   They routinely present themselves as a "Savior" for the fatherless child, and are Narcissistic in character.  They rely heavily on the incredulity of the children's family when hearing the child's report, and on being able to discred  the child to evade detection of their unthinkable backroom activities.   These are the military school and sports coaches, the church leaders, the teachers,  Social Workers., daycare providers, and Judges,.  They tend to be vain, charming, cunning, and socially dexterous.  In British Columbia, the pedophiles are well organized to establish their sexual orientation's "rights".  See NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) with strong connections here in Vancouver,  Butterfly Kisses, and NAWGLA The North American Woman-Girl Love Association NAMBLA's sister group. 


"Now, I ask you, if Bishops themselves, who are one of the highest ranking Leaders our Church has, know that loving a boy-child is right, just, and divine, would you not do well to think the same? Look past the veil of corruption the Jews and Muslims have draped over our eyes for far too long! Look past it, my brothers, for we are stronger than that! God says loving a boy-child is right, and we must follow His Word! Let us embrace our young saviors, and together we will laugh at the non-believers, for we know that they will surely burn in Hell for eternity for scoffing at His Word."

With the unimpeachable Svend Robinson's new Bill C-250  to make criticism about sexual orientation criminally punishable, the pedophiles of British Columbia will be jumping for joy.  Svend's Bill C-250 obviously INCREASES greatly the risk to our children becoming prey to pedophiles.  A parent cannot now even complain about a neighborhood pervert coaching their children in homosexual sex for fear  Judge arrested over child porn, BBC NEWS UK of being accused of a "Hate Crime".  Many NAMBLA members will certainly be living in Svend's Vancouver riding.  They will most likely present themselves as Homosexual Rights Activists, of course!

Pedophile Activists do not yet present themselves openly for what they are, though we have BC Judges lending pedophiles the support of our Courts.  They prefer to present themselves with those with common views and purposes.  Pedophile Activists present themselves first  as "Women's Rights Activists", and secondly as "Homosexual Rights Activists". Search the sites of these three groups and we think you will be shocked by the unity and resonance of each group with the others.  The "guiding lights" of these groups often have multiple memberships in the other groups. 

Roughly 40% of pedophiles are homosexual - 40 times the incidence in the population at large.  Not yet public about their pursuit of their sexual orientation, pedophiles have increased their access to our children by lobbying to reduce the Age of Consent, presently down to fourteen.

It is extremely rare that a natural father sexually abuses their children.  Biology DOES count!  When pedophile "fathers" are discovered, they are almost always Step-Fathers or the mother's new boyfriend.  It is truly shocking what mothers have routinely accepted from molesting boy friends and Step-Fathers in order to maintain a relationship with the "new man" after Divorce.

Characteristics of the Career a Pedophile is drawn to are:

  • access to vulnerable, lonely kids; kids without Dads.  Moms are usually not much of a deterrent to a pedophile. Kids with Moms who were sexually abused themselves and learnt to keep the "family secret"  are easy pickings.

  • authority and power

  • prestige, respectability and moral impunity

  • legal powers to deflect scrutiny by falsely accusing a convenient scapegoat and explain the overt symptoms of sexual abuse.

Pedophiles are shockingly difficult to expose.  Thanks again to the "Charter of Rights", an RCMP investigation will not be started on Pedophile without the testimony of the victim personally.   Police refuse to act on the report of  third parties.  Who directs the Police on which files they may pursue?  The Judges!!!!!

If the pedophile is a casual acquaintance, and not a direct family member having regular access to the child, it is often easiest for the child to take the parents lead that nothing was out of the ordinary, to just fit in, and to forget about it.  The children have then been acclimatized to the sexual contact, however, and will not likely resist the assault a second time.  The rate of assault of girls and boys  is not as different as you might think - about a 6 to 4 ratio.  Sexual abuse of boys is clearly very much underreported.  Boys reporting molestations by women are almost certainly  ignored or ridiculed, and be told they should be "thankful" the female perpetrator "made a man" out of him.

Adult victims of long term sexual abuse rarely have the stamina to overcome the obstacles the professional Pedophile has been careful to hedge around themselves. Freud's  "Oedipus Complex" describing children having an innate urge to have sexual relations with their parent was a purposeful misdiagnosis by Freud to protect his Client/Perpetrator(s).  The defense of choice is often to "Blame on the Victim". Pedophiles often live in a very dark and shrouded world, cloaked by obvious prestige, respectability and power, co-opting even  the famous Sigmund Freud with pay


NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)

NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association is a parallel organization within the gay community with headquarters in San Francisco, New York and Vancouver.  They present themselves, of course, as proud "freedom fighters"' associating themselves with the feminist and gay rights movement.  Here are a few links:.  Home Page of the North American Man/Boy Love Association   These sites go up and down regularly.  Those within the community will know how to search for them with selected search words..

Wikipedia on North American Man-Boy Love Association
Onelook Search on NAMBLA
NAMBLA History
NAMBLA: Out of the Movement's Bounds
2000-08-21   ACLU to Defend Pedophile Group.
2003-09-03  Pedophile magazine NAMBLA Bulletin named in suit involving rape, murder of boy
2003-07-xx  NAMBLA Teacher Out
2002-03-13  Perv had teen 'trophy'
2001-10-04  Lawyer Says NAMBLA Trained Pedophiles

Scott Lively on causation in Uganda

Scott Lively on causation in Uganda

More:  Issues:  Lively, Scott:  "Pink Swastika", Homosexuality and the Nazi Party;
Issues:  Lynette Burrows, Psychologist warns on Pedophiles
Issues:  Homosexual Activism;
Issues:  Judicial Activism;
Issues:  Poofy Judges

Butterfly Kisses: Lesbian Pedophilia Organization

The woman's counterparts of NAMBLA , promote woman/girl love and coaching lesbians to take on positions of leadership a Big Sisters, Girl Scouts, YWCA and sports clubs, etc. in order to entice girls and young women into sexual relations with them.  The  YWCA, Patricia Ireland scandal may have been a reported example of these techniques put into practice.  Fortunately , Patricia Ireland was removed from the running the YWCA.  Presumably those she appointed and promoted were not.  These sites go up and down regularly.  Those within the community will know how to search for them with selected search words..

""Butterfly Kisses" is an example of the "Women's NAMBLA".  Here are some of their links. 

Google Search butterfly kisses

2002-07-22  Website celebrates sex between adult women, young girls
Butterfly Kisses Homepage Copy
Butterfly Kisses Articles, Copy
Butterfly Kisses: Mother & Child, the Erotic Bond, etc, Copy
Butterfly Kisses: Girl Scouts & Mentoring Articles, Copy
Butterfly Kisses: Articles on Woman-Child Sex, Copy

Lesbian Pedophiles and Girl Scouts; The Cookie Crumbles: The Girl Scouts go PC, etc.

2001-07-17  'Female Liberalism' Pervades Girl Scouts, Says Ex-Scout
2001-07-11 Girl Scout Camp recruits children of lesbians
200-07-03  Gay and Lesbian Scouts Received With Open Arms in Tolerant Canada

Gay & Lesbian Gear:  Butterfly Kisses Women's Tracksuit for "Daddy's little girl"

NAWGLA The North American Woman-Girl Love Association

NAWGLA The North American Woman-Girl Love Association   These sites go up and down regularly.  Those within the community will know how to search for them with selected search words..

NAWGLA Rights Advocacy, Screenshot

Links copied from NAWGLA's Advocacy page:


WARNING:  Even for adults, those unfamiliar with the present warfare against Canadian Families to gain "emancipation"  and proclamation homosexual "Charter Rights" of Sexual Orientation (which must be written in invisible ink) may find the following links very disturbing.  Hopefully it is obvious we are not promoting teh Activists' viewpoint and that we intend only to warn the Readership of the extent of the Activists'  Vision, organization, and power.

On this Page:   

Pedophile & Sex Offender Directory

Anti-Child Porn Organization
Pedophile & Sex Offender Directory

2005-06-xx_Foundation for Child Cyber-Protection.pdf, by Doug Stead - NAMBLA's  Internet-based methods of getting to our children.

2005-06-xx  Age of Consent Banner.pdf, Doug Stead

2004-10-03 Mother confesses to sex with sons, Pleads guilty to Incest Charges

2004-07-01  Study finds girls molest young boys, female sexual offending is chronically under-reported

2004-04-23  Judge arrested over child porn, BBC NEWS UK

1999-01-29  BC, Pedophilia and the Courts; Justice Duncan Shaw

2004-07-06  Peeping’ Is a ‘Sexual Orientation’ in Canada, Judge (Valmond Romilly)  Finds

2004-10-04  Mother confesses to sex with sons, had intercourse with teenage sons

2004-07-01  Study finds girls molest young boys, female sexual offending is chronically under-reported

William Bennest, Burnaby Principal

1996-09-06  Principal facing porn charges,

William Bennest: Burnaby school principal, September 1996 - February 1998

Dr. John Gossage, TriCity Pediatrician

System failing young victims, Leo Knight

David Ramsey, BC Judge

BC Judge <David Ramsey>  pleads guilty to sex charges

BC Judge, and Pedophile David Ramsey, finally charged, but gets only five years

2004-05-25  Judge's sentencing under scrutiny

BC Judge <David Ramsey>  pleads guilty to sex charges

BC Judge, and Pedophile David Ramsey, finally charged, but gets only five years

More..  BC Judge, David Ramsay

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Pedophiles invariably impose their twisted value system on the  impressionable child.  If adult children of sexual abuse don't  find a way out of the trap of unbearable shame and stress foisted on them by the perpetrator, and  "recover" their emotional independence and  instinctual revulsion/aversion response to the pedophile,  they probably can't escape living in a Stockholm Syndrome Paradigm Shift  and / or  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder .  (Heads UP, Dads!  Beware SSPS & PTSD yourself!)

Without permission to rage and confront the Perpetrator as an adult, the adult victim will commonly internalize  the values of the pedophile, and will likely become the pedophile eventually.  They then will then walk the walk their "Mentor" has defined for them as children in the absence of their father. 

Many, many pedophiles were themselves sexually abused as children, and were required to observe the "Code of Silence".  Unraveling the lies impressed upon these youngsters is difficult in adulthood, but not impossible with the right help.  In any case, for you Victims out there IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT!.  What you do TODAY is what counts.

British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Breaking The Silence, Courtenay, BC
Sexual Abuse Survivors In Recovery Anonymous
Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
Sexual Abuse/Trauma
Female Sexual Offenders, Courtenay

SARA (Sexual Abuse Recovery Anonymous), women only

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