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Armenian Genocide, 1915 - 1923
Arterburn, Steve: "Want sex tonight?"
Augustine of Canterbury, RIP 604
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CFR = Council on Foreign Relations
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Cotler, Irwin: "Parents have NO RIGHTS"
CPS = Child Protective Services
Codex Alimentarius
"Common Purpose": Tyranny by Pedophiles
Craig, Dr. David of Newfoundland
Creme, Benjamin:  Herald of Maitreya
Cross, Pamela: Feminist Law, Univ Ottawa
Crowley, Aleister:  Luciferian Freemasonry
CUPE = Canadian Union Public Employees
Day, Shelagh
de Jong, Michael:   Legalizing Child Trafficking
de Nysschen, Engeline:  Lesbians murder boy
Dewey, John:  Hegelian Communitarianism
Dobson , James: Focus on the Family
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Drucker, Peter:  Global Nazism
Edward VIII The Traitor King
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Fabian Society, "Wolves / Sheep's' Clothing"
Fawkes, Guy the Villain, 1605
Fry, Hedi  & SOW
Georgia Guide Stones:  Depopulation
Gessen, Masha  "Gay Marriage is a LIE"
Gothard, Bill:  "Basic Youth Conflicts
Goudge Enquiry, ON
Graham, Bill:  Pedophile Parliamentarian
Haq,Naveed: "Fueled by Hate <Quran>"
Hall, Manly P:  Luciferian Freemasonry
Hertzman, Clyde: World Bank Consultant
Hickman, Judge T. Alex, NL
Hood, Sherman:  BCSC Judge
Houle, Francois: Speech "Crimes"
Huxley, Aldous
IMF = International Monetary Fund
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IPCC = Intergov. Panel Climate Change
Ireland, YWCA, NOW
Jafee, Peter: DV Scamster
Jessup, Philip C:  World Court
Kendall, Robert T:  "Total-Forgiveness"
Kinsey, Alfred: Pedophilia, Fake "Studies"
Kissinger, Henry
Lessard, Hester:  "Trociuk ..must be ignored"
LEAF = Women's Legal Ed & Action Fund
Lombard, Frank, Duke's Pedophile Professor
Loyola, Ignatiusf:  Jesuits' Founder
Lynch, Jennifer:  Canadian Human Rights
Lucis / Lucifer Trust
McCartney, Bill: Promise Keepers Cult
McLachlin, Beverly:  Judicial Globalization
McLellan, Anne: Joint Custody
MacDonald, Margaret:  Husband Sniper
Machiavelli, Niccolò "The Prince"
Matthews, Bill of Newfoundland
Maximus Inc., AKA NYSE:MMS
MCF = Min Children & Families
Mollenkott, Virginia:  "Word to Phrase" NIV
Monsanto GMOs & Food
Morgentaler’s Order of Canada
Mosley, Oswald
Murdoch, Rupert:  Publishing, Phone Taps
Murray, Dennis:  Special Prosecutor
NAMBLA = NAm Man-Boy "Love" Ass.
NAWGLA = NAm Woman-Girl "Love" Ass.
Newbury, Mary
Ng, Mass Murderer Charles Chitat
Noyes, Robert:  Pedophile Principal / Teacher
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate
Obama's Muslim Faith
OECD = Org. Economic Cooperation, Dev.
Olson, Clifford:  Charismatic BC Pedophiler
Orr, NFLD Judge  David
Paulson, Henry: Treasury Sec., Bail-Outs
Pechaluk, Ashleigh: Lesbian axe-murderer
Pike, Albert: Luciferian Freemasonry
Prowse, Jo-Ann
Ramsay, BC Judge David: Pedophile
Rathenau, Walter
Ratzinger, Joseph, AKA  "Nazi Pope"
Rhodes, Cecil: (1853 - 1902)
Richelieu, Cardinal, BIH 1642
RIIA = Royal Institute of International Affairs
RIAA =  Recording Industry Ass / Am
Robinson, Svend:  Lawyer / Thief / "Hate"
Rockl, Allan: Passport Removal
Rockefeller Foundation
Rothchild Family:  Central Banks
Ruddy, Raymond:  MAXIMUS
Ruskin, John:  Mentor of Cecil Rhodes
Russell , William: "Scull & Bones" to US
Sanger, Margaret / Planned Parenthood
Schlosser, Dena:  Cut off baby's arms
Sgro, Judy:  Fast-Tracked Immigration
Sharpe, John:  Kiddie Pornographer
Shaw, BC Judge Duncan Kiddie Porn
Simms,  Mary Woo:  BCHRT Chief
Skull & Bones, 322, Yale
Smalley, Gary & Steve Arterburn
Smith, Judge Daphne, Adoptions
Smith, ON Dr Charles:  Falsified Death Certs
Smithson, James : Smithsonian Institution
Solana, Javier
Southin BC Judge Mary, Pedophiilia
Stansfield, Hugh:  Chief Judge / Pedophile
Stansfield, Hugh:  Judge / Pedophile
Stocker, Petrina:  Munchausen Mom
Strong, Maurice:  Global Warming Fraud
Trudeau, Pierre:  Pals of Gorbachev, Castro
Themis Inc.
UNESCO World Heritage Properties
UNSC = United Nations' Security Council
Verbeeck,  Jozeph:  UNICEF's Pedophile Ringle
Verichip = Positive ID,  RFID  Surveillance
Wynne, Kathleen:  Lesbian "Education"
von Hagen, Gunther:  "Body Works
Young, Dr. Lionel Trevor:  Psychiatrist
Warman, Richard:  "Hate" Bounty Hunter
Warren, Rick,
WCC = World Council of Churches
Westcott & Hort vs. Textus Receptus
WHO gags unbiased DV studies
Weishaupt, Adam:  Illuminati Founder
Williams, Danny:  NL Premier / Mount Cashel
Winkler, Mary
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Kari Simpson & Terry O'Neal's "RoadKill Radio"

Tuesday Call-In show to combat attacks on the Natural Family, Parental Rights, Freedom of Speech, Common Law..

Kari Simpson, RoadKill Radio - Google Search;

Kari Simpson, RoadKill Radio - Google Videos

Kari Simpson is executive director of the Citizen's Research Institute in Langley, B.C.  CALL IN:  (604) 525-4167;  Tuesdays,  7:30-9:30 PM;  EMAIL THE SHOW LIVE:
RoadKill Radio on Vimeo

More:  Issues:  Simpson, Kari;
Issues:  Barbara Kay,  National Post
News:  Simms,  Mary Woo: BC HRT;
News:  BC Human Rights Tribunal;
Issues:  Corren Agreement;
About:  EPT =  Equal Parenting Trek;
About:  EPR = Equal Parenting Roundups;
EP Trek Generic Calendar;
About:  Equal Parenting How To's:  Three Layer Cake;
About:  Grandparents in Equal Parenting;
EP Trek Generic Calendar:
Issues:  Kinship Families or Grandparents raising Children::
About:  Grandparents in Equal Parenting

Liberal Irwin Cotler:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS"

Irwin Cotler, former Liberal "Justice" Minister robbed Canadians of their NATURAL PARENTS' Rights

Irwin Cotler - Google Search;
Irwin Cotler - Google Video

"Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS....  ONLY RESPONSIBILITIES....

"Natural Parents' Rights now  gone with my Homosexual Marriage bill"

16.10 Maximum Contact & Friendly Parent Rule has to go to conform to Judicial Practice, or Judges may be held in criminal BREACH OF TRUST"

FYI, the ideas that the State assigns Rights & Responsibilities to it's Citizen is straight from pre-war Nazi Germany.   Under the British system rights are not State-given, but God Given.

Buying into the Court's position that what rights remain are Children's Rights, is buying into the same position that "<Natural> Parents have no rights", and Canadian Children are at birth the property of the Courts.

More:  News:  Cotler, Irwin:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS...;
News:  European Union;
Issues:  Paul Watson:  Nazi Origins of European Union;;;
Issues: G. Edward  Griffin ;
Issues: Fabian Socialism;

Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy

Chapter VII. The English Common Law. Section 57. The Norman Conquest

A beautiy of British  Common Law is that it is STATIC, and NOT DYNAMIC as these Activist Judges would have you think.

Ask a lawyer what "Common Law" is and they will likely tell you it is "Judge Made Law", and expand up this to say "Common Law is whatever the Judges are commonly saying these days"

This is completely FALSE.  The Judges are Agents of the Crown and they BY DEFINITION Judges are WITHOUT CAPACITY to make any law whatsoever.  Since 1649, only PARLIAMENT has the Capacity to make Law.

British Common law was NOT created by Judges, it was only observed and documented by individuals sent out by the newly Norman Crown after the Norman Conquest of 1066  to observe and codify the laws and customs of the various peoples of Britain..  This was done with a view to aggregate existing customs which may vary across the land,  into a unified body of Laws.  The Authority quoted by the Commoners in their administration of Common Law were frequently direct quotations from the Bible and principles of Danelaw

The process of documentation took only a couple of hundred years, and the product was a STATIC body of Law which was historical, popular, and has served in the intervening centuries as a Benchmark against which Statutory Law may be measured for "Fairness".  It does NOT change.

More:   Issues:  Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy;
Issues:  "Judicial Interpretation" to pervert Statutes of Parliament;
Issues:  Judicial Activism is Breach of Trust;
Issues:  Judicial Globalization is Treason

Beware of the "Parental Rights" IMPOSTER!!!!

"Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights"

Be on the lookout for the "Parent's Rights" IMPOSTER.  Insist on "Natural Parents Only", please!

It comes as a big surprise to us that many groups that present themselves as "Parents Rights" groups  REFUSE to defend the  NATURAL PARENT, and  and to demand RESTORATION of Natural Parents Rights taken from Canadians in the Homosexual Marriage legislation.

Instead their position to promote the "rights" of  a "Parent" in the widest sense of the word, making NO distinction  between NATURAL PARENTS and wannaabe Legal Parents.  They have bowed to University of Victoria's  assertion that  the SCC's Trociuk Decision "endorses a Heterosexual View of the Family and must be ignored", legitimizing the ongoing Child Trafficking by the State which views Canadian children as State Property and merchandise for  sale in the lucrative Child Adoption Market  They refuse to be hampered by prior obligations to that pesky Natural Parent who thinks they can Veto an Adoption.

It appears that many "Fathers Rights" groups commonly fall in with the United Nations and Liberal Irwin Cotler's assertion that the Child's Right is to be protected, but the Natural Parent has "NO RIGHTS", making the State, not the Natural Parents the Protector of the Child..

Without Cause or Consent, no Child shall be removed from a Natural Parent!!!

More:  About:  Beware of the IMPOSTER!!!!  "Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights";
News:  Lessard, Hester - Heterosexual view of Parenthood must be ignored
News:  Smith, Judge Daphne, BCSC, for Child Trafficking;
Issues:  Trociuk, Darrell;
Issues:  Child Trafficking, Canadian;
Testimonials:  Rick Fredrickson of Saskatoon

Obama's Muslim Faith

Obama's Muslim Faith - Google Video
Obama's global currency / reserve notes - Google Video

"Quran commands Muslims to TERRORIZE unbelievers".

"Pretend you are your Enemy's Friend.... and then Kill him"

“Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush” (from Sura 9)

Fitna - Google Video

Revolution Muslim - Google Search;
Revolution Muslim - Google Video

More:  News:  Obama's Muslim Faith;
News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility;
Testimonials:  Jessen, Gianna: Right to Life for Children surviving Abortions, Born Alive Truth
Issues:  William Wagener:  "On Second Thought";;
Funstuff:  Biltz, Mark:  Blood Moons over Isreal;
Issues:  Russo, Aaron:  "America, Freedom to Fascism"

Funstuff:  Life of Christ, ESV

Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility

Obama's Birth Certificate - Google Search
Obama's Birth Certificate - Google Video

More:  News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility;
Issues:  William Wagener:  "On Second Thought";
News:  Obama's Muslim Faith;
News:  Obama's Forged Birth Certificate;
Funstuff:  Biltz, Mark:  Blood Moons over Isreal;
Issues:  Russo, Aaron:  "America, Freedom to Fascism"
Funstuff:  Life of Christ, ESV

Svend Robinson:  NDP MP, Lawyer & Thief

Svend Robinson - Jewl Thief

FOR broader  "Hate Crimes" Legislation

Svend Robinson - Google Search;
Svend Robinson - Google Video

Bill C250 - Google Search

Svend Robinson (right) cries while being supported by his partner Max Riveron.  Robinson claimed "stress"  caused him to steal the jewelry he intended to give his boyfriend.  Robinson continues to practice law in BC following a deal cut with his  Special Prosecutor

Svend's Bill C250 added Homosexuals to the super class of groups in Canada's retarded "Hate Law". who can destroy in Criminal Court regular Canadians for exercising Free Speech

More:  News:  Robinson, Svend  NDP MP, Lawyer & Thief for "Hate Crimes" Legislation;
Issues:  "Special Prosecutors"  for Lawyers & Judges;
Issues:  "Hate Crime" Thought Police, Tyranny of Human Rights Tribunals;
Issues:  Coulter, Ann:  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly;
News:  Shaw, Duncan:  BC Judge for retailing Child Pornography

Pink Conservatives Moore, Keddy & Prentice vote for Homo-Marriage and elimination of Natural Parents Rights

2005-06-28  How'd They Vote Bill C-38, Third Reading (Same-sex Marriage) Voting FOR Homosexual Marriage (& putting into our children's schools, Homosexual Sex Education  Homosexual School Counselors, etc. therefore)   is James Moore, (Port Moody--Westwood--Port Coquitlam) 

2005-06-29  Marriage now just a sexual relationship, National Post

2005-06-29  For better or worse House of Commons approves same-sex marriage 158-133, National Post

Even France has rejected Homo-marriage (preferring France's homosexuals to emigrate to Canada?!). International societies of Women Judges & Lawyers appear to have designated Canada as the globe's Homosexual habitat of choice: Meijers Latest news about globalizing Homo-Marriage & Homo-Parenting;   Coming up:  26-29 June 2005, Toronto, Canada, the conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Law Association (ILGLaw),

Fabian Society, Communitarian "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing"

Globalizing National Socialism (Nazism) since 1884

Fabian Society - Google Search;
Fabian Society - Google Video 

More:  News:  Fabian Society, Communitarian "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing";
News:  John Dewey, Educating Americans for Hegelian Communitarianism, (AKA Marxism)

Real Fathers for Justice - News

News Links:

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Sniper Killer Margaret MacDonald acquitted of husband's murder

Claire Margaret MacDonald / AAP

2006-03-04  Tears as 'sniper' woman acquitted of murder; "Claire Margaret MacDonald, 39, pleaded not guilty to murdering her 40-year-old husband Warren MacDonald at the couple's property  ...  she donned camouflage gear and hid in a "sniper's nest" in bushes for 90 minutes before shooting her husband six times."  Claire Margaret MacDonald, 39 - Google Search

Goudreault, Gisele:  Mother's abduction of son Orey

2005-06-15   Mom imprisoned for '89 abduction  

In June 1989, Gisele Marie Goudreault, 46 disobeyed a court order to hand her son Orey over to his father, Rod Steinmann of Ponoka, who had been awarded custody. She fled with the boy to Mexico and lived there for four months before moving to California. ...  Justice Peter Martin condemned Goudreault's behaviour, which prevented Orey and his father from being together during the child's formative years.   "They had the right to know and love each other.  "That possibility was totally and irrevocably destroyed," Martin said.  "What this woman did to this man and this child is every parent's nightmare."  2004-02-19  US teen 'discovers own kidnap', BBC


Trociuk, Darrel:  Constitutional Right to Paternity Registration in BC Vital Statistics

Trociuk Story:  Dad  wins in the Supreme Court of Canada - He takes on the provincial government of British Columbia to get his name on the birth record, Children's Rights Council;

Darrel should be able to sue Justice Southin PERSONALLY for DAMAGES, but will that ever happen?  All members of the Law Societies have sworn their First Allegiance to their Society members.

