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AFCC = A. Family Conciliation Courts
Agenda 21, Earth Summit
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud
Aquino, Col. Michael: Green Beret PsychOps,
Armenian Genocide, 1915 - 1923
Arterburn, Steve: "Want sex tonight?"
Augustine of Canterbury, RIP 604
Ayers, Bill:  Weather Underground
Bailey, Alice: Lucifer / Lucis Trust
Barbie, Klaus:  Vatican Assassin
BCHRT = BC Human Rights Tribunal
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Cameron, Dr.Ewen, MKULTRA in Canada
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Campbell, Gordon:  Bilderberg 2010
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CAS = Children's Aid Society
Cauchon, Martin:  "Fathers have no Rights"
CBA = Canadian Bar Association
CFR = Council on Foreign Relations
CCE = Chicago Climate Exch, Cap & Trade
COR = Club of Rome:  Ten Regions
Cotler, Irwin: "Parents have NO RIGHTS"
CPS = Child Protective Services
Codex Alimentarius
"Common Purpose": Tyranny by Pedophiles
Craig, Dr. David of Newfoundland
Creme, Benjamin:  Herald of Maitreya
Cross, Pamela: Feminist Law, Univ Ottawa
Crowley, Aleister:  Luciferian Freemasonry
CUPE = Canadian Union Public Employees
Day, Shelagh
de Jong, Michael:   Legalizing Child Trafficking
de Nysschen, Engeline:  Lesbians murder boy
Dewey, John:  Hegelian Communitarianism
Dobson , James: Focus on the Family
Douglas , "Her Whoreship" Judge Lori
Drucker, Peter:  Global Nazism
Edward VIII The Traitor King
Eichmann , Adolf:
Ellison, Tom:  Pedophile Teacher
Fabian Society, "Wolves / Sheep's' Clothing"
Fawkes, Guy the Villain, 1605
Fry, Hedi  & SOW
Georgia Guide Stones:  Depopulation
Gessen, Masha  "Gay Marriage is a LIE"
Gothard, Bill:  "Basic Youth Conflicts
Goudge Enquiry, ON
Graham, Bill:  Pedophile Parliamentarian
Haq,Naveed: "Fueled by Hate <Quran>"
Hall, Manly P:  Luciferian Freemasonry
Hertzman, Clyde: World Bank Consultant
Hickman, Judge T. Alex, NL
Hood, Sherman:  BCSC Judge
Houle, Francois: Speech "Crimes"
Huxley, Aldous
IMF = International Monetary Fund
Ingram, Heather, Teacher-Student Sex
Ingham, Michael:  St. John's Anglican
IPCC = Intergov. Panel Climate Change
Ireland, YWCA, NOW
Jafee, Peter: DV Scamster
Jessup, Philip C:  World Court
Kendall, Robert T:  "Total-Forgiveness"
Kinsey, Alfred: Pedophilia, Fake "Studies"
Kissinger, Henry
Lessard, Hester:  "Trociuk ..must be ignored"
LEAF = Women's Legal Ed & Action Fund
Lombard, Frank, Duke's Pedophile Professor
Loyola, Ignatiusf:  Jesuits' Founder
Lynch, Jennifer:  Canadian Human Rights
Lucis / Lucifer Trust
McCartney, Bill: Promise Keepers Cult
McLachlin, Beverly:  Judicial Globalization
McLellan, Anne: Joint Custody
MacDonald, Margaret:  Husband Sniper
Machiavelli, Niccolò "The Prince"
Matthews, Bill of Newfoundland
Maximus Inc., AKA NYSE:MMS
MCF = Min Children & Families
Mollenkott, Virginia:  "Word to Phrase" NIV
Monsanto GMOs & Food
Morgentaler’s Order of Canada
Mosley, Oswald
Murdoch, Rupert:  Publishing, Phone Taps
Murray, Dennis:  Special Prosecutor
NAMBLA = NAm Man-Boy "Love" Ass.
NAWGLA = NAm Woman-Girl "Love" Ass.
Newbury, Mary
Ng, Mass Murderer Charles Chitat
Noyes, Robert:  Pedophile Principal / Teacher
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate
Obama's Muslim Faith
OECD = Org. Economic Cooperation, Dev.
Olson, Clifford:  Charismatic BC Pedophiler
Orr, NFLD Judge  David
Paulson, Henry: Treasury Sec., Bail-Outs
Pechaluk, Ashleigh: Lesbian axe-murderer
Pike, Albert: Luciferian Freemasonry
Prowse, Jo-Ann
Ramsay, BC Judge David: Pedophile
Rathenau, Walter
Ratzinger, Joseph, AKA  "Nazi Pope"
Rhodes, Cecil: (1853 - 1902)
Richelieu, Cardinal, BIH 1642
RIIA = Royal Institute of International Affairs
RIAA =  Recording Industry Ass / Am
Robinson, Svend:  Lawyer / Thief / "Hate"
Rockl, Allan: Passport Removal
Rockefeller Foundation
Rothchild Family:  Central Banks
Ruddy, Raymond:  MAXIMUS
Ruskin, John:  Mentor of Cecil Rhodes
Russell , William: "Scull & Bones" to US
Sanger, Margaret / Planned Parenthood
Schlosser, Dena:  Cut off baby's arms
Sgro, Judy:  Fast-Tracked Immigration
Sharpe, John:  Kiddie Pornographer
Shaw, BC Judge Duncan Kiddie Porn
Simms,  Mary Woo:  BCHRT Chief
Skull & Bones, 322, Yale
Smalley, Gary & Steve Arterburn
Smith, Judge Daphne, Adoptions
Smith, ON Dr Charles:  Falsified Death Certs
Smithson, James : Smithsonian Institution
Solana, Javier
Southin BC Judge Mary, Pedophiilia
Stansfield, Hugh:  Chief Judge / Pedophile
Stansfield, Hugh:  Judge / Pedophile
Stocker, Petrina:  Munchausen Mom
Strong, Maurice:  Global Warming Fraud
Trudeau, Pierre:  Pals of Gorbachev, Castro
Themis Inc.
UNESCO World Heritage Properties
UNSC = United Nations' Security Council
Verbeeck,  Jozeph:  UNICEF's Pedophile Ringle
Verichip = Positive ID,  RFID  Surveillance
Wynne, Kathleen:  Lesbian "Education"
von Hagen, Gunther:  "Body Works
Young, Dr. Lionel Trevor:  Psychiatrist
Warman, Richard:  "Hate" Bounty Hunter
Warren, Rick,
WCC = World Council of Churches
Westcott & Hort vs. Textus Receptus
WHO gags unbiased DV studies
Weishaupt, Adam:  Illuminati Founder
Williams, Danny:  NL Premier / Mount Cashel
Winkler, Mary
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Kari Simpson & Terry O'Neal's "RoadKill Radio"

Tuesday Call-In show to combat attacks on the Natural Family, Parental Rights, Freedom of Speech, Common Law..

Kari Simpson, RoadKill Radio - Google Search;

Kari Simpson, RoadKill Radio - Google Videos

Kari Simpson is executive director of the Citizen's Research Institute in Langley, B.C.  CALL IN:  (604) 525-4167;  Tuesdays,  7:30-9:30 PM;  EMAIL THE SHOW LIVE:
RoadKill Radio on Vimeo

More:  Issues:  Simpson, Kari;
Issues:  Barbara Kay,  National Post
News:  Simms,  Mary Woo: BC HRT;
News:  BC Human Rights Tribunal;
Issues:  Corren Agreement;
About:  EPT =  Equal Parenting Trek;
About:  EPR = Equal Parenting Roundups;
EP Trek Generic Calendar;
About:  Equal Parenting How To's:  Three Layer Cake;
About:  Grandparents in Equal Parenting;
EP Trek Generic Calendar:
Issues:  Kinship Families or Grandparents raising Children::
About:  Grandparents in Equal Parenting

Liberal Irwin Cotler:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS"

Irwin Cotler, former Liberal "Justice" Minister robbed Canadians of their NATURAL PARENTS' Rights

Irwin Cotler - Google Search;
Irwin Cotler - Google Video

"Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS....  ONLY RESPONSIBILITIES....

"Natural Parents' Rights now  gone with my Homosexual Marriage bill"

16.10 Maximum Contact & Friendly Parent Rule has to go to conform to Judicial Practice, or Judges may be held in criminal BREACH OF TRUST"

FYI, the ideas that the State assigns Rights & Responsibilities to it's Citizen is straight from pre-war Nazi Germany.   Under the British system rights are not State-given, but God Given.

Buying into the Court's position that what rights remain are Children's Rights, is buying into the same position that "<Natural> Parents have no rights", and Canadian Children are at birth the property of the Courts.

More:  News:  Cotler, Irwin:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS...;
News:  European Union;
Issues:  Paul Watson:  Nazi Origins of European Union;;;
Issues: G. Edward  Griffin ;
Issues: Fabian Socialism;

Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy

Chapter VII. The English Common Law. Section 57. The Norman Conquest

A beautiy of British  Common Law is that it is STATIC, and NOT DYNAMIC as these Activist Judges would have you think.

Ask a lawyer what "Common Law" is and they will likely tell you it is "Judge Made Law", and expand up this to say "Common Law is whatever the Judges are commonly saying these days"

This is completely FALSE.  The Judges are Agents of the Crown and they BY DEFINITION Judges are WITHOUT CAPACITY to make any law whatsoever.  Since 1649, only PARLIAMENT has the Capacity to make Law.

British Common law was NOT created by Judges, it was only observed and documented by individuals sent out by the newly Norman Crown after the Norman Conquest of 1066  to observe and codify the laws and customs of the various peoples of Britain..  This was done with a view to aggregate existing customs which may vary across the land,  into a unified body of Laws.  The Authority quoted by the Commoners in their administration of Common Law were frequently direct quotations from the Bible and principles of Danelaw

The process of documentation took only a couple of hundred years, and the product was a STATIC body of Law which was historical, popular, and has served in the intervening centuries as a Benchmark against which Statutory Law may be measured for "Fairness".  It does NOT change.

More:   Issues:  Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy;
Issues:  "Judicial Interpretation" to pervert Statutes of Parliament;
Issues:  Judicial Activism is Breach of Trust;
Issues:  Judicial Globalization is Treason

Beware of the "Parental Rights" IMPOSTER!!!!

"Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights"

Be on the lookout for the "Parent's Rights" IMPOSTER.  Insist on "Natural Parents Only", please!

It comes as a big surprise to us that many groups that present themselves as "Parents Rights" groups  REFUSE to defend the  NATURAL PARENT, and  and to demand RESTORATION of Natural Parents Rights taken from Canadians in the Homosexual Marriage legislation.

Instead their position to promote the "rights" of  a "Parent" in the widest sense of the word, making NO distinction  between NATURAL PARENTS and wannaabe Legal Parents.  They have bowed to University of Victoria's  assertion that  the SCC's Trociuk Decision "endorses a Heterosexual View of the Family and must be ignored", legitimizing the ongoing Child Trafficking by the State which views Canadian children as State Property and merchandise for  sale in the lucrative Child Adoption Market  They refuse to be hampered by prior obligations to that pesky Natural Parent who thinks they can Veto an Adoption.

It appears that many "Fathers Rights" groups commonly fall in with the United Nations and Liberal Irwin Cotler's assertion that the Child's Right is to be protected, but the Natural Parent has "NO RIGHTS", making the State, not the Natural Parents the Protector of the Child..

Without Cause or Consent, no Child shall be removed from a Natural Parent!!!

More:  About:  Beware of the IMPOSTER!!!!  "Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights";
News:  Lessard, Hester - Heterosexual view of Parenthood must be ignored
News:  Smith, Judge Daphne, BCSC, for Child Trafficking;
Issues:  Trociuk, Darrell;
Issues:  Child Trafficking, Canadian;
Testimonials:  Rick Fredrickson of Saskatoon

Obama's Muslim Faith

Obama's Muslim Faith - Google Video
Obama's global currency / reserve notes - Google Video

"Quran commands Muslims to TERRORIZE unbelievers".

"Pretend you are your Enemy's Friend.... and then Kill him"

“Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush” (from Sura 9)

Fitna - Google Video

Revolution Muslim - Google Search;
Revolution Muslim - Google Video

More:  News:  Obama's Muslim Faith;
News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility;
Testimonials:  Jessen, Gianna: Right to Life for Children surviving Abortions, Born Alive Truth
Issues:  William Wagener:  "On Second Thought";;
Funstuff:  Biltz, Mark:  Blood Moons over Isreal;
Issues:  Russo, Aaron:  "America, Freedom to Fascism"

Funstuff:  Life of Christ, ESV

Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility

Obama's Birth Certificate - Google Search
Obama's Birth Certificate - Google Video

More:  News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility;
Issues:  William Wagener:  "On Second Thought";
News:  Obama's Muslim Faith;
News:  Obama's Forged Birth Certificate;
Funstuff:  Biltz, Mark:  Blood Moons over Isreal;
Issues:  Russo, Aaron:  "America, Freedom to Fascism"
Funstuff:  Life of Christ, ESV

Svend Robinson:  NDP MP, Lawyer & Thief

Svend Robinson - Jewl Thief

FOR broader  "Hate Crimes" Legislation

Svend Robinson - Google Search;
Svend Robinson - Google Video

Bill C250 - Google Search

Svend Robinson (right) cries while being supported by his partner Max Riveron.  Robinson claimed "stress"  caused him to steal the jewelry he intended to give his boyfriend.  Robinson continues to practice law in BC following a deal cut with his  Special Prosecutor

Svend's Bill C250 added Homosexuals to the super class of groups in Canada's retarded "Hate Law". who can destroy in Criminal Court regular Canadians for exercising Free Speech

More:  News:  Robinson, Svend  NDP MP, Lawyer & Thief for "Hate Crimes" Legislation;
Issues:  "Special Prosecutors"  for Lawyers & Judges;
Issues:  "Hate Crime" Thought Police, Tyranny of Human Rights Tribunals;
Issues:  Coulter, Ann:  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly;
News:  Shaw, Duncan:  BC Judge for retailing Child Pornography

Pink Conservatives Moore, Keddy & Prentice vote for Homo-Marriage and elimination of Natural Parents Rights

2005-06-28  How'd They Vote Bill C-38, Third Reading (Same-sex Marriage) Voting FOR Homosexual Marriage (& putting into our children's schools, Homosexual Sex Education  Homosexual School Counselors, etc. therefore)   is James Moore, (Port Moody--Westwood--Port Coquitlam) 

2005-06-29  Marriage now just a sexual relationship, National Post

2005-06-29  For better or worse House of Commons approves same-sex marriage 158-133, National Post

Even France has rejected Homo-marriage (preferring France's homosexuals to emigrate to Canada?!). International societies of Women Judges & Lawyers appear to have designated Canada as the globe's Homosexual habitat of choice: Meijers Latest news about globalizing Homo-Marriage & Homo-Parenting;   Coming up:  26-29 June 2005, Toronto, Canada, the conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Law Association (ILGLaw),

Fabian Society, Communitarian "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing"

Globalizing National Socialism (Nazism) since 1884

Fabian Society - Google Search;
Fabian Society - Google Video 

More:  News:  Fabian Society, Communitarian "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing";
News:  John Dewey, Educating Americans for Hegelian Communitarianism, (AKA Marxism)

Real Fathers for Justice - News

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Sniper Killer Margaret MacDonald acquitted of husband's murder

Claire Margaret MacDonald / AAP

2006-03-04  Tears as 'sniper' woman acquitted of murder; "Claire Margaret MacDonald, 39, pleaded not guilty to murdering her 40-year-old husband Warren MacDonald at the couple's property  ...  she donned camouflage gear and hid in a "sniper's nest" in bushes for 90 minutes before shooting her husband six times."  Claire Margaret MacDonald, 39 - Google Search

Goudreault, Gisele:  Mother's abduction of son Orey

2005-06-15   Mom imprisoned for '89 abduction  

In June 1989, Gisele Marie Goudreault, 46 disobeyed a court order to hand her son Orey over to his father, Rod Steinmann of Ponoka, who had been awarded custody. She fled with the boy to Mexico and lived there for four months before moving to California. ...  Justice Peter Martin condemned Goudreault's behaviour, which prevented Orey and his father from being together during the child's formative years.   "They had the right to know and love each other.  "That possibility was totally and irrevocably destroyed," Martin said.  "What this woman did to this man and this child is every parent's nightmare."  2004-02-19  US teen 'discovers own kidnap', BBC


Trociuk, Darrel:  Constitutional Right to Paternity Registration in BC Vital Statistics

Trociuk Story:  Dad  wins in the Supreme Court of Canada - He takes on the provincial government of British Columbia to get his name on the birth record, Children's Rights Council;

Darrel should be able to sue Justice Southin PERSONALLY for DAMAGES, but will that ever happen?  All members of the Law Societies have sworn their First Allegiance to their Society members.

More on ..Trociuk Darrell

2006-04-20 “Men in Black” Black Fridays for Divorced Canadian Men and Non-Custodial (NCP) Fathers

Many thanks to the Western Standard for reporting Jeremy's Story.  Jeremy is a nominee for Equal Parenting's "Shadow-Parliament".  

Engeline de Nysschen, Lesbian: "Call me Daddy":  4 yo boy beaten to death for not calling Mom's Lesbian Lover "Daddy"

Four-year old Jandre Botha slain ..  refused to call his mother's lesbian lover "Daddy"

2006-03-26  <Four-year-old Jandre Botha> Slain because he refused to call his mother's lesbian lover 'Daddy'  

"Four-year-old Jandre Botha disobeyed an order to call his mother's lesbian lover "Daddy".   So the lover, Engeline de Nysschen (33), viciously assaulted Jandre  while demanding that he must call her "Daddy".  Jandre died from his injuries, which trauma expert Professor Mohammed Dada said were similar to those of a person who had fallen from a double-storey building."   ..  Lesbian couple guilty of gruesome murder  "Evidence showed he had sustained horrific injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis."  

2006-03-26  Boy (4) died at hands of lesbian pair, Horrific injuries showed long-term abuse  ...  "similar to that of a person who had fallen from a double-storey building."  2006-03-23  Lesbian couple guilty of son's murder ;

COMMENT We are told by our criminal lawyer friends that "You can pretty much tell at the scene when it is a Homosexual Murder.... by the violence of it... mutilation of the body..... sexual mutilation..."  We believe this boy, Jandre would be alive today, if his father was given Equal Parenting.

 More:  News:  de Nysschen, Engeline:  Lesbians murder boy for not calling butch "Daddy";
News:  Pechaluk, Ashleigh: Lesbian axe-murderer of sleeping man acquitted .. to work with children
Testimonials:  Botha, Jandre, RIP March 2006 : "You're not my Daddy"

4-Year-Old Killed for Refusing to Call Mom’s Lesbian Lover “Daddy”, Mar 24, 2006

2006-03-24 4-Year-Old Killed for Refusing to Call Mom’s Lesbian Lover “Daddy”

"Writing in the South African paper, The Star, journalist Baldwin Ndaba reports on the outcome of a court case concerning the death of four year old Jandre Botha, a young boy who according to evidence given in court was beaten to death after refusing to call his mother’s lesbian love “Daddy”.Â

"On Wednesday, Vereeniging Regional Court magistrate Rita Willemse found Engeline de Nysschen (33), and the child’s mother Hanelie Botha (31) guilty of murder in the death of the child. While de Nysschen was found to have inflicted the violence, the judge ruled against Botha for failing to act in the face of repeated physical abuse of her child by de Nysschen, and lying in order to protect her.

"Court testimony from employees of the lesbian couple indicated that a major assault on the boy occurred as he refused repeated requests to call de Nysschen “Daddy”.

"Botha claimed that her child had died after slipping in the bath, but medical experts dismissed the claim noting injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis which were sustained over time.

Ashleigh Pechaluk:  Lesbian axe-murderer of sleeping man acquitted .. to work with children Jun. 04, 2009

Jury finds 24-year-old woman not guilty of first degree murder in death of her female lover's long-time boyfriend

2009-06-04  Accused in lesbian axe-murder trial acquitted, Globe and Mail

"Amid a torrent of emotion, a Toronto woman accused of using an axe to bludgeon to death her lesbian lover's possessive boyfriend  walked free from a downtown courtroom yesterday afternoon, acquitted of first-degree murder. <murdering a competitor isn't "possessive?> 

The verdict from the seven-woman, five-man jury capped more than three days of tense deliberations.  Ashleigh Pechaluk, 24, ... and her mother, Beverley Salton, said yesterday they never doubted the outcome ...  She had pleaded not guilty in the Oct. 27, 2006 slaying of Dennis Hoy, a 36-year-old GO Transit constable and long-time boyfriend of her former lover, Nicola (Nicky) Puddicombe.  Ms. Puddicombe is set to stand trial beginning Monday. She too is charged with first-degree murder in Mr. Hoy's death.  During Ms. Pechaluk's two-month trial, the prosecution alleged the two women killed Mr. Hoy so they could be together.  He was found bludgeoned to death by an axe in Ms. Puddicombe's bed in the Queensway apartment shared by the two accused.  The jury also heard that Ms. Puddicombe, now 36, was the sole beneficiary of Mr. Hoy's $238,200 life insurance policy and his pension proceeds, and that she had convinced Ms. Pechaluk that Mr. Hoy was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, a killer and a drug dealer....  "

"She also commiserated with Mr. Hoy's parents,  ... "I'm sorry for their loss,” she said. “It's not fair.”  Her first post-custody pleasure?  “Seafood,” she said with a laugh.   Beyond that, she said her future will encompass working with children.  "

2009-04-19  Trial Underway In 2006 Etobicoke Axe Murder

 More:  News:  Pechaluk, Ashleigh: Lesbian axe-murderer of sleeping man acquitted .. to work with children

<Ashleigh Pechaluk> Not guilty in axe-murder trial, June 4, 2009

2009-06-04  <Ashleigh Pechaluk> Not guilty in axe-murder trial

A woman was acquitted today of murdering her lover’s boyfriend in a bizarre love triangle.

A jury found Ashleigh Pechaluk, 24, not guilty of all charges stemming from the Oct. 27, 2006, bludgeoning death of Dennis Hoy, 36, while he slept in the bed of his long-time girlfriend Nicola ‘Nicky’

Puddicombe.  Pechaluk, who has been in custody since that day, almost 3 1/2 years in jail, was freed at 4 p.m. after the jury rendered its verdict. She hugged her lawyers Peter Zaduk and Kristine Connidis and then embraced her mother Bev Salton for several moments as both women shook with emotion.

In summing up the prosecution case earlier yesterday, Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto called Puddicombe “a master manipulator who carried on sexual relationships with Dennis Hoy and Ashleigh Pechaluk at the same time.”   <Judge Benotto is telling the Jury to be lenient because poor Pechaluk was a Victim of Puddicombe's manipulation. >

The jury, which began its deliberations at 3 p.m. Monday, returned its verdict after four days of deliberations. Crown attorneys Tom Lissaman and Maureen Bellmore argued that Pechaluk is the axe-wielding assassin who killed Hoy in a plot executed by her and Puddicombe, so that the lesbian lovers would be free of his meddling.

Pechaluk, 24, maintained her innocence, saying she never intended to kill Hoy.
Once she rejected the scheme at the last hour, she testified that Puddicombe alone murdered him. Her co-workers universally liked the easy-going Pechaluk, who once aspired to become a police officer.

Benotto had said the jury members must first understand the dynamics of the love triangle of Puddicombe, Hoy and Pechaluk, her lover of 13 months, before they could decide if the prosecution had proved its case against Pechaluk   <WHY?  Did she kill the guy in cold blood or not?>

“Puddicombe had Ashleigh Pechaluk believing she (Puddicombe) was being forced to have sex with Dennis Hoy,” said Benotto in her charge yesterday.

“She wanted to pump up Ashleigh into a frenzy of hate, so that she could kill Dennis Hoy,” said Benotto. Hoy was found bludgeoned to death by an axe as he slept in Puddicombe’s bed.

Puddicombe convinced Pechaluk that Hoy, a GO Transit officer and her boyfriend for 11 years, was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels motorcyle gang, a killer and a drug dealer, said Benotto. Pechaluk also believed that Hoy “controlled Puddicombe,” although there’s “no evidence of that (or Hoy’s criminal activities),” said Benotto.

The lesbian couple also indicated the timing was perfect since Hoy had recently had his car tires slashed and was sleeping at their home. The women wanted the police to search for an assassin who’d invaded their home to kill Hoy.  Pechaluk divulged details of the murder scheme to co-worker and confidante Sarah Sousa, who became a key Crown witness. Sousa knew inside details of the plan, including what Puddicombe would tell the 911 operator and police and where the assassin would have found a murder weapon inside their Queensway Ave. home.

Puddicombe, now 36, will go on trial, starting on Monday at Superior Court in front of Benotto. The trial is expected to last six weeks.

Engeline de Nysschen, Lesbian: "Call me Daddy"

4 yo boy beaten to death for not calling Mom's Lesbian Lover "Daddy"

engeline de nysschen - Google Search;
engeline de nysschen - Google Video

"Evidence showed he had sustained horrific injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis."  

Jandre Botha - Google Search;
Jandre Botha - Google Video

"You can pretty much tell at the scene when it is a Homosexual Murder.... by the violence of it... mutilation of the body..... sexual mutilation..."

2006-03-26  <Four-year-old Jandre Botha> Slain because he refused to call his mother's lesbian lover 'Daddy'

2006-03-26  Boy (4) died at hands of lesbian pair, Horrific injuries showed long-term abuse

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 Hester Lessard, Feminist Law, University of Victoria

"Heterosexual View of Parenthood must be ignored"

Lessard, Hester - Google Search;
Lessard, Hester: UVic Faculty of Law

"Trociuk is .. a disheartening endorsement of biological  concepts of parenthood  ... flawed .... it legitimizes a heterosexual view of the family.   ..   It must be ignored."

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Erin PizzeyNews:  Smith, Judge Daphne, BCSC, for Child Trafficking;
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Ashleigh Pechaluk:  Lesbian axe-murderer of sleeping man acquitted .. 

Lesbian axe-murderer .. to work with children

Dennis Hoy, RIP Oct. 27, 2006, Google Search

Mr. Hoy, 36, was found murdered in Ms. Puddicombe’s bed on Oct. 27, 2006, having suffered six blows to the head with the blunt side of an axe.

"Puddicombe, now 36, was the sole beneficiary of Mr. Hoy's $238,200 life insurance policy and his pension proceeds"

"Her first post-custody pleasure?  “Seafood,”

Ashleigh Pechaluk - Google Search;
Ashleigh Pechaluk - Google Video

Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto, Google Search

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Adoption Veto for Dads & Natural Grandparents of Minor Children, Child Trafficking

"Without Cause or Consent, no child shall be removed from a Natural Parent."

"Homosexuals are about 40 TIMES more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals."

Homosexual Marriage in Canada has created an overwhelming demand by homosexual pairs for children to adopt, accelerating the Child Trafficking in Canadian Courts. 

Svend Robinson - Jewl ThiefNatural Parents, the Courts claim, have no right to deny Legal Parentage from homosexuals and are threatened with Hate Crime prosecution by homosexual applicants.

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BC Judge Daphne Smith: 'Fathers don't need Notice before adopting a Child out"

BC Courts now illegally Trafficking Children

Smith, Daphne B.C. Supreme Court Justice - Google Search;
BC Judge Daphne Smith - Google Images ;
BC Judge Daphne Smith - Google News;
BC Judge Daphne Smith - Google Videos 

See News:  Smith, Judge Daphne, OKs BC Courts  Trafficking BC Children;
Issues:  Trociuk, Darrell;
Issues:  Child Trafficking, Canadian;
Testimonials:  Rick Fredrickson of Saskatoon

Michael de Jong, Lawyer & BC MLA

legalizing BC Courts' Child Trafficking

mike de jong - Google Search;
mike de jong - Google Video

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WHO = World Health Organization gags unbiased DV studies

 WHO demands falsified reporting on Violence Against Women

World Health Organization - Google Search

World Health Organization - Google Video

".... The Steering Committee of the WHO Study agreed that interviews with men should not be included ..."

"In situations where very low levels of violence are documented or there are results that are otherwise not expected, the findings should be discussed with key informants and different community groups before being widely disseminated."

Rockefeller Foundation is a Sponsor of the World Health Organization

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Jonathan England:  Canadian looses three girls & wife to British Lesbian lover, March 2005

Three Canadian Children deported to join Mother's Lesbian Lover in Britain

Jonathan England, three girls - Google Search

2005-03-31  Canadian Children Unwillingly Forced to Return to Britain to Lesbian Mother and Partner

2005-03-31  Father distraught after losing daughters

2005-03-31   'I want my daddy', Three <Niagara> girls at the hub of a legal dispute are handed to their mother <and her new lesbian lover, rules Justice Lucy Glenn>

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Rick Fredrickson, RIP  August 2007,

AKA "Saskatoon Dad" needed Adoption Veto

Rick Fredrickson, "Saskatoon Dad" - Google Search
rick fredrickson, "saskatoon dad" - Google Video

"RCMP say the man died Saturday in a crash near the Dundurn military base south of Saskatoon. He was driving a car that was hit head-on by a truck pulling a trailer on the wrong side of the highway."  <Rick's death seems all too convenient!!!!!>

2006-10-14_Father stunned by child support demands in custody battle - Star Phoenix"A Saskatoon father who is battling with a Prince Albert couple for custody of his five-month-old son got a shock this week in the form of a letter demanding that he pay <the adoptive parents> child support.

"Shame on them," Rick Fredrickson said in an interview, after learning the couple who left a Saskatoon hospital with his newborn son this spring  while he desperately sought help asserting his Paternity & Right to custody   ..

<The Adoptive Parents> now want access to his financial records in order to calculate how much he should pay them for the child's care."

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Issues:  Adoption Veto for Dads

Misandry = Hatred of Males

"Misandry (IPA  is the hatred of males as a sex, as opposed to misogyny, the hatred of women; or misanthropy, hatred of the human species. Misandry comes from misos (Greek μῖσος, "hatred") + andr-ia (Greek anér-andros, "man"). Those holding misandric beliefs can be of either sex."

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