More on ..Trociuk Darrell

2006-04-20 “Men in Black” Black Fridays for Divorced Canadian Men and Non-Custodial (NCP) Fathers

Many thanks to the Western Standard for reporting Jeremy's Story.  Jeremy is a nominee for Equal Parenting's "Shadow-Parliament".  

News - 2004


March, 2004

2004-03-30  Woman thought God told her to kill sons

2004-03-29  Mrs. and Mrs. in a Gay Mecca, B.C. is also the site of fierce opposition to any redefinition of marriage

2004-03-03  Woman stabbed husband 193 times-ABC

2004-02-18 Canadian youth discovers identity through, CA

2004-02-04_Legal system is failing fathers, says judge

April, 2004

2004-04-ff  Svend Robinson's Stolen Ring, moved to  Svend Robinson

2004-04-29 Nurse 'tried to kill elderly to free beds, Telegraph

2004-04-28  Wife gets 25 to life for hiring hitman

2004-04-27 Joint custody trial to calm break-up fury

2004-04-22-WNBC_Woman Found Dead Inside Her Cell

2004-04-22WND_Gay Militia storms Christian meeting

2004-04-19-CNEWS_ Melodramatic MP uses kleptomania to win sympathy

2004-04-19 Stomping on free speech

2004-04-18-Mother kills 3 children, commits suicide

2004-04-16 Violence in the home against men soars by 81 per cent

2004-04-14  'SEXUAL ANARCHY' target of major WND probe-WND_

2004-04-04  Yellowknife City shocked by Mother-Daughter stabbing

2004-04-03  Canada's dads are the best, G&M


2004-04-12_Exposing Feminist Fibs

2004-04-01  Courts 'fail fathers' says judge. UK

May, 2004

2004-05-31  Women  more violent:  Male domestic violence victims rise, AU

2004-05-xx  Strengthening Marriage Through Divorce and Custody Reform, Stephen Baskerville

2004-05-31  Male domestic violence victims rise, AU

2004-05-29  Baby bashed to death by 36 year old Kirsten Vanderlinde

2004-05-28  Father pulls Burnaby crane stunt, Fathers 4 Justice

2004-05-28  Spring school teacher dead, allegedly killed by estranged wife

2004-05-26-AU  Divorced dads want equal family time

2004-05-26-UK  Father mounts cinema roof protest

2004-05-26  Dad Charged For Not Using Enough Sunblock On 12-Year-Old

2004-05-25-UK  Fathers the key to child behaviour

2004-05-25  Judge's sentencing under scrutiny

2004-05-25  Deadbeat parents could lose driver's licences

2004-05-24  Man sets himself alight in Cork lawyer’s office

2004-05-21  Ruling frees lesbian from child support

2004-05-04  Judges are "New Preists" of Civil Society (Supremacy of Parliament hijacked)

2004-05-04  Former B.C. judge David Ramsay  pleads guilty to sex charges

2004-05-04  4 Officers facing Criminal Charges & Breach of Trust

2004-05-29 Attacks On Father's Groups By Feminist Orgs To Be Funded By Canadian Feds

2004-04-18  THE FIST WIVES CLUB :  Violence in the home against men soars by 81 per cent as women batter theirpartners

2004-04-06  Outraged fathers who made me think again, F4J-UK, Marilyn Stowe

2004-05-22  'Batman' climbs Burnaby construction crane

Who are Fathers-4-Justice?

Fathers 4 Justice Homepage?

Fathers-4-justice, Canada

more on Fathers 4 Justice

Fathers 4 Justice, Wales?

Fathers-4-Justice Brecon Protest 5th July 2003

Fathers-4-Justice Exeter Protest 24th August 2003

2004-05-21  Portland woman charged with murder of ex-husband

2004-05-18  Women rape men at gunpoint to infect them with AIDS a growing trend

2004-05-22  'Hostile' mother loses custody

 2004-05-21  Author of gun-registry reforms surprised by changes

2004-05-21  IOWA - Vilsack signs transportation, child custody legislation

2004-05-21  Elderly woman involved in Halifax standoff dies

2004-05-21  Woman made up pedophile claims

2004-05-21  Portland woman charged with murder of ex-husband

2004-05-20  Still Bogus after all these Years

2004-05-19  Purple powder thrown at British PM

2004-05-19  When Feminist Dogma Met Dr. Mengele

2004-05-19  Woman gets 18 years in prison for beating death of daughter

2004-05-19  It's Child Support Guidelines that Need Surgery, Not 'Deadbeat Dads'

2004-05-18  woman suspected of killing ex-husband

2004-05-18  UK Dads' rights protesters at court

2004-05-18  US Parents Paying Support Say Changes Good

2004-05-16  Court-ordered sexism

2004-05-12  Murder Suspect Andrea Williams Had Threatened She'd Kill Her Kids


2004-05-11  Women aspire to be housewives - without any of the housework

2004-05-13  Andrea Yates sentenced to life in prison for drowning her five children

2004-05-11  Mom Burned daughter despite pleas

2004-05-10  Sad end to boy/girl life, subject of gender experiment

2004-05-07  State Supreme Court says use both incomes in child support

2004-05-07  How low can women go?, Laura Schlessinger

2004-05-06  Feds should enshrine shared parenting, Montreal

2004-05-04  SINGLE mothers on an estate in Greenham have turned to a fathers' rights group to help them stop youths running riot.

2004-05-04  Daughter on stab charges A WOMAN tried to kill her 70-year-old mother

2004-05-04  SCOC decision authorizing such charges against police, JUDGES, etc

June, 2004

2004-06-30  Divorced Dads' White-Hot Sense of Injustice

2004-06-29  B.C. election results (Nuts!)

2004-06-28  Election outcome likely depends on how B.C. votes

2004-06-28  Why it took ten weeks to charge a confessed jewel thief

2004-06-28  Conservatives come out on top in polls among young people

2004-06-27  A chance to end Liberal hegemony; .... historic change is at hand

2004-06-27  Polls: Dead heat ahead of Canadian vote

2004-06-26  Kissing off the Harper doomsayers

2004-06-26  SCHOOLGIRL SUES JACK (McConnell,  First Minister) FOR £10M

2004-06-25  Boondoggle justice; Liberals created criminal 'rat's nest'

2004-06-25  **  Conservative victory likely to (PRESUME SHARED PARENTING)

2004-06-25  **  Courts, not legislatures, limit freedoms under our Charter

2004-06-24  Jail sentence for sexist insults under new French law

2004-06-24  When equal custody is law, who gains?

2004-06-24  Stepfather Charged With Beating Four Boys

2004-06-24  Take your choice: Parents or prisons?, Chuck Colson

2004-06-24  Anti-Harper women start lobby group

2004-06-23  Survey: Men's marital hopes and fears

2004-06-22  Rivals throw low blows in Vancouver (Libby Davies (Lesbian/ NDP) calles Shirley Chan (Liberal) "homophobic"

2004-06-22  If convicted of theft Svend Robinson likely won't see jail: legal experts

2004-06-22  Svend Robinson charged with theft

2004-06-21  Svend Robinson charged with theft of ring

2004-06-19 F4J: Frustrated dads march in London

2004-06-19  Abducted boys found

2004-06-08  Liberal senator < **** Anne Cools ***** >  goes Conservative

2004-06-18  Fathers' group <Fathers 4 Justice> clash with police, UK

2004-06-18  Policy should include a father’s role

2004-06-17  Are fathers getting a raw deal?  BBC, UK

2004-06-17  No liberal seat safe::  Harper, Duceppe won't rule out coalition

2004-06-16  Gays, lesbians and the numbers game (1.0% Canadians gay, 0.7% Bi)

2004-06-14  Battered men are starting to speak up

2004-06-13  Time to bring on the judicial circus

2004-06-12  Ex-wife of lotto winner was 'duped'

2004-06-12  Calgary cops warn of woman trying to lure young girls into her vehicle

2004-06-10  Stephen Harper profile; Quick look at the first leader of the new Conservative Party of Canada

2004-06-10  Conservatives back Dads Campaign, UK

2004-06-10  Hypo-Grit-ical

2004-06-09  Liberal senator Cools joins Tories

2004-06-08  Homosexuality is not biologically determined - latest research.

2004-06-08  ***   Senator Anne Cools  ****    goes Conservative  *** WaAA-HOOoo !!!!!

2004-06-08  Liberal ***** Senator Cools *****  becomes a Conservative

2004-06-08  Liberal riding assoc. throws support behind NDP

2004-06-07  Dads play a vital role in family, US

2004-06-04  Sun may be setting on the 'feminarchy'

2002-01-02  Mother who killed baby avoids jail term

2004-06-04  Lone parent families 'harm the health of children'

2004-06-05  Teen says she was Paid to Have Sex with Judge

2004-06-01  Former B.C. judge Davin Ramsay  imprisoned for seven years

2004-06-01  Court: woman must pay husband for baby, INT

2004-06-01  Father ends his bridge protest

2004-06-27 Clearing the fumes -Rosie Rowbotham -National Post

2004-06-05  Teen says she was Paid to Have Sex with Judge

2004-06-02  RCMP defend handling of Ramsay case, CBC British Columbia

2004-06-01  Former B.C. judge Davin Ramsay  imprisoned for seven years

2004-06-01  Seven-year jail term for former judge, CBC British Columbia <What a SWEETHEART DEAL!!>

2004-05-04  B.C. judge admits to beating, sexually abusing teens

2004-05-04  Former B.C. judge David Ramsay  pleads guilty to sex charges

2004-05-04  4 Officers facing Criminal Charges & Breach of Trust

2004-05-04  B.C. judge pleads guilty to sex charges,

2004-05-03  Former B.C. judge goes on

trial, CBC British Columbia

2004-03-13  Judge facing sex charges, CBC British Columbia

July, 2004

2004-07-12  Howard (Conservative) backs shared parenting rights, UK

2004-17-12  Equal rights for parents @ CONSERVATIVES.COM, UK

2004-04-01  Courts 'fail fathers' says judge. UK

2004-07-31  Beauty queen now fugitive

2004-07-07  Grappling with Charter 'legitimacy'

2004-07-06  Peeping’ Is a ‘Sexual Orientation’ in Canada, Judge (Valmond Romilly)  Finds

2000-04-19  Judge's tough action gives new hope (Justice Maria Linhares de Sousa)

2004-07-31  Vatican Says Modern Feminism Dangerous for Family, INT

2004-07-31  Man learns location of long-missing daughter

2004-07-29  Radical family law shake-up

2004-07-29  Province wants to keep father behind the 810 'gate'

2004-07-28  Kerry Embraces the Radical Feminist Agenda

2004-07-27  Mom in court, baby seized in fight (after Mom strangles baby)

2004-07-27  Feminists: All Issues Are Women's Issues

2004-07-27  £1m battle to see my son

2004-07-24  Equal parenting rights rejected, UK

2004-07-24  Male worker dresses up for pension battle (women retire 5 yrs earlier)

2004-07-24  N.S. pair say lawsuit meant to help non-custodial parents

2004-07-24  What is a man? Court has an answer, US

2004-07-23  Dads vow to keep up fight, UK

2004-07-22  Desperate dads

2004-07-22  Should fathers have equal access?, UK, BBC Poll

2004-07-22  Dutch Debate: Despite a challenge, the evidence stands: Marriage is in decline in the Netherlands.

2004-07-22  Parents to face fines for refusing access

2004-07-22  Martha Stewart Plays the Chivalry Card

2004-07-22  Bob Geldof: A lost opportunity to give children their human rights, UK

2004-07-xx  Where's the justice in new access plans, blast fathers

2004-07-22  Divorce plan puts children first, Fathers' call for automatic 50-50 contact time ruled out 

2004-07-21  Militant dads' group rejects new access rules

2004-07-21  Government rules out equal access for fathers

2004-07-21  Fathers attack new access plans

2004-07-21  Mothers to pay fathers denied access

2004-07-21  Hodge sets out child access plans, UK

2004-07-21  It’s Time To End Judicial Tyranny

2004-07-20  Warring parents could face jail

2004-07-20  Divorce reforms reject 'shared parenting'

2004-07-20   Canadian identity dissolving in a multicultural stew

2004-07-18  Estranged fathers to get more access to children

2004-07-18  Where Have All The Fathers Gone?

2004-07-17  Fathers Condemn 'McDad' Green Paper, UK

2004-07-16  Divorce: The most expensive life event according to 61% of those who know

2004-07-15  Girl Missing 9 Years From California Found In Ohio (Kidnapped by mother, no charges laid), US

2004-07-14  'Crazy dads' don't stop, (Matt O'Connor, F4J Story )  UK

2004-07-14  Can't Find A Good Man? Blame Feminism! Part 1;  IFeminists

2004-07-14  Paternity: Innocence Is Now a Defense

2004-07-14  Disabled dad sued by own daughters (for support @ 22 & 19 yrs old))

2004-07-13  Fathers 4 Justice raises profile

2004-07-13  Man wrongfully convicted of rape gives up legal quest

2004-07-12  Moms seek reforms in family court system

2004-07-11 Mom faces charge after torching teen

2004-07-11  What Gun Controllers Don’t Want You to Know, Men's News Daily

2004-07-11  Dads' rights campaigners storm York Minster

2004-07-12  Tories backing shared parenting, UK

2004-07-12  B.C. Conservative (Paul Forseth) retains Vancouver area federal seat after recount cut short

2004-07-12  Gay bookstore awarded advanced costs in continuing fight against Canada Customs

2004-07-12 Boy set on fire, mom charged

2004-07-12  In Defense of Marriage; The amendment that will protect a fundamental institution, US

2004-07-12  York Minster invaded by angry fathers, UK

2004-07-12  Howard (Conservative) backs shared parenting rights, UK

2004-17-12  Equal rights for parents @ CONSERVATIVES.COM, UK

2004-07-12  Church leader condemns fathers' stunt, UK


2004-07-11  British ministers consider father's rights, US

2004-07-11  Equal custody for 'weekend dads', UK

2004-07-10  Fathers in York Minster roof protest, UK

204-07-11  Fathers' Rights Campaigners End Cathedral Protest, UK

2004-07-11  Minster Protest in the Name of the Father, UK

2004-07-10  Ministers to Tackle 'Gender Bias' over Child Custody Rights, UK

2004-07-10  Children have rights, too; The Parlour case will do nothing for youngsters in divorce cases - they'll still be treated like chattels, UK 

2004-07-10  Ministers to Tackle 'Gender Bias' over Child Custody Rights

2004-07-10  Warnings ignored, dad says; Red flags ‘obvious’ in toddler’s death

2004-07-10  I poisoned them, teacher admits (women poisons her students), INT

2004-07-08  Parents on run with son after court ruling, UK

2004-06-24  Jail sentence for sexist insults under new French law( €45,000 & jail for" homophobia")

2004-07-07  Fathers stage court roof protest, Two men dressed as superheroes ...F4J, UK

2004-07-07  Fathers 4 Justice Demonstrates on Court Building, UK

2004-07-07  Fathers group launches Bill of Rights, F4J, UK

2004-07-06  Beauty guilty of sham kidnap

2004-07-04  Rep. urges veto of bill to jail `Deadbeat Parents'

2004-07-04  F4J Airbourne, UK

2004-07-05  'We Could Bring Ulster To A Halt'; F4J, UK

2004-07-04  Fathers' rights group promises to target 'hypocritical' church; F4J, UK

2004-07-04  'Dads army' to step up campaign

2003-07-03  Landmark Ruling Grants Father Custody of Children, UK

2004-07-03  Judge switches custody to father, UK

2004-07-03  Custody order is 'vital victory', UK

2004-07-01  Could your kids be given to 'gay' parents?

2004-07-01  Study finds girls molest young boys, female sexual offending is chronically under-reported

August, 2004

2004-08-31  Westminster electric fence plan rejected

2004-08-30  Men's group slams child-support plan, Alta

2004-08-30  Spousal abuse is a two-way street

2004-08-29  Why can't we judge the judges? New screening process for Supreme Court nominees is a sham

2004-08-28  10 year old Texas boy fatally shoots his father (where and why did he get the gun?)

2004-08-20  The Outrage in Outrage, Gay/Baskerville

2004-08-25  Fathers-4-Justice dad goes on hunger strike

2004-08-25  New judges favour same-sex rights

2004-08-25  Stacking the court with activists

2007-08-24  Louise Charron, Rosalie Abella named to top court posts

2004-08-24  Supreme Court of Canada is a Political Toy (Two Radical Feminist Female Judges appointed to SCC))

2004-08-24  Hunger strike vs. Child Support Agency agenda. Newbury father fights for justice, F4J-UK

2004-08-24  Child Support Feds Hold Meeting, Announce New "Strategic Plan"

2004-08-23  CHILD SUPPORT: High payments unreasonable for parents in prison

2004-03-20  Staging Hate Crimes: The Academic Left's Reichstag Gambit

2004-08-20  Tribunal to rule if Crown policy is anti-male, BC

2004-08-20  Angry dads a new political force, UK

2004-08-20  There's no place like homes

2004-08-18  Child Custody Laws Poised for Change, CA Move Aways

2004-08-18  A Family Law Gladiator Goes Down Fighting in NJ, Wilbur Streett

2004-08-18  A Family Law Gladiator Goes Down Fighting in NJ

2004-08-17  Burton pulls controversial (equalish) child-custody legislation, CA

2004-08-17  A Victory for Non-Custodial Parents in California, Burton Pulls Unrestricted Move-Away Legislation 

2004-08-17  Lawyers' 'dirty little secret' (Retain "right" to sex with clients)

2004-08-16  Why did I have to fight 2 years to see my kids?, UK

2004-08-15  Dad finds his long-lost kids, AU

2004-08-15  Grit showdown on social issues imminentl (Canadian Islamic Congress)

2004-08-15  Woman tells of courthouse sex encounter, ON

2004-08-14  WILBUR STREET DIED TODAY AUGUST 14, 2004 Thanks to Judge Kieser of the New Jersey Family Court, NJ

2004-08-13  Election prankster charge dropped, NW

2004-08-11  Crockford Vs BC Reasons for Preliminary Decision Application

 To Dismiss Complaint


2004-08-04  Parent protest to march 210 miles, F4J- UK

2004-08-04  In Defense of 'Deadbeat' Dads

2004-08-03  A threat to democracy, Basic freedoms to protest are being systematically undermined by anti-terror legislation

2004-08-03  Dads Play Key Role in Kids' Mental Health

2004-08-03  'Batman' crane protest continues, F4J, UK

2004-08-02  'Catwoman' Joins Child Access Protest, UK


2004-08-02  Costume drama as dads protest, F4J, UK

2004-08-02  Fight for Fathers' Rights, Dads say separation laws are stacked against them, US - Newsweek

2004-08-02  'Superheroes' stage roof protest, UK

2004-08-25  Fathers-4-Justice dad goes on hunger strike, UK

2004-08-24  Stacking the Court with Activists (Abella and Charron appointments), Lorne Gunter

September, 2004

2004-09-23  Women bearing the brunt of cuts to legal-aid funding, Victoria told; Attorney-general vows not to return to old days of state-funded family litigation, Vancouver Sun


2004-09-01  Hunger-strike dad continues, UK

2004-09-xx  RBC's "Rainbow Space" Declaration

2004-09-30  Children’s law change is a single parent’s charter, Guernsey, UK

2004-09-29  'Boy Wonder' shuts down bridge, The NOW: Tom Zytaruk 

2004-09-xx  Law moves at a snail's pace, Paula Carlson, Surrey Leader

2004-09-29  Across U.S., Non-Custodial Parents Sue, US

2004-09-29  Crusaders jam Pattullo traffic, Surrey Leader, Julia Caranci

2004-09-29  Moms almost always get to keep the kids, The Province LTE, David Miller

2004-09-29  Nova Scotia Minister Notifies Gov't He Will Cease to be Government’s Agent For Marriages; Action is response to decision by N.S. Supreme Court legalizing homosexual "marriages"

2004-09-29  'Boy Wonder' shuts down bridge, The NOW: Tom Zytaruk 

2004-09-29  Crusaders jam Pattullo traffic, Surrey Leader, Julia Caranci

2004-09-29  Murder rate plunges to 30-year low, CNews

2004-09-29  Moms almost always get to keep the kids, The Province LTE, David Miller

2004-09-28  Tories target PM's throne speech,CNews

2004-09-27  Pattullo Bridge Protest, ; VIDEO1 or VIDEO2

2004-09-26  Holy protest, Batman! Robin arrested for mischief promoting fathers' rights, National Post

2004-09-27  Universal Studios Pulls 'Boys Are Stupid' T-Shirts In Face Of Radio Campaign

2004-09-26  Protesting fathers hold up commuters, Batman and Spider-Man are in the clear, but Robin is in trouble with the law, Vancouver Sun

2004-09-25  Heartache led me to bridge protest, F4J UK

2004-09-26  Holy protest, Batman! Robin arrested for mischief promoting fathers' rights, National Post

2004-09-25 Burnaby Robin  scales PatulloBr-A, CKWX.mp3

2004-09-25-F4J-Burnaby Robin scales Patullo Br-B, BCTV.mp3

2004-09-25-F4J-Burnaby Robin scales Patullo Br-C, BCTV.mp3

2004-09-25  Father 4 Justice Takes Message Up Bridge, New Westminster

2004-09-25  Protest on The Patullo Bridge, Surrey RCMP Detachment

2004-09-25  Protest on The Patullo Bridge, Surrey RCMP Detachment, letterhead

2004-09-25  Robin the Boy wonder on the Pattullo Bridge, Surrey -  (Global News) - VIDEO

2004-09-25  Vancouver - Pattullo Bridge - VIDEO

2004-09-25  Robin the Boy wonder on the Pattullo Bridge, Surrey (CTV News) - VIDEO

2004-09-25F4J's Burnaby Robin  scales PatulloBr-A, CKWX.mp3

2004-09-25-F4J's Burnaby Robin scales Patullo Br-B, BCTV.mp3

2004-09-25-F4J's Burnaby Robin scales Patullo Br-C, BCTV.mp3

2004-09-25 , Man Dressed As Super Hero Scales Bridge, BCTV.htm

2004-09-25  Press Release by F4J Canada 

2004-09-24  Discrimination against white <heterosexual Christian> males

2004-09-23  Women bearing the brunt of cuts to legal-aid funding, Victoria told; Attorney-general vows not to return to old days of state-funded family litigation, Vancouver Sun <THANKS GEOFF, FOR MORE EQUALITY!!>

2004-10-22  F4J-UK Audio:

2004-10-22  F4J-UK Audio: BBC Radio Women's Hour

2004-09-21  Abducted children found, Reaon Ford, News 1130

2004-09-18  Spanish women's groups attack reform of child-custody rules

2004-09-15 Mel Mabbott-3 Regains Kids, BCTV

2004-09-15  Fugitive couple  (Mabbott) turn up in Victoria; MISINFORMATION

2004-09-15  Cops hunt dad <MelMabbott> in alleged abduction

2004-09-15  Is Batman more than just a joker? F4J, UK

2004-09-15 Mel Mabbott-3 Regains Kids, BCTV

Mobbitt story reported by CTV New Correspondent, Kate Corcoran

2004-09-04  Coalition of Parents Unite in Nationwide Class Action Challenges for Their Children

2004-09-14 MelMabbott-1 LostCustody InAbstentia BCTV

2004-09-14_MelMabbott-2 - "Fugitive" turns himelf in to RCMP, BCTV

2004-08-18  A Family Law Gladiator Goes Down Fighting in NJ, Wilbur Streett

2004-08-14  WILBUR STREETT DIED TODAY AUGUST 14, 2004 Thanks to Judge Kieser of the New Jersey Family Court

2004-08-14  Wilbur Streett, In Memoriam

2004-10-02  Ballot wording debated in court, UK


2004-09-01  Hunger-strike dad continues, UK

2004-08-25  Fathers-4-Justice dad goes on hunger strike, UK

2004-07-12  Howard (Conservative) backs shared parenting rights, UK

2004-17-12  Equal rights for parents @ CONSERVATIVES.COM, UK

2004-09-14  FACTBOX-Divorced fathers fight for more rights, F4J-UK

2004-09-14  F4J-UK Audio: Palace & Batman

2004-09-13  Palace balcony protester removed, A Fathers 4 Justice campaigner dressed as Batman has been removed after staging a five-hour protest on a ledge by the Buckingham Palace balcony.

2004-09-04  Coalition of Parents Unite in Nationwide Class Action Challenges for Their Children

2004-09-04  Killers given spa day; Pedicures, aromatherapy, harp serenade: Murderers of Dooley boy, Toronto officer treated; inquiry demanded

2004-09-04  The Failure of Fatherhood Policy, Baskerville

2004-09-03  <Special> Svend Robinson headed back to law career

2004-09-02  Ontario ends rule affecting single women on welfare

2004-09-01  Hunger-strike dad continues

October, 2004

2004-10-06  Sperm delivered to your door



2004-10-31  Divorced Mich. fathers sue for equity in child custody, Class-action lawsuit seeks to make joint custody the first option judges consider, US

2004-10-30  Holstein: Joint custody is best for kids - William Fabricius, asked such young adults what is the best arrangement for children of divorce; 75 percent responded, "Equal time with both parents."

2004-10-29  Matt O'Connor: BBC Report on Fathers-4-Justice, UK.mp3

2004-10-29  Non-custodial parents file class action lawsuit

2004-10-29  Girlfriend accused of mutilation, Harris County man hospitalized after most of his penis is severed and thrown away

2004-10-29  Mother Apprehended In Texas

2004-10-29  Fathers arrested at law seminar, F4J-UK, BBC

2004-10-29  Fathers arrested over conference protest, F4J-UK

2004-10-27  The Lohstroh Case: Alienating Mother Pushes 10 Year-Old Boy to Kill Father, Glenn Sacks

2004-10-26  Windsor Children's Aid Society attacked and extensively damaged by fire bomber in revenge attack against agency

2004-10-25  Children's Aid (CAS) office attacked - blazing pickup slammed into the front of the newly built facility

2004-10-29  Attack On Childrens Aid (CAS), Letter to Editor.pdf

2004-10-25  She's so Cools:  Senator Anne Runs Away With The Suns's 10 Top Women Poll, Kevin Connor, TO Sun

2004-10-25  Kid mapping: Parental disputes over children have never had a higher profile

2004-10-24  Dragnet could be expanded, AB

2004-10-24  Spirit of law - Catholic Bishop called by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) and threatened if he continued to speak against Prime Minister Paul Martin,  Licia Corbella

2004-10-24  Double standard threat to church freedom, LICIA CORBELLA -- Calgary Sun

2004-10-24  Mother danced as child died; 22-year-old pleads guilty to manslaughter in girl's death.  Left unfed 2-year-old alone in crib for weekend of partying

2004-10-21  Mother battles to see children, UK

2004-10-20  Convicted ex-Mountie lecturing on ethics, Admitted fraud, now instructs civil service on procurement

F4J Video-Netherlands?

2004-10-20  Fathers protest on court roof, F4J, UK

Child Identity Rights / Child Identity Fraud/ Paternity fraud, Canadian Children's Rights Council

Extra His Side Show
Fathers Targeted by Cox Speak Out

2004-10-17  Battle of the Sexes - The Rematch, UK

2004-10-17  Remember Andy Renouf - RIP a father deprived of a relationship with his daughter had 100% of his wages taken by the Government of Ontario's collection agency, the Family Responsibility Office (FRO)  Andy committed suicide on October 17th, 1995  

2004-10-16  Equal access to children after a divorce, Cathy Young

2004-10-16   Fathers 4 Justice rollercoaster protest, Ireland Online, UK

2004-10-16  Rollercoaster Fathers Arrested after Protest, Blackpool, UK

2004-10-16  Equal access to children after a divorce, Cathy Young

2004-10-15 Ha lLeger on NW98 - Jennifer Mather.mp3

Jennifer Mather

2004-10-15 Burnaby Batman & Robin Mcbride Overpass, New Westminster,


For more 

2004-10-15  Demonstration on the McBride overpass, New Westminster - (CTV) - VIDEO

2004-10-14  Why Can't I See My Kid?, EU

2004-10-13  Achieving Feminist Class Consciousness, Carey Roberts

2004-10-11  Fathers 4 Justice Take Message to Polls, UK

2004-10-11  It's time to turn Fox News loose in Canada's liberal hen-house, Paul Jackson -- Calgary Sun

2004-10-11  Getting custody of kids after divorce, Terrie Lloyd, Japan Today

2004-10-11  Fathers 4 Justice Take Message to Polls, UK

2004-10-08  Domino's Pizza blasts attorney general for role in billboard contest

2004-10-07  Top judge backs tug-of-love dad, mother may loose custody, UK

2004-10-06   Mom, twin daughters dead in apparent murder-suicide, Rossland, BC

2004-10-05  Sharia law endangers women, says Chatelaine's Sally Armstrong

2004-10-05  Sharia law endangers women (in Canada)

2004-10-04  Tories offer justice for fathers, UK 

2004-10-04  Five cleared over 'Santa' protest, F4J-UK

2004-10-04  Mother confesses to sex with sons, had intercourse with teenage sons

2004-10-04  Five cleared over 'Santa' protest, F4J-UK

2004-10-03  Mother confesses to sex with sons, Pleads guilty to Incest Charges

2004-10-03  Geldof: two parents are best, Split families ‘damage society’

2004-10-03 Mother confesses to sex with sons, Pleads guilty to Incest Charges

2004-10-02  Ballot wording debated in court, UK

2003-10-02  Jobless, single and male, AU.pdf

2004-10-01  Del Gallo to sue state for changing 'shared parenting' ballot question, UK

2004-10-01  Labour narrowly wins Hartlepool, UK

2004-10-01  Holy goal! Catwoman pounces, F4J-UK

2004-10-02  Ballot wording debated in court, UK

2004-10-xx  A father fights for his kids, Dan Ferguson, Surrey Leader

2004-10-xx  Critics Blast Michigan's 'Deadbeat Parent' Billboard Campaign, US

2004-10-xx  Campaign Against Michigan's Parental Alienation Billboard Contest, Glenn Sacks

November, 2004

2004-11-23  The answer is so simple. Just ask Dad, UK

2004-11-17  Jeffery Hearing in Courtenay, BC:  Judgment on Debtors Prison on Imputed Income Reserved by JUSTICE SAUNDERSON

2004-11-17 Women's Shelters Workers make lesbian sexual advances on "sheltered" women .mp3

2004-11-17   Law Society Wine and Dine, Vancouver - Global News - VIDEO

2004-11-17  Law Society Wine and Dine, Vancouver  - VIDEO

2004-11-17  Jeffery Hearing in Courtenay, Judgment on Debtors Prison Reserved by JUSTICE SAUNDERSON

2004-11-16  Same-sex issue <and  Supremacy of Parliament> back on agenda

2004-11-10  Judge tells MPs: 'I won't meet fathers' group'

2004-11-10  I won't listen to silly fathers, says judge, UK

2004-11-06  Who’s Who in the Counterfeit Marriage Movement

2004-11-05  F4J CANADA ACTION UPDATE: Its a rental !!!

2004-11-05  TV Show about Female Felons Sparks Outrage

2004-11-11  Battered husbands trapped by shame

2004-11-11  Foster Kids on Mind-Altering Drugs, US

2004-11-xx  States lining up to outlaw same-sex 'marriage', US

2004-11-08  KID-SEX SHOCKER <Female Pedophile story>

Anti-Father 'Leave Her Alone!' Verizon Commercial

2004-11-05  F4J CANADA ACTION UPDATE: Its a rental !!!

2004-11-04  Why Heterosexual Marriage Won on Tuesday

December, 2004

2004-12-26  Strippergate scandal puts Sgro in hotseat

2004-12-18  Santa March, Christmas of Chaos, Vancouver - Global News - VIDEO

 2004-12-18  Santa March, Christmas of Chaos, Vancouver  - CTV - VIDEO

2004-12-01  Batman & WonderWomen - Law Society Chrismas Diner, Toronto  - CityTV - VIDEO

Mother confesses to sex with sons, ..  Pleads guilty to incest charges, October 3, 2004

2004-10-03  Mother confesses to sex with sons, Had intercourse with 2 teenagers, Pleads guilty to incest charges

Kitchener - A Kitchener woman has pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with her two teenage sons on separate occasions.

The woman can't be named to protect the identities of her sons. She sobbed in Kitchener's Ontario Court on Friday as the two incest charges were read out and the facts given.

The 35-year-old woman will be sentenced next month. Crown prosecutor Mark Poland said outside court that sentences for incest can range from house arrest to a prison term. He said such cases, involving mothers, are rare.

"We see it the other way around where the father's abusing the daughter way more frequently," Poland said.

The court heard that the woman told a worker at an alcohol detoxification centre what she'd done after going there to deal with her alcoholism. Alcohol was involved in both incidents.

Poland said after the woman split up with her husband, the boys lived with her. A few months later, she left them at her husband's doorstep with a note saying she couldn't take care of them.

After some time, she began visiting her sons at her ex-husband's home. This lasted for several years until her husband began to suspect she was drinking, and reduced the contact.

From 2001 to 2003, there was almost no contact with the boys, court heard. Her ex-husband allowed contact to resume after the woman assured him she was no longer drinking. The boys began visiting the woman and her boyfriend at her home again this year.

During one visit on Jan. 30, the mother gave her sons alcohol, court heard.

As the night wound on, everyone went to bed except the woman and one son. He and his mother began a conversation about his girlfriend, which turned to sexual matters. The two embraced, removed their clothes and sexual intercourse followed. The next day, they discussed what had happened, decided it was wrong and said it would not occur again.

On March 12, the two boys were visiting their mother once more. Again, alcohol was provided.

Everyone went to bed except the second son. He was feeling drunk. His mother helped him downstairs to bed and started to tuck him in.

He began playing with his mother's hair and they began a conversation about his social life. The teen told his mother he was having sexual fantasies about her. They embraced and had sex.

The next day, the mother talked with the second boy and they decided it would never happen again.

Several days later, the woman relayed a message to her ex-husband to pick up the boys because she had to go into a detoxification clinic, where she admitted she'd had sex with her sons. Family and Children's Services were called and then police. The boys confirmed her story. The woman also pleaded guilty to breaching a court order not to contact her sons after her arrest. Kitchener-Waterloo Record.

Right decision, wrong reason, 2004-12-23

Print edition A17 (online by subscription only), December 23, 2004

Irwin Cotler, the Justice Minister, announced on Tuesday that the federal government will hold off on reforming child custody laws. We can't say that's too much of a disappointment. If enacted, the expected changes would mostly have served to tilt the anti-father bias of Canada's family courts even further in favour of women.

First proposed by Mr. Colter' s predecessor, Martin Cauchon, the now-dormant bill would have scrapped existing provisions compelling the courts to grant "maximum contact" to both parents and severed the last remaining connections between payment of child support and access by fathers to their kids. Worse, it would have given judges the power to withhold all access to fathers with past histories of violent behaviour while permitting wives to raise allegations of abuse at divorce proceedings even if they had made no previous complaints of violence -- a recipe for false accusations in bids to win total custody.

The Cauchon law was also a direct slap in the face to the joint Parliamentary committee that recommended "shared parenting" -- i.e., granting both parents equal custody and responsibility for children at the end of the marriage -- after years of study. Despite the Senate-Commons committee having held extensive hearings on the subject, Justice department bureaucrats held another set tailored to suit their own views before submitting recommendations to the justice minister (then Anne McLellan) that were diametrically opposed to those of the committee.

But while the decision to put off the legislation doesn' t trouble us, the reasons behind it are more unsettling. By all appearances, the postponement of the child custody changes has nothing to do with Mr. Colter recognizing their flaws; rather they simply appear to have slipped down his priority list -- notably below Divorce Act changes to allow for gay divorce, which the Justice Minister is keen to have ready by the time same-sex marriage legislation comes before the House next month.

As bad as the proposed child custody amendments were, they were presumably a sincere attempt to make children' s lives better after the break-up of their parents. That the Liberals consider this less deserving of their attention than gay marriage and divorce is a little curious.

Far more of this country' s children (roughly 35,000 annually) are affected by divorce than there are gays hurt by their inability to marry. Children of divorce are more likely to suffer behavioural problems, drop out of school, experiment with drugs, commit violence against a partner or spouse and run afoul of the law. Not surprisingly, they are also more likely to divorce from their own spouses later. But divorce is a modern fact of life, so improving the laws governing custody and access by non-custodial parents in order to lessen its adverse consequences ought to be among the government' s top priorities.

Rather than simply reviving Mr. Cauchon' s deplorable legislation when it suits him, Mr. Colter should turn his attention to crafting a new custody law more in keeping with the parliamentary committee' s common sense proposals. We hope that this will be one of the Justice Minister' s priorities in 2005

2004-11-17  Fathers-4-Justice special operatives Crash the BC Law Society at the Pan Pacific

This evening November 17,2004 at 7:30 PM Fathers-4-Justice special operatives dashed the BC Law Society's Wine and Dine celebrations at the Pan Pacific Hotel's illustrious Crystal Pavilion in Vancouver, BC. This year's Bench & Bar Dinner was to honor recipients of the Law Society Award 
Details here:

2004-11-17   Law Society Wine and Dine, Vancouver - Global News - VIDEO

2004-11-17  Law Society Wine and Dine, Vancouver  - VIDEO

Upon arrival 9 F4J operatives quickly donned their deacon gear unfurled the huge F4J banner and signs, acting as decoys and making enough noise with whistles, air horns and party favors to attract the attention of security to the front entrance.   ...   Mean while a team of 6 F4J special operatives entered the premise in plain clothes making their way to a second floor service hallway where they then donned their decontamination gear with video crew on hand. Once suited F4J BC members then made their way through the service hallway to the kitchen's staff entrance and into the Crystal Pavilion Ballroom where approximately 500 benchers were enjoying their dinners.

Upon entry team leaders stormed the stage to commandeer the Mike. A F4J Special Agent proceeded to give a speech to the now confused and shocked benchers while security scrambled to regain control.   ...   After a short speech by F4J our operatives departed and rejoined their comrades out front, leaving the BC law benchers to ponder the events that surprisingly occurred. The speech that was delivered is available upon request.   ...  

Thanks to videographers from the press CTV's Roman and Global's Steve for their undaunted coverage of our quest which was on both stations on their 11pm news.

2004-12-18  Santa March, Chrismas of Chaos, Vancouver - Global News - VIDEO

2004-06-20:  Justice League oversees Vancouver from Second Narrows and Port Mann Bridges

Greetings fellow liberators from Vancouver BC Canada, the Burnaby BC Batman and F4J dream team.

This morning at 10:00 AM Batman and Alfred converged upon the Vancouver Supreme court on Smythe street.  Batman in disguise had his deacon suit on over top. Alfred too donned in decontamination suit joined Batman in his vigil.

It wasn't long before our fellow team members arrived.  In total I counted about ten on hand.  We had plenty of signs as well as other props. Fellow comrade Mr. John Hummel unveiled the new super hero to be added to the F4J Justice League, "ROBO POP"  and he looked awesome. He was certainly the centre of  attraction. Pictures will follow soon.

At 10:30 AM the Boy Wonder, Robin made his debut.  In the super deluxe Robin suit provided by Alfred.  The boy wonder looked stunning in all his glory.

Batman then removed his decontamination suit and donned his cape. Joining the boy wonder in their stand  for justice. Together the dynamic duo and our decontamination team pleased the crowd drawing many honks, many cheers and many questions.

CTV News was on hand to interview the dynamic duo and the decontamination team and film them at work. During the course of this a mysterious purple ooze was dumped from an unknown source which quickly covered a large mass out front of the Court house. This substance was promptly attended to by our decontamination specialists. Pictures of this purple substance were taken and filmed by CTV as well and will be provided soon. It is still unknown as to the origin of the same
and at this point to be handled with caution. After completing the clean up we observed a large purple stain left on the concrete. Samples were taken and will be analyzed shortly.

Our caped crusaders seemed a little concerned over this incident and with film crew rolling took to the skies scaling the Provincial Court next door and perched upon a high perch for all to see. Raising their arms in victory for the gathering crowd below. Many took pictures of our dream team and the dynamic duo soon returned to the ground and took the time to pose for pictures with many who were passing by.

At about 12:00 PM many sheriffs were now congregating to keep a watchful eye on our team. It was starting to begin to get a little tense so at this point our team  decided to wrap it up and have lunch. Wouldn't you know Spider man showed up as we were about to leave so he and the boy wonder remained until 1:00 PM.

At 1:30 PM Batman and Robin moved over to the Second Narrows bridge with a few our our deacon squad.

Perched high on platforms The Dynamic duo then entertained all traffic heading east and west.
Traffic was grinding to a halt, people were yelling in appreciation of our heroes giving them thumbs up and many honks. The dynamic duo rocked Vancouver for the next hour or so until a squad car happened upon the scene after receiving many calls about Batman and Robin.
Our dynamic duo was asked to leave at this point with just a friendly warning. No problem.

It was not long before the buzz hit the airways and people from all over the lower mainland were reporting Bat sightings. even heard about Batman and Robin on Jack FM 96.9 FM road report, lol.

At exactly 3:00 PM Batman and Robin were now situated on the over pass to highway #1 and the Port Mann bridge. Together the dynamic duo climbed up on to the rails and again rocked the lower mainland getting the attention of all motorists below on highway #1 and all those exiting surrey BC to the Portman bridge.

Again traffic ground to a halt and people were ecstatic about the superheros. Never heard so many honks before at once.

Spider-man then joined the dynamic duo on the over pass and together all three heroes rocked like never before. it was exhilarating the support we were receiving and it was not long before every radio station was reporting on our dream team with more Bat sightings rolling in. While on a perch on the over pass standing above all the traffic a car load of young males passed with one yelling, 'That's the Batman who climbed the crane". he then yelled his support to Batman. Our superheroes were loving all the attention they were receiving.

However once more the police were called to the scene to help get traffic moving again. I counted three police cars this time. Our heroes were then questioned, there identification recorded and released with a warning, "Leave please." We did.

In close, Vancouver BC Canada rocked today and now every one has heard about the Vancouver Justice League.

Way to go Vancouver.

Pictures will be uploaded soon. Lots of picks taken of this event.

Unfortunately the only ones with pictures of the three superheros on the surrey over pass belong to
those motorists who took them. We did get pictures of Batman and Robin on the second Narrows Bridge however and will share them soon.

Unfortunately no photos of the surrey event as it was a last minute decision on our way home and just the three of us.

One fine officer I spoke with asked where I lived and  was going after leaving here. After learning that I had been removed from the second Narrows bridge earlier. I told him and he then asked if I was intending to hold up traffic there as well. I said no,  twice was enough for one day and promised to not commandeer the Pitt Meadows bridge. He informed me he would radio ahead. Sure enough while crossing the Pitt Meadows bridge I observed two squad cars at it base
waiting. I continued home without further incident, lol.

Once more I wish to personally thank Vancouver's dream team. We rocked BC.

In solidarity:  (Burnaby Batman)

2004-10-15  F4J's Hal Leger on Jenifer Mather.mp3

2004-12-18  Santa March, Chrismas of Chaos, Vancouver  - CTV - VIDEO

2004-12-01  Batman & WonderWomen - Law Society Chrismas Diner, Toronto  - CityTV - VIDEO


2004-10-15  Demonstration on the McBride overpass, New Westminster - (CTV) - VIDEO

2004-09-25  Robin the Boy wonder on the Pattullo Bridge, Surrey -  (Global News) - VIDEO

2004-09-25  Vancouver - Pattullo Bridge - VIDEO

2004-09-25  Robin the Boy wonder on the Pattullo Bridge, Surrey (CTV News) - VIDEO

2004-06-25, "Star Chamber Shenanigans"

Judge: Young man, you will get to see your child every second weekend for 2 hours and must pay the mother the amount of $XXX.XX for the privilege.

Father: Your honour (judge) you mean this order or conclusion you came to in your "STAR CHAMBER".

Judge: I will not tolerate a father using the term "STAR CHAMBER" in this court, young man!

Father: Which part your honor, "STAR" or "CHAMBER"

Judge: Bailiff (guard/sheriff), please remove this young man from the court room until he can refrain from outbursts...

Father: That is MR. Young man to you, your "STAR CHAMBER HONOUR". You are doing it again, making more "STAR CHAMBER" decision in your "STAR CHAMBER" court. Then you sick your "STAR CHAMBER" bailiff on me because you can not get off of your "STAR CHAMBER" ass to do it yourself. (As bailiff is trying to remove the father the father locks himself to the bench and continues)

Judge: Young.....Mr. Young......., I am gong to have you charged for contempt.

Father: "STAR CHAMBER" contempt you mean, you "STARCHAMBER-NESS(SHIP)". Are you determined to continue. You can never beat me. F4J is here. I am the "STAR CHAMBER FINK". the "STAR CHAMBER" jig is up. "STAR CHAMBER.......CHAMBER STAR.......THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE". Your "STAR CHAMBER" has been exposed. I am the "STAR CHAMBER EXPOSER"

Judge: F4J is not here Mr. Young.

Father: I’s is sorry masta……you’s is right masta…..F4J is not here. F4J IS EVERYWHERE AND IT IS COMING FOR THE STAR CHAMBER. (as the gallery of viewers pull out their PURPLE signs and expose their F4J t-shirs….) You see, your “STAR CHAMBER” is now exposed to the world.

NARRATOR: Three more bailiffs come into the court to try to remove Mr. Young (man). Mr Young is spilling confetti stars all over the floor.

Father: See, "STARS"..."STARS" every where in this court. You are exposed for the "STAR SHAM-ER" you are. Section 2 (b) of the Charter gives me the right to believe you are "CAPTAIN STAR CHAMBER KING"

NARRATOR: The guards are surrounding this young man but he persists in bellowing out his taunts....the judge flees the court room.

Father: The truth hurts, come back for more truth...someone get me the "STAR CHAMBER" phone number so I can make my only phone call from jail to "CAPTAIN STAR CHAMBER" and taunt him some more.

NARRATOR: The bailiffs finally cut off the chain and remove the Father form the courtroom. As they do Mr. Young (father) sings the chorus of his new tune...over and over...

a fictional accout, by Rob S.

F4J - BC Law Society's Dinner gets a taste of F4J's "Just Desserts"

2004-11-18_F4J - BC Law Society's Dinner gets a taste of F4J's "Just Desserts"

2004-11-17  Fathers-4-Justice special operatives Crash the BC Law Society at the Pan Pacific

2004-11-16  Same-sex issue <and  Supremacy of Parliament> back on agenda

2004-05-04  Judges are the "new priests" of Canadian society, <to protect> abortion, same-sex marriage <from silly Parliament> argues top judges.

2001-07-16  Minister has let bureaucrats take over Justice, critics charge (says MP John Bryden. & MP Roger Gallaway of Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan

<Activist Judges creating> Consitutional Crisis in Canada

2004-12-29  Boy made into cause by group; Advocates say father's death a case of alienation syndrome

2004-12-18  Vancouver Santa March, Global News

2004-12-18  Vancouver Santa March, CTV  

2004-11-17  F4J Action Video

2004-12-20  The myth of the gentler sex

Powder Cloud

The powder hung over MPs in a cloud as stunned members looked on.

Jay Hill, introduces Bill C-245 for Shared Parenting, 2004-10-20

2004-10-20  Bill C-245, introduced by Jay Hill, MP (Prince George – Peace River)  An Act to amend the Divorce Act (shared parenting)   This bill would ensure that courts grant custody of a child to both divorcing spouses unless there exists evidence that it would not be in the best interests of the child.  The bill includes the recommendations of the Joint House of Commons-Senate Subcommittee on Custody and Access which the Liberals have essentially shelved.  See also Friendly Parent Rule, Sec. 16.10 on ignored existing legislation.

2005-04-06  Accountability - Bill pushes open hearings in custody cases

2005-04-06  AL House Bill 650, the "shared parenting" bill

2005-04-06  Nevada Shared Parenting Bill

2004-12-07  BC court joins parallel parenting trend in high-conflict dispute

Reasons for Judgement, Judge Tweedale

Joint custody is best for kids, Neil Holstein

By Ned Holstein / Guest Columnist
Saturday, October 30, 2004

A member of Fathers and Families juggled his shifts so he could pick his pre-school daughter up from daycare every day at 2:00 p.m., while mom was still at work. He would tuck her in for her nap, make her dinner, play with her after dinner, and read stories to her at bedtime. She giggled when he croaked like Kermit, and shrieked with delight when he swung her in circles.
     After he and his wife divorced, he was allowed to see his daughter every other weekend, and she was in daycare 10 hours per day.
     Can there be any doubt that this child was wounded, and that she mourns the loss of her father? Almost everyone knows a child who has suffered this.
     Many Massachusetts voters have a chance to help thousands of children such as this little girl on election day, by voting in favor of a non-binding ballot question that urges legislators to support joint custody legislation. Family court judges seem to be caught in an "old-think" rut, and they need to be encouraged to abandon old ways of doing things that hurt kids, namely, sole custody of children to one parent. In most cases, there is no reason why children have to be cut off from one parent after a divorce (as well as entire extended families on one parent's side).
     Of course, there are some cases where joint custody is not best for children, such as where there is domestic violence, or where there are practical obstacles such as parents living far apart. The ballot question explicitly addresses these concerns. Also, that's why this ballot question is non-binding, so that responsible legislators such as state Rep. Stephen LeDuc, D-Marlborough, co-chairman of the legislature's Children's Caucus, will have flexibility. They will be able to fashion detailed legislation that will nudge the family courts towards shared parenting without taking away the judge's discretion to do what is best for children in each individual circumstance.
     Here's why our children deserve the voters' support for joint custody. False alarms about the dangers in a minority of cases should not stand in the way of what's best for most kids. We can help the great majority and also protect the few who need protection.
  • Shared parenting after divorce is best for children. Research over the past twenty years proves this more and more conclusively. That's why, for instance, Dr. Michael Lamb, Head of the Section of Social and Emotional Development at the National Institutes of Health, has written, "...Parenting plans that allow children to see their fathers every Wednesday evening and every other weekend clearly fail to recognize the adverse consequences of weeklong separations from non-custodial parents...Instead of promoting parenting plans that marginalize one of the parents, custody evaluators should promote continued involvement by both parents..."

    Kids want shared parenting. Distinguished researcher Robert Emery in Virginia surveyed young adults whose parents had divorced. They expressed persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, and of having missed out on a better life because of the limited time they had with their fathers. Another researcher, William Fabricius, asked such young adults what is the best arrangement for children of divorce; 75 percent responded, "Equal time with both parents."

  • Shared parenting is the only measure that reliably increases child support compliance. Researcher Sanford Braver found that when joint custody was awarded, child support zoomed up to 97 percent compliance.
  • Shared parenting is the fairest arrangement for parents. No parent wants to walk into court as a father (or mother), and walk out as a "visitor."
  • Sole custody creates conflict, joint custody alleviates it. Many divorcing couples engage in bitter custody battles. These are totally unnecessary, and could be prevented by assuring both parents that neither will lose custody. Afterwards, the sole custody decision promotes still more conflict. As attorney Ronald Henry has written "The parents still must deal with one another in connection with all aspects of the child's life, but they do so in the unstable and unhealthy relationship of victor and vanquished."
  • Shared parenting probably decreases post-divorce domestic violence. It is well known anecdotally that conflict provoked by sole custody sometimes boils over into violence.
  • Sole custody freezes parents in stereotyped gender roles. Fathers, bearing large child support orders, must be breadwinners, often working two jobs, and have no time or legal right to be real parents. Mothers are trapped into nearly full-time motherhood, and most are unable to manage an ambitious career.
         This ballot question will run in all or in part in Marlborough, Millis, Natick, Northborough, Norwood, Sherborn, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Wellesley and Weston.
    ( Ned Holstein is president of Fathers and Families in Boston,

Judges are new priests of Canadian society <Judge claims>, May 04, 2004

Quebec Chief Justice says Charter adds to job's moral content, By CRISTIN SCHMITZ

2004-05-04  Judges are the "new priests" of Canadian society, ... abortion and same-sex marriage, argues ..  top judges.

Judges are new priests of Canadian society - Google Search

Judges are the "new priests" of Canadian society, but their training has not equipped them to decide such divisive so­cial questions as abortion and same-sex marriage, one of the country's top judges argues.  While some judges remain publicly coy about their powers as makers of social policy, Quebec Chief Justice Michel Robert ac­knowledges that the job of judges has changed "tremendously" since 1982, when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms became the supreme law.

 "I think we are very powerful, but we are not always, I think, prepared to play this role;' Judge Robert says in an interview this week in The Lawyers Weekly.  "We have now become an instrument of 'governance,’ in the wide sense of the word. We are becoming the new priests of civil society, in a way, because we are making decisions about same-sex marriage... about euthanasia and abortion. We are making deci­sions about many other very controversial issues which have a very large moral content and moral connotation.

 Charter powers should be exercised with caution: judge

This migration of profound moral questions from the religious realm of priests into the legal bailiwick of judges has serious implications for the education of lawyers and judges, Judge Robert said. "We are defining the fundamental socio-economic values of the society and I don't think this will change [but] ... it will have to change the training of lawyers in the faculties of law," he argued.   "Because when I was trained as a law student, the Charter did not exist, and I was told how to interpret a contract. You don't prepare a law student to play this role [under the Charter] the same way you prepare a law student to interpret a contract, and decide if this word means 'this' or 'that.’"

 Judge Robert suggested that before being admitted to law school, university students should be required to study the social sciences and humanities, such as sociology, psychology, political Science and philosophy. Law faculties should also put more emphasis on teaching Supreme Court of Canada Char­ter jurisprudence, he said.

The switch from parliamentary sovereignty to constitutional su­premacy in 1982 empowered judges to decide contentious social issues, but it is a Power the judiciary did not seek and should exercise with restraint, the chief justice observed. 

<JUDGES WERE NOT GIVEN SUPREMACY IN  1982.  The entire Agreement is reversible under the NOTWITHSTANDING clause>

Legislatures continue to find it difficult to pass laws dealing with controversial issues. For ex­ample, the Mulroney govern­ment's bill on abortion was de­feated by one Conservative vote. "The status of the law on abortion was defined by the courts," Judge Robert-said.

"The problem is we cannot refuse to decide - in other words, we are pushed sometimes by the government, and sometimes by the lobby groups, to make decisions on those issues and because of the nature of the system we can't say, 'No, I don't want to make a decision on your case"

Judge Robert called Parlia­ment's entrenchment of the Charter the most fundamental legal change in Canadian histo­ry, second only to the creation of federalism in 1867.

The Charter "has a tremendous effect in practical terms," he said. "If same-sex marriages are legal and being performed every day, it's because of three [appellate] courts' decisions - B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

"The courts defined what is permitted and what is not per­mitted in terms of abortion in this country, and the same thing might happen with the same-sex marriage” question, he said.

Can West News Service

<UK> Conservatives back Dads Campaign, 10th June 2004

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:00:19 +0100

Subject: Press release: Conservatives back Dads Campaign

The ongoing campaign by controversial fathers group Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) gained political support for the first time yesterday from the Tory Leader Michael Howard.

The Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP said:

"With around 4 million children living apart from natural parents it is important that those children enjoy contact with both parents as much as possible where that can be achieved. Too many non-resident parents are being failed by the system and deprived of the access to their children which they deserve and from which their children derive great benefit. The Conservative Party is determined to raise this problem up the political agenda and promote the rights and responsibilities of shared parenting."

F4J claimed credit for the move despite waging high profile stunts which have often angered MP's.

Said Parliamentary Co-ordinator Gary Burch 'This statement is long overdue but the awareness raised by our campaign is helping to create serious debate.'

'Before F4J nothing was happening. Now we have a Green paper due out any day, the Leader of the Opposition coming out in support, a Fathers day demo on Friday, our Blueprint for family Law in the 21st Century which is also published this week, hunger striking grandparents and funpowder plot demo's  in the House of Commons.

'This was unthinkable just 18 months ago. Now we must make this a serious election issue.'

For further information contact

FYI:    2003-10-31  Howard launches Tory leadership bid

News 2004

2004-12-31  Domestic Violence Death Review Committee - Annual Report to the Chief Coroner.

2004-12-30  Suicide an option?

2004-12-30  Sanctuary still on agenda for churches and minister

2004-12--29  The daddy debate

Screwing the wretched of the Earth

2004-12-29  Rights and security: We must have both

20041228 Custody Battle Heats Up Over Three-Year Old

20041226 Street protests over Irish child custody ruling " In future, details of the cases will be made available to the media and public, but without identifying the people involved. " -sounds like Ontario-

20041228 Police use Taser on man who claimed he left bomb at hotel - Kingston

20041228 Where Sugar and Spice Meet Bricks and Bats

20041228 In China, Turning the Law Into the People's Protector

20041226 The Doofus Department

20041227 It's all about revenge, not equality

20041225 Newspaper: Naughty kids lose gifts to eBay

20041225 Fathers' group targets UK queen

20041225 Celebrating Xmas With All the Exes

20041224 No new trial despite mistaken confession

20041224 Man harasses and annoys one time too many -  SSM

20041224 Canadian sent to U.S. for murder trial

2041224 A drop too much in pregnancy


20041224 Child-access battles peak at Christmas

20041224 Stabbing rampage leaves one dead, five hurt -Mental illness

20041224 Woman who cut off baby's arms attempted suicide after birth mental illness "she was psychotic"

20041224 Foetus snatcher had her tubes tied

20041223 Right decision, wrong reason

20041223 Whistle-blowing cop suffered for his actions

20041223 Amish man cites freedom of religion

20041223 Victims could get travel aid

20041223 Room demanded for mentally ill Justice Bruce A. Glass.

20041223 Keep the minister, strip the bureaucrats - Immigration Minister Judy Sgro

20041223 Prosecutor 'pays for brothel visits with stolen credit card'

20041222 Feds were too timid in Strippergate affair - Immigration Minister Judy Sgro

20041222 The Men's Program at Carleton

20041222 Feds were too timid in Strippergate affair 

20041222 DNA tests clear man after 17 years jail


20041221 Stripper risks ignored

Ottawa knew foreign dancers would be forced into prostitution, documents show - Immigration Minister Judy Sgro


20041221 Ottawa 'strips' rules

Was warned exotic dancers forced into prostitution - Immigration Minister Judy Sgro

20031221 Mom sues Wal-Mart over daughter's suicide - Mental Illness 

20041221  Prosecutor: Troy woman tried to poison husband, son with milkshakes

20041221 Activists guilty of trespass -Queens Park

20041221 A mixed message to gamblers

20041221 Report called 'betrayal' of women

20041221 Muslim groups pan report

20041221 Expert urging caution on Sharia law

20041221 Fathers' Xmas pr-ho-test  

20041220 Woman accused of stealing baby appears in court

20041220  A job for Sgro's successor - Immigration Minister Judy Sgro

20041220 Report says Ont. Muslims have right to use religious law in family disputes

20041220 Alberta judge admits snoozing during sentencing hearing of drug dealer

20041220 Grit MP O'Brien predicts four more Cabinet ministers to struggle with same-sex bill

20041227 No slowing down - Forget cancer -- Callwood's got a sports car and lots of fight left in her - Mary Jo Leddy and Joy Kogawa, staged a sit-in at the Toronto constituency office of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Judy Sgro,

20041220 Shelters fill up as chill grips city

20041220 Anger may trigger strokes

20041220 Baby and maid die in suspected murder-suicide in Singapore

20041220 Santas protest for dads' rights in Britain and Italy

20041220 "The myth of the gentler sex"

20041220 Psychiatric nurse beheaded in French double murder

20041219 Slimed moms team up to hunt down deadbeat -

20041219 Net chat room set trap for deadly baby theft

20041219 Mystery car crash kills 2, baffles cops

20041219 GI jailed for gay sex murder

20041219 JUDGE DREAD Columbia County - Judge Paul Czajka

20041219 Dad united with kidnapped girl

20041219 Many New or Expectant Mothers Die Violent Deaths

20041219 Indefinite Jailing of 6 in Canada Tests Legal System

20041218 Kingston Police officer cleared of misconduct

20041218 Fantino attacks gay deal


20041217 When wolves and shepherds change cloaks

20041217 Family tell of anguish over murder
Teenage girls 'killed my son in burglary'

20041217 Baby found in Kansas might be missing girl

20041217 Woman admits strangling Missouri mom, cutting baby out of womb

20041218 Children's $150,000 for trauma of lost dad

20041218 30 years on police beat - Timmins

20041216 Local landlord is crying foul - Timmins one stop divorce stop

20041216 Babysitter Cheryl Larsen cleared in toddler’s death -Kingston

20041216 Defence suggests mother caused baby's injuries


20041216 Winnipeg woman to be extradited

20041215 Jury doesn't buy Seaman's story

20041215 Girl Fights Deportation to Stay With Dad

20041215 Woman gets two years for stabbing man -Timmins

20041215 Welcome news for women - Timmins Ontario - Canada's most corrupt town.

20041215 Report links marriage to better health

20041215 Porn star 'urged husband's death'

20041215 Ontario won't fight judge's ruling mental illness

20041214 A common illness, not uncommonly overlooked - post partum depression - female mental illness

20041214 A Boy for You, a Girl for Me: Technology Allows Choice

20041213 Judy Sgro speaks up on her file
Embattled Citizenship and Immigration Minister defends controversial decisions

20041213 'We shouldn't penalize people who fall in love': says Sgro

20041213 Torched woman's family reeling from horrifying death

20041213 Barrie man charged with murder, kidnapping

20041213 Mom, 6-year-old found dead

20041213 Abused women’s shelters unhappy with McGuinty

20041213 Dad charged after child accidentally ingests date rape drug

20041213 Sex and violence

20041213 McGuinty government launches plan to combat domestic violence

20041213 Boyfriend charged in slaying of ER doctor - Ottawa - Dr. Dorothy Halton and Burns Coutts

20041212 Governor orders investigation into Trevino case

20041211 Husband who fatally shot teacher remanded in custody

20041211 Friend says man admitted to shaking son

20041211 Comfy feet cost taxpayers plenty

20041211 Cop accused of having sex on cruiser

20041210 Judges' rights under scrutiny

20041210 Honest mother's $40,000 escapade

20041207 96% of women are liars, honest

20041209 Israel Reviews Fathers Custody Rights

20041209 Argos' Rison jailed

20041209 'Chilling effect' of judge probe

20041209 Wife's woes on tape

20041207 Police: Woman hit teens after golf ball struck car

2004120 Female interrogator 'highly aggressive' at Guantanamo

20041207 Judge: ‘There is no child’

20041206 Mother who drowned baby walks free

20041204 Police mull changes to sex offender policy - Kingston Police 

20041204  Dad has 10 kids at home

20041204  Son testifies that slain father was known to be a 'wild, violent brawler'

20041204  Woman gets 76 days in prison for drowning baby when she was 16

20041204  Police say teacher 'wed' 14-year-old girl in pagan ritual

20041204 Hockey league shaken by mom's zeal

20041204 Activist's Daughter Speaks Against Castro - A story about a daughter missing her father 

20041204 How the system failed

20041204 Mother faces 22 boy-sex charges

20041204 Mother stabbed husband, two daughters, police say Ottawa Citizen

20041203 'Shelter' for Divorced Dads

20041203 Sad Ceremony

20041203 Beyond Reasons

20041203 Sometimes life breaks your heart

20041203 Psychosis is not just `baby blues'

20041203 Mom did the killing: police

20041203 Police: Woman killed husband, child
Detective said he wouldn't speculate on history of mental illness, post-partum psychosis

20041203 Abused men not taken seriously

20041203 Toronto police say mother to blame for slaughter

20041203 Ontario deadbeat parents face double jail time in new bill - CBC news

20041202 Slain man genial, honourable
Brian Langer, 47, remembered as business man and friend

20041202 Ontario law targets deadbeat parents - National Post

20041202 Ontario will increase jail for deadbeat parents  

20041204  A widow responds to the Ontario Government's increased jail time for parents (dads) who are unable to pay support.

20041202  Seaman case defies textbook example of life in the suburbs - Detroit - Nancy Seaman took an ax and gave her husband 15 whacks.

20041202  Wrongful conviction probed - Detroit

20041101 Husband 'tortured by wife and lover'

20041129 New Study Links Stress and Aging

20041127 Martin backs Immigration Minister Judy Sgro in face of stripper scandal

20041110 Many are bipolar but able to keep working

20041110 DNA frees inmate after 19 years in jail

20041110 Top Quebec judge quietly sentenced for DUI

20041110 Mentally ill wait in jail for justice to be done - Ottawa 

20041110 Group disgusted by teacher's sentence

20041110 Sex case teacher avoids jail

20041110 My profession guilty of sex discrimination: judge - Australia

20041109 Stressed workers cost health system extra $6B a year - Ottawa

20041109 Police push for more officers - Sudbury


20041109 Time to dump dating and risk falling in love

20041107 War cuts short daughter, dad's meeting

20041105 Woman Convicted of Killing Newborn

20041105 Court corrected 'great injustice' to victims

20041105 Sex story called lie

20041105 Bernardo film set for spring release

20041105 Canadian freedoms 'under threat'

20041105 Parents of caged boys dealt prison time

20041105 Teacher was 'victim' of teenage affair

20041105 Man who strangled wife gets increased sentence

20041104  Mother of slain tot seeks custody of her other kids

20041104 Millhaven guards fear for safety: Convicts ‘more and more violent 

20041104 Halfway house can’t handle sadistic offender: Lawyer -Kingston

20041104 911 caller badly hurt

20041104 Teen admits he shot sleeping mother

20041104 Police: Lawyer shoots lawyer

20041103 Police supervisor denies racial link to Wills's action - Kingston

20041102 Babe in trash: mom charged

20041102 Hidden danger in men’s sex supplements

20041102 Woman who dropped baby over B.C. suspension bridge settles suit

20041102 PM faces new rebellion on smacking - UK

20041102 The bitter taste of vindication

20041101 High court weighs police, restraining orders

20041101 Heatherington skips court date

20041101 I hope he goes away for a long time

20041101 Divorce Hardest on Kids

20041101 Talking Point: Father seeks compensation for surname game - Unbalanced, biased legal system hurts the children the most

20041101 Woman blames former male side for vicious attack

20041101 Client treated like 'Osama bin Heatherington,' says lawyer

20041101 Alberta opens adoption records

20041101 Dar could end up in jail

20041101 Hicks is on brink of insanity: father

20041101 Provocation defence flawed: report

20041101 The horrors of Pitcairn must be confronted, no matter how repellent, writes Barbara Biggs.

20041031 Hicks' defence lawyers go on offensive

20041031 Province fails to protect foreign nannies - immigration 

20041031 DNA testing frees California man after 10 years

20041031 Child Custody awards in Divorce Michigan

20041031 Jails on alert over Muslim converts

20041031 Supreme Court judge returns home ready to face fallout over crash 

20041030 Court sorry about witch deaths

20041030 Police: Family members killed in 2 locations

20041030 Many employers, agencies abuse live-in work program - immigration

20041030 How Canadians abuse their nannies  - immigration

20041030 U.S. law called a privacy threat

20041030 Tenants call for crackdown Ottawa 

20041030 " Holstein : Joint custody is best for kids"  

20041030 Man 'commanded' to burn St Kilda Pier - mental illness

20041030 How Canadians abuse their nannies

2041029 Fathers arrested over conference protest

20041029 Girlfriend accused of mutilation

20041029 Child care program could take time: Dryden

20041029 Murder label 'not right': Family friend

20041029 'He couldn't have done it'

20041029 Truscott case bounced back to appeals court

20041029 Heat detectors don't infringe privacy: top court

20041029 Town to officially pardon executed witches

200410 28 The Death of the Bill of Rights in America (Part II)

20041028 Hard day at the office hard on memory - Schizophrenia and Depression

20041028 Dad sues gov't for $6.3m in case of 'discrimination'

Father claims B.C. 'negligent' for not putting his surname on his triplets' birth certificates

20041028 Kidney donor jailed over child support

20041028 B.C. government refuses comment on father's birth certificate law suit

20041028 Coroner sparks hunt for missing child after mother's three secret pregnancies

20041028 Police to decide mental health treatment - Australia

20041027 Actress killed herself: coroner UK

20041027 Accused lawyer has solid rep among Crowns, fellow pros

20041027 Groping cop's fate in limbo

20041027 Justice minister to announce Truscott decision

20041027 New book labels Hall Truscott's champion  NOTE: YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK

20041027 `Hot flash' joke ignites MPPs

20041027 Divorce: can you afford to split? UK

20042027 Top docs' baby death warning - Co-sleeping linked to 70% of fatalities

20041027 Mom, daughter in suspected murder-suicide

20041027 Centretown horror - Ottawa

20041027 Uncaring father is outdated stereotype, Gambling and others

20041027 Patricia Welch reveals why she left her family for five days - Ottawa

20041026 Dallas judge throws party as she sends man to prison for life for assaulting girlfriend

20041026 Bayridge principal studies case of extreme bullying

20041026 Law professor founds 'HIV SWAT team' - William Flanagan - Queens University

20041026 Stonechild report castigates Saskatoon police

20041026 Man crashes burning truck into Ontario Children's Aid building

20041026 "Children's Aid office attacked"  

20041026 Mental health wing to open Wednesday - Pembroke


20041025 Does our justice system discriminate against men?

20041025 Sword-wielding attacker gets six months in jail - Kingston

20041025 Preacher of death

20041024 Dragnet could be expanded

20041023 I'll fight fathers' rights as elected MP

20041023 Men control fertility unconsciously

20041022 The Death of the Bill of Rights in America



20041022 Police union questions criminologist's impartiality - Kingston

20041022 Martin planned to scrap Health Act, join Iraq war

20041022 Accused terrorist fears trial secrecy

20041121 Size does matter when it comes to sperm

20041021 Supreme Court rejects latest Zundel appeal - politically correct judicial abuse of power

20041021 'Super-Hero' Fathers Guilty over Bridge Protest

20041021 Spoiled children a violent threat to mothers

209041020 Mother allegedly caught smothering baby on video

20041020 McGuinty to announce 1,000 new police hirings

20041020 Wife killer appeal bid rejected

20041020 'Career criminal' sorry for crash that killed cop

20041020 Convicted ex-Mountie lecturing on ethics

20041019 Equal access to children after a divorce

20041019 Suspect released on bail - Timmins

20041019 Veteran earns dissenters' respect at 'teach-in'

20041018 Sleep woes tied to child's intelligence

20041018 Thousands 'married' in wedding scam

20041018 Troubled teen's dad feels let down by system

20041017 Not just another pretty face - Catherine Clark talks about her dad

20041017 Cruiser goes crunch - Edmonton

20041016 Two Timmins teens die after taking pill

20041016 The childless professional

20041016 Life in fast lane leaves no time for children

20041016 In the wilderness with boys-only kindergarten

20041016 Quiet revolution of lost tribe of dads

20041016 Sex, lies and bad debts

20041015 Vancouver cops investigate bizarre scam

20041015 Unisex Bandit to learn fate of civil suit today Belleville

20041015 Passerby saves woman from attacker

20041015 Retailers to block kids from violent video games

20041015 No smoke, baby

20041015 Boy making up sex claims: Defence - Ottawa

20041015 'I was in panic mode' - Ottawa - ex-girlfriend stuffs body of ex-boyfriend in shopping cart

20041014 Online cheating

20041014 Larsen ‘did a bad thing’: Crown - Kingston

20041014 Sleepwalker's sex in the city

20041013 Terror suspects jailed in Britain losing their minds: psychiatrists

20041013 ROH patient leave too lax

20041013 Soldier in Iraq abuse photos has baby

20041013 Political unknown to head police union

20041013 Honey, I think I lost the farm Wife hid notice of impending tax sale But judge rules against township


20041013 Boy stumbles on sex details

20041013 Man arrested after waking from coma

20041013 Too much sex is barely enough for the men who make it count

20041012 Gay men found to be ignoring AIDS risk - Kingston

20041012 Toddler dies from head injuries - Toronto - Ruth Ann Waide, 31, was charged yesterday with manslaughter

20041012 Police charge mother -Toronto          

20041002 Body found near river - Ottawa

20041012 Specialist Stresses Enjoyment And Understanding of Reading

20041012 Some Parents Quit Working to Be Around More -- When Their Kids Are Teens, Not Toddlers. That May Be Good Timing, Experts Say

20041012 Pregnancy blues worsen with age

20041011 Sometimes it's just a job for the boys

20041011 Murderer to make sixth appeal - Australia

20041010 It's time to turn Fox News loose in Canada's liberal hen-house

20041010 Film explores female bullying

20041010 The changing face of violence - female terrorism

20041010 Speaking out: Tony Sewell on the high percentage of absent black fathers

20041010 Candidates arrested at debate

20041010 Focus: How to survive divorce without damaging our children    fathers 4 justice      

20041009 Invite TV's gay style gurus into your home

20041009 Legal Aid leaves lawyers in financial dire straits Kingston

20041009 Childhood abuse link to heart disease

20041009 Web of shame

20041008 Heatherington appeals mischief conviction, sentence

20041008 The daddy of all dilemmas UK

20041008 Local court may be down to last day - Trenton

20041008 Child-support billboard contest draws wrath of dads, Domino's

20041009 Take a shed, add cluey old blokes, and watch boys thrive

20041008 Students tackle laws based on Islamic rules

20041008 Parents seek custody law reform     

20041008 Crown: ‘You never said … you did not kill Brody' - Kingston 

20041008 M Centre should be saved, not razed: Judge -Kingston

20041007 Divided court rejects death row DNA appeal

20041007 Death-row inmate freed after 17 years

20041007 Teachers strike over false sex allegation

20041007 Woman in Mercedes murder seeks new trial

20041007 Single mom murders twins, commits suicide

20041007 Silence over Afghan women's rights - Silence over Canadian men's rights?

20041007 Man attacks own lawyer


20041007 9 months for arsonist mom

20041007 Larsen denies charges in babysitter trial - Kingston

20041007 'Man tax' to pay for abuse of women?

20041007 "Top judge backs tug-of-love dad"  

20041006 Kids in pot grow-op house

20041006 'It's a miracle'

20041006 Baby rescued from bad scene

20041006 Murder suicide - Trail RCMP

20041006 Mom, twin daughters dead in apparent murder-suicide

20041006 Pet dog kills 5-week-old infant

20041006 Candidate: No single, pregnant teachers in classroom

20041006 Years of living dangerously

20041006 RCMP clears itself in 'terror cell' sweep

20040406 Cameras in primary schools?

20041006 Sweden debates hitting men with domestic violence tax

20041006 Most Guantanamo prisoners to be freed

20041005 Willingdon School law suit

20041005 Pregnant ignore medication risks

20041005 Mother of soldier killed in Iraq collapses, dies - Politically CORRUPT ONTARIO FAMILY COURT JUDGES KILL THOUSANDS  OF FATHERS  in a similar fashion, they die of "intense never ending grief" in various ways, heart attack, cancer, you name it.

20041005 Caped crusader flies in for Ulster wedding.

20041005 House arrest for biting a cop

20041005 Sex is a simple equation


20041005 Foes gear up for gay marriage debate

20041005 Tories offer justice for fathers - fathers 4 justice news

20041005 grim picture of indifference

20041005 Court to review same-sex law

20041005 Rape coalition lobbies Grits

20041005 OPP officer told to quit -- or else

20041005 'So proud to be Canadian' - Ottawa

20041005 Accused teacher quits profession - Sudbury

20041005 Body-checking injuries among children on the rise

20041005 New judges fill gaps in spectrum

20041005 Exposure to solvents affects unborn

20041005 'They. Are. Women.'

20041005 Sharia law endangers women, says Chatelaine's Sally Armstrong

20041005 Problems found with cop drug storage - Ottawa Police

20041005 Duo join the Supremes

20041005 Dads Needed - London UK - fathers 4 justice news

20041005 Butcher not guilty of rape

20041005 "Ballot measure appeal rejected"    

20041005 Ladies' day at Supreme Court - Ottawa

20041004 Cuts unnecessary to deliver baby

20041004 Divorce Inequalities fathers 4 justice news

20041005 Sister swat

20041005 Pitcairn mayor treated girls like 'harem'

20041005 Next stop romance on Greek love buses

20041004 Women's college students protest admission of men - AURORA, New York

20041004 Study: Birth season, schizophrenia type linked

20041004 Smoking moms may boost babies' colic risk

20041004 CN Tower protest focuses on anti-Muslim prejudice

20041004 Canada ignores violence against aboriginal women: report

20041004 Protest over treatment by CSIS

20041004 A mother's touch eases childhood stress

20041004 Five cleared over 'Santa' protest

20041004 Fathers' demo five cleared

20040104 'Poetic justice' in date-rape drug case

20041004 Two new justices join court

20041004 New Judges appointed to the Supreme Court 

20041004 Ottawa courts protest by fathers 4 justice Canada

20041004 Popular defence lawyer benched - Kingston

20041004 Christianity in peril, theologian warns

20041004 Latest justices sworn into Supreme Court 

20041004 The election issue neither side wants to tackle

20041004 It was a clash of tooth and male

20041004 Call for single-sex psychiatric units

20041004 Long wait for warring parents

20041003 Protest attacks terror detentions - UK

20041003 Married ...but still courting - Ottawa

20041003 Public servants asked to take polygraph - Ottawa

20041003 'The kids can't function without their mother'

20041003 Mother confesses to sex with sons

20041003 Geldof: two parents are best

20041003 Fighting fire with females

20041003 Man, 78, on trial for Pitcairn rapes

20041003 Surprise as tug-of-love Manny flies home to Italy

20041003 No sex please, we're in the air

20041003 Dad's plea: don't let doctors kill our ill baby

20041003 Church community in shock over porn charge

20041003 The turf, where the going's good for love

20041003 How undercover operation and its 95,000 leads unfolded

20041003 Political parties discover links to charged men

20041003 Pedophiles use 'junk' theory to win custody The Age Melbourne

200401003 Abbott to put shirt on political push

20041003 Secret men's business

20041002 Cross-party anger at platform attack - Fathers 4 Justice news 

20041002 Four suicides in child porn case -Australia

20041002 Pair embroiled in custody nightmare - VAN BUREN - Maine


20041002 Remains of missing Utah woman found in landfill

20041002 Heightening awareness on child abuse - Belleville

20041002 Expert links animal abuse to domestic violence - Kingston

20041002 Dalton! Dalton! He's our man: Mayor

20041002 T.O. cops hunt for missing Ottawa man

20041002 Local eyed in porn bust - Ottawa

20041002 Early diagnosis the key -Ottawa

20041002 Family sues city worker who tried to help

20041002 Bus driver to court: 'It's a blur' - Ottawa

20041002 He ain't Eddie, he's his brother -- Brian -Greenspan

20041001 Judge cites racial profiling by police officers as grounds for acquitting drug suspect 

20041001 Wanted

20041001 Law moves at a snail's pace

20041001 Poetry Fair Issue - fatherhood poems

20041001 Man who killed five, hid bodies in mobile home gets life - JACKSONVILLE, Fla.

20041001 Court: Verdict stands, even though juror was tanked on vodka - New York

20041001 RCMP should get better training to deal with domestic abuse, says coroner's jury

20041001 Ontario government improves access to justice for Ontarians

20041001 Wife jailed for sham marriage - Canada

20041001 Drug problem denied - KAWARTHA LAKES

20041001 CAS dealing with more domestic violence cases - Hastings Belleville 

20041001 Pregnancy test order called dangerous step

20041001 Drug-bust officer told to quit

20041001 Dalton kills Chief hopes - Queens Park

20041001 Court-duty pay robs budget - Ottawa

20041001 Victims seek right to sue foreign governments here

20041001 Bernardo theory doesn't carry the freight

20041001 It's raining men, but interest from women has dried up

200401001 I am a victim of an unjust system

20041001 Rights group says corruption rife in Halloran sex case

20041001 Campaigning dads stage quay protest - Fathers 4 Justice News

20041001 Royal Bank clerks asked to display rainbow stickers to support gays, bisexuals

20040930 After third trial, jury convicts Alberta Mountie of murder in jail shooting

20040930 Panel calls for anti-child obesity effort

20040930 How one Canadian chemistry class paid more than a quarter-million dollars for copies of a single textbook

20040930 Signs That You Are A Non-Custodial Daddy

20040930 Holy goal! Catwoman pounces - fathers 4 justice protest

20040830 Blackshirt chief stands firm

20040930 Mother from Newcastle upon tyne - mother comments about fathers 4 justice protest


20040930 'This man flipped out'

20040930 Judge modifies publication ban in B.C. assisted suicide trial

20040930 Hospital official says woman gunned down by husband could have been protected

20040930 Judge rebuked for encouraging lying

20040930 Unmarried fathers 'have no legal rights'

20040930 Parents without custody file suit  - Alabama

20040930 "Bargain on E-bay"

20040930 Old Democrat pick-up lines aren't working on women

20040930  "Murder rate plunges to 30-year low"  

20040930 Thanks but no spanks - Spanking children - Ottawa

20040930 An Unprecedented Fight Against Childhood Obesity

20040930 Supreme Court refuses to hear Zundel appeal

20040930 Sex in jail cell costs lawyer

20040930 Court told wife OK'd his flings

20040930 No evidence Bain ever met Bernardo: Crown

20040930 Police lax, Baltovich defence team says

20040930 Moms almost always get to keep the kids

20040930 ‘Children’s law change is a single parent’s charter’

20040930 Sex harassment - now the men are victims

20040930 Blackshirt gets suspended jail term

20040930 Home visits the key to preventing child abuse

20040929 "Louisiana Becomes the 35th State Sued for Constitutional Rights Violations"

20040929 Across U.S., Non-Custodial Parents Sue

20040929 Crown rejects judicial stay in Baltovich case

20040929 Crusaders jam Pattullo traffic - Hal Legere - Fathers 4 Justice Canada protest

20040929 'Boy Wonder' shuts down bridge -Hal Legere Vancouver Fathers-4-Justice Canada

20040929 BRIEFS: Man found dead from gunshot /Attempted abduction

20040929 Emotional testimony at hospital shooting inquest - Vancouver

20040929 Lawyer testifies at hospital shooting inquest - Vancouver 

20040929 Burns lawyer faces suspension - Vancouver

20040929 Crack cocaine huge problem in Quinte West

20040929 'I am . . . looking forward to the day I meet them'

20040928 Finding fault in divorce - Calgary Herald

20040928 Experts stand by shaken baby theory in babysitter trial - Kingston 


20040927 Why public washrooms are the ultimate male conspiracy - Ottawa - 

20040926 Shelter from the storm -Lurana offers a safe haven for women and their children escaping abusive relationships

20040925 Fathers 4 Justice -  Burnaby Robin  scales Patullo Bridge CKWX.mp3

20040925 Man Dressed As Super Hero Scales Bridge

20040925 Shaken baby syndrome disputed - Kingston

20040925 Patulla Bridge Protest in Vancouver BC

20040925 Father 4 Justice Takes Message Up Bridge

20040924 Custody dispute after fertility clinic mistake

20040923 Collection parameters tighten on Maintenance Enforcement program;  

20040923 Response to Maintenance Enforcement measures;

20040918 A father's crusade for rights - dadscanada

20040917 The Price of Sex - Moscow Times

20040917 Divorces rise in older marriages

20040916 Copper is a ratman fathers-4-justice

20040916 pics mission fathers-4-justice 

20040916 Fathers 4 Justice body plans Ulster campaign

20040915 Appeals hearing set for Harris - Clara Harris 

20040915 Growing up gay in Jamaica

20040915 Flour attack protester convicted

20040914 Maasai man in Kenya reveals all

20040914 A royal roost for 'Batman'

20040914 Working wives toil more than husbands

20040914 Baby dropped out of car during police chase

20040914 Secret Photos 'Helped Plan Batman's Palace Protest'

20040914 Two women, a man, and their baby -Montreal Gazette

20040914 Fight for child now 3-way struggle

20040914 Father fights same-sex couple for access to daughter

20040914 FACTBOX-Divorced fathers fight for more rights

20040914 Lesbian couple gets first gay divorce Ottawa 

20040914 First gay divorce granted


20040914 Ranting, bragging he plotted stunt

20040914 Palace protester freed

20040914 Batman Storms Palace SMH

20040913 Campaign staged on Palace balcony

20040913 With this ring I thee wed - marriage-by-proxy

20040913 Batman on Palace balcony

20040913 Arrest in brutal murder Cornwall

20040913 Double shooting rocks town

20040913 Prince Charles backs fathers

20040913 'Batman' Protester Scales Royal Residence

20040913 Campaigner 'on Palace balcony'

20040913 A-G may be called at Hells Angels trial

20040913 The key is: Be happy

20040912 Baroness' shock over flour attack

20040913 Coalition of Parents Unite in Nationwide Class Action Challenges for Their Children

20040913 In a land of mates we want to be alone

20040912 `It's okay. I won't hurt you' - Nicole Regis - Tony Brookes

20040912 Two detectives shot and killed in New York domestic violence call

20040912 Ill Bill was 'in denial'

20040912 A trained eye looks unkindly on illicit lust

20040912 Bitter experience

20040911 Record malpractice award justified, appeal court rules - "We were first referred to a lawyer who let it sit in a closet."

20040911 Justice for All - restorative justice Ottawa

20040911 Heatherington gets house arrest

20040910 Natural birth no longer the norm in Canada

20040910 Constable charged in hit-run

20040910 Proof love at first sight exists

20040910 Abducted boy, 7, located in Texas

20040909 Six Timmins residents arrested after Coke-Ring Dismantled as well as Link to Servant Murder

20040908 Squatter faces shack attack

20040907 Russians rally against terrorism as Beslan buries more victims of the siege

20040907 Report: Man Shoots 5-Year-Old Daughter Over Custody Issue

20040906 Dangerous Errors

20040906 State Of The Union: Women in combat

20040906 BenDedek Upsets Canadians at Magic City fathers-4-justice

20040906 No crime stops perks in prison


20040906 Ass of a law means the rights of rapists override those of their victims

20040906 Courts rebel on paid evidence

20040906 Hicks's lawyer questions timing of Govt concerns

20040905 Cleric supports targeting children

20040905 Hatred for No Good Reason, Mr. Heath?

20040905 Bryant Case Could Chill Rape Reports

20040905 Gay marriage 'false,' Pope tells our envoy

20040905 The Flaherty "campign" 

20040905 And baby makes me -fatherhood

20040905 Marilyn Bell's charmed life

20040905 Corrections denies `spa day' for killers

20040904 Pope urges Canada to stop approving gay marriage

20040904 Beaupre ordered to repay $2.7 million to scam victims - Kingston

20040904 Former mayor pleads innocent to psychic charge

20040904 Moving Beyond Naming Names -rape shield laws

20040904 Man accused of stalking with GPS

20040904 Two inmates found dead at prison

20040904 The new dads army

20040904 Mother turns in stabbing suspect

20040903 The Failure of Fatherhood Policy

20040903 Protesting father vows to fight on

20040903 Lawyer calls for release of ‘explosive' Ipperwash tape

20040903 Svend Robinson headed back to law career

20040903 When I do becomes you can't

20040903 Wanted: big brothers and sisters

20040903 Court system near collapse, warn judges


20040902 Inhuman conditions at Ottawa jail denounced by judge - The Dishonourable - The Corrupt, Dennis Power who puts innocent men in jail.


20040902  Women attack Turkey adultery law

20040902 Officer says he feared for his life - Kingston Police Ontario

20040902 Former judge pleads guilty of DWI, cocaine

20040902 Experts: Soldier who tried to pass secrets to al Qaeda mentally ill

20040902 Hubby of slain bride on the lam

20040902 Strict airport security pushes 1,000 out of jobs

20040902 When an insult is nothing more than even freer speech

20040902 Satellite tracking for criminals

20040902 Kobe Bryant rape case 'collapses'

20040901 Toronto police officer jailed for drunken rampage

20040901 Bryant charge dismissed, accuser's lawyer says

20040901 Fury at marriage age gap 

200400901 Father failed by justice

20040901 Lotto cop dumped wife

20040901 Golden Kelly snubs dad 

20040901 Battered wives bill £23bn

20040901 More open family court inevitable, says leading judge

20040901 Britain cracks down on petty crime and sarcasm

20040901 U.S. Seeks to Dismiss Terror Convictions

20040831 Psychotic mice used to study disease

20040830 7 Myths of Working Mothers

20040830 Spousal abuse is a two-way street

20040831 Man charged with stalking Avril Lavigne

20040831 Man released on DNA evidence

20040831 Husband abuse erodes dignity

20040829 Judgement calls

20040829 Judgement calls

20040828 Portrait of anger and abuse

20040828 T.O. gunman told hostage of chilling tape

20040828 Victim, 8, lacked lifejacket

20040828 Church sued over daughter's death

20040828 Thumbs up for 2 new judges

20040828 Casino glamour seduced lonely man into $1m fraud

20040828 Fired chef tried to sue Bay for $3M

20040828 Washington spends billions just to keep its secrets from the people

20040827 Man's $2-million civil suit against cops quashed

2004827 Supremely sad show

20040827 Neighbours admire cool hostage

20040827 It was 'in his eyes' CO-WORKER: COOK WAS MENACING

20040827 Ottawa cop sentenced  Constable Sonny Wong has been sentenced to 90 days in custody for illegal transfer of firearms and ammunition theft

20040827  RE: "Fill the Hill" on Kid's Day, June 4, 2005 (NOT!) by  Mark G. Hansel

20040827 Did jammed gun spare lives?

20040827 Of mice and menopause

20040827 The folly of the gun registry - re Toronto shooting

20040827 Woman in bizarre torture case jailed

20040926 Domestic violence plagues Russia

20040826 Supreme Court will not hear Fisher appeal

20040826 Judges review sparks outrage

20040826 New Rules of the game 

20040826 Wake up, McGuinty

20040826 A lot of blood' -woman shot at by her estranged husband

20040826 Gunman shot by police sniper

20040826 Shooter's family left him, hid

20040826 Photog called a loner NO PORNO EVIDENCE FOUND: COP "Fatino's arrest victim"

"0040826 Hicks's lawyers challenge tribunal's authority

20040826 Breach of trust: lawyers struck off

20040826 Accused lost her own baby at 12, court told

20040825 Mother whose baby fell is hurting, court told Nadia Hama - Kjeld Werbes

20040825 Only $7,000 raised for caged boys

20040825 Charron has focus, discipline, passion

20040825 Abella praised as champion of equality

20040825 Naming process draws fire

20040825 Tories blast 'sham' review of judges



20040825 New judges back gays

20040825 Charge Laid in Girl's Death

20040825 Number of single-sex classes grows

20040825 Australian Held in Cuba Pleads Innocent

20040825 Charron, Abella named to top court

20040825 Toronto hostage standoff ends after gunman shot

20040825 Lesbian will not pay child support

20040825 Feminist Activist Judges - MILANETTI J.

20040825 March On Ottawa" campaign  


20040825 Stacking the court with activists

20040825 The 'justice' of a door ajar

20040825 Divorce - the word that dare not speak its name in Liberal Party literature

20040825 Roast and a baby - couple's odd shopping trip

20040825 Website spells end to teacher's 35-year career

20040824 A Weekly Shot of News and Notes -Toilet Training

20040824 Supreme Court of Canada is a Political Toy - Real Women of Canada

20040824 Two women nominated to fill top-court vacancies

20040824 Sperm donor shortage

20040824 No faces, no names as Hicks' trial begins

20040824 Guantanamo trials 'completely illegal'

20040824 Military limits Hicks trial coverage

20040824 Ruddock hints US may release Hicks photo

20040824 US military justice on trial when Hicks enters court

20040824 Check ears before you pick a fight, study advises

20040824 ‘Fragile’ crack addict sentenced for gas station heists Kingston - mentally ill woman committed crime believing she was "in love"

20040923 The changing face of marriage: Mixed unions

20040823 Charitable donation gets businessman out of john record Interval house scoops $500 for Kingston police "undercover" work.

20040823 Police chiefs want more access to private e-mail, Internet communication

20040823 Woman charged in mother's death

20040823 Federal parties strike deal on overhauling Supreme Court nominations

20040823 Deal struck on how to judge judges

20040823 HK firm develops cyber girlfriend

20040823 Process Differs From U.S. Justice System

20040823 Zero Calls, And One Cruel Answer

20040823 Injected Contraceptive Raises STD Risk - Study

20040823 Evidence seized

20040823 Fleeing van runs down constable

20040823 Coyotes drew man to Cecilia's remains

20040823 Olympic ode to bodies beautiful

20040823 Fantino helps with Ex arrest

20040823 Chief makes arrest after scuffle - Fantino

20040823 Five thousand protest against Civil Unions Bill

20040822 Pervert on the loose in Oakville

20040822 Immigrant dreams become nightmares -Toronto police

20040822 Arrest in hunt for the park stalker

20040822 MPs to vet top court choices

20040821 Wrongfully Convicted Calif. Man Released

20040821 Organized crime growing in Canada: report

20040821 Vernon, B.C., halfway house to be bulldozed

20040821 State of confusion - he said, he said - naked doctor

20010821 Blake: Wife was 'unfit'

20040821 'I need an aorta pronto' - mentally ill - friend of the court

20040821 Mum tortured son's 13-year-old mate

20040821 Hoax author's twisted tale -  Norma Khouri

20040820 Too suddenly last summer - Ottawa - casual sex dangers -

20040820 Tribunal to rule if Crown policy is anti-male

20040820 Females win fight for political power

20040820 Yekaterinburg resident sentenced to six years in prison - Canadian woman $3,000 fraud

20040820 Bankruptcy case forces same-sex marriage fight

20040820 Wrongfully convicted man free after 40 years behind bars

20040820 Beaupre expected to plead guilty - Kingston

By Sue Yanagisawa

20040820 Alcoholism destroys family - Bellville

20040820 Man jailed for 41 offences against family 40 year old charges result in 10 year jail sentence

20040820 Nothing but a cancer': Cop - conman

20040820 Delay in bail hearing for former Panther

20040820 Club fed' stirs anger

20040820 20040820 No plea from accused - Cecilia Zhang

20040820 Caged boys appeal slated

20049820 Angry dads a new political force

20040819 Quebec judge quits over drunk-driving charge

20040819 Roger Allen charged with sexual assault

20040819 Shining a light on drunk drivers

20040819 Homework in kindergarten a good idea

20040819 Mom killer pleads guilty

20040819 Dramatic testimony on Day 2 - Kingston -  cowboy cop

20040819 Prison the only place for pedophile, province to argue - Sudbury Ontario

20040819 Quebec judge quits after DUI charge

20040819 Coach wrongly branded as abuser

20040819 Abuser dad gets four years

20040818 A Family Law Gladiator Goes Down Fighting in NJ - Wilbur Streett

20040818 Top court still shy two judges

20040818 Vigil planned for baby Zachary

20040818 Nfld. woman must split windfall with ex-fiancé

20040818 Mentally ill mum found not guilty of killing son

20040818 Sex please, we’re lawyers

20040818 More than 14,000 men have suicided since John Howard came to office.

20040818 Girl's text message tells dad his lover killing her 

20040818 Fathers’ rights group looks for support

20040818 British singles have among most lax sexual morals

20040818 Teacher pleads guilty to sex with student

20040818 Children oppose physical discipline 

20040818 Racism still local problem - Visible minorities harassed in stores, restaurants

20040817 DV is a social problem not a gender issue - domestic violence

20040817 The mentally ill need support Pembroke

20040817 Man charged after home smashed up, woman locked in bedroom -Sturgeon Falls

20040817 Vicar dumped for girl, 17

20040817 Lawyer pans Tesco's £7.49 DIY divorce kit

20040817 Burton pulls controversial child-custody legislation

20040817 Parents flounder over asthma care

20040817 Polygraph test carries no credence

20040817 Cop-killer Munro wants to come back - Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino shoots his mouth off 

20040817 Convict's wife sentenced for harassment

20040817 Officer, Wallen face off
Disciplinary hearing elicits conflicting stories
- Kingston Police

20040817 B.C. city enraged by halfway house inmate crimes

20040817 Man charged in connection with rape of 11-year-old - Brian Edward Abrosimo

20040817 Tax bills should highlight police costs - Ottawa Police

20040817 Missing wife didn't faze him - SCOTT PETERSON

20040817 Kobe scores again

20040817 DNA used to nail 1991 rapist

20040817 'Tax audit' set up to stop cop?

20040817 Lawyers' 'dirty little secret'

20040817 DADS CALL OFF COURT PROTEST - fathers-4-justice roof protest

20040817 CPS probes home after girl shot Houston Chronicle

20040817 Did judge misjudge his farewell remarks?

20040817 Rich girls ready to clean up, study finds

20040817 Homeless man committed for trial on manslaughter charge

20040817 Buffett to face mental health tribunal - mentally ill killer

20040817 Teacher pleads guilty to underage sex

20040816 Woman in bail court for murder  Kapuskasing

20040816 Bryant prosecution loses round on sexual history - Three days of woman's sexual activity allowed

20040816 KGH opens unit for sex-assault victims - Kingston Ontario

2004816 Jackson to do battle

20040816 Police want you to pay for their wire taps

20040816 Lawyers can still show a li'l love

20040816 Research points to cannabis-schizophrenia link

20040816 Knifeman's wife saved by cop's fatal shot - New Zealand - mental illness

20040816 Death & madness -mentally ill female who killed boyfriend - Australia

20040816 Men remain stuck in cages of their own creation

20040816 Put sole parents to work, says Act 

20040815 No 'no sex please, we're lawyers' for Canadian Bar Association

20040815 Grit showdown on social issues imminent

20040815 The right stuff!

20040815 My boy is a kill-games addict

20040815 Treatment of children 'horrifying'

20040815 Stranger danger warnings upgraded

20040815 Dad finds his long-lost kids

20040815 Lawyers warn of drug case disasters

20040815 Sex Scandal Rocks Montana Town

20040815 Blog Interrupted

20040815 Equal Parenting - Divorce Magazine

20040815 I came to push some buttons: Stanson 
Ex jail guard had car full of weapons Tells Star from prison he needs surgery

20040815 US stats say In 1998, 1,313 females were killed by intimate partners and 512 males were killed by intimate partners.

20040815 Gay marriage ban could be challenged: lawyer

20040815 Boys are parents, too

20040814 Woman tells of courthouse sex encounter - Judge's accuser describes thong underwear, oral sex - Defense mentions medication, shaved pubic area, rash "Evans is "a predator," - Mr. Justice Kerry Evans -

20040814 Wilbur Streett a well known father's advocate in New Jersey passed away today shortly after being suddenly released from  jail. Wilbur's inability to pay child support was caused by a terminal illness. Judge Kieser of the New Jersey Family court put a dying man in jail for being behind in child support. He was unable to say goodbye to his children. Read a letter to Judge Kieser of the New Jersey Family Court by an Ontario father. 

20040814 Pregnant by Jesus?

20040814 No halfway measures - Ottawa

20040814 American facing 700 sex charges Police say man met young Kingston teen through Internet

20040814 Police reveal details of alleged pedophile

20040814 Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter quits justice group


20040814 Teens held in mom's murder -bathtub murder

20040814 Paralegal jailed for sex attack Hugo Avendano

20040814 Beauty's behind bars - jailed for breaking probation

20040814 India executes convicted rapist

20040814 Same-sex marriage ban 'a milestone for values' ABC 

20040813 Baby airway suction little value

20040813 Babies sigh to reboot breathing: study

20040813 Hurricane Carter quits advocacy group amid dispute over appointment of judge CP

20040813 Hurricane Carter quits justice group

20040813 Prostate cancer testing quandary

20040813 Baby sighs vital to regulate breathing, study finds ABC

20040813 Thoughts on the Law Addressing Bad Federal Judges:
Self-Policing Isn't Working, But Is There a Good Alternative?

20040813 A Mini Baby Boom

20040813 No delay for Bryant's sexual assault trial


20040813 Moving out of the traditional classroom

20040813 Over and out The Morning Grind Over and out - Gov. James McGreevey

20040813 Virginia woman sent to jail for smoking around her children

20040813 Court kills 4,000 gay marriages - California

20040813 Watching the drunk girls die - boozing barber

20040813 Squashed toe nets her $25Gs - Ontario Superior Court

20040813 Fathers' rights group in election pledge -F4J-

20040813 Media wants divorce files open to public

20040812  Montrealer pleads guilty in immigration fraud

20040812 Dutch sperm laws threaten donations 

20040812 Peterson tells Frey he was lying - Jury hears new taped phone calls


20040812 New Jersey governor quits, comes out as gay


20040812 Bryant accuser's father blasts judge - Legal experts speculate accuser is planning to abandon criminal case

20040812 DNA clears sex offender after two decades in jail

20040182 California's top court voids same-sex marriages

20040812 Dad abducts kids to Gaza

20040812 Serbian woman to leave Canada

20040814 Lori's anguished note


20040812 Court told of woman's threat to chop up boys

20040812 Be girly, live longer

20040812 Tumour diary: Getting to know junior

20040811 Heatherington eligible to run in next election


20040811 Peterson jurors hear intimate calls

20040811 Former beauty queen arrested at airport -  Kalista Zackharias

20040811 Officials preparing to warn students of potential danger in midst -Philip Foremsky - Kingston


20040811 Bryant prosecutor asks for delay in rape trial

20040811 'Lori's dead and I killed her' -Hacking

20040811 Slay mystery in Hamilton

20040811 Disgusting' offer by Ottawa  - Stopford case

20040811 Beauty busted - Kalista Zackharias

20040811 Magistrate faces jail - Adelaide Australia

20040810 Modern life stretching family law 

20040810 Better Homes and Ladies' Mags by Catherine Seipp

20040810 I am woman, hear me whine

20040810 A Dog For Our Times - Alberta pet support

20040810 A Complaint against Pierre Viger R.S.W.  Ottawa C.A.S to The College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers - Ottawa 

20040810 Feeling the Heat - Some Parents Apply Hot Sauce to a Child's Tongue as Punishment. The Practice Has Some Experts Burning

20040810 Don't make it harder for police to do job  [S.C.C.]

20040810 An ill-judged idea [S.C.C.]

20040810 FDA Study Confirms Antidepressant Risks

20040810 Bryant accuser files civil lawsuit

20040810 Hacking appears in Utah courtroom

20040810 Can tolerant Canada tolerate sharia?

20040810 Ottawa man held in Syria returns home

20040810 Woman saved from crazed gunman

20040810 Gun battle stuns B.C. - Port Moody

20040810 Search on for lawyer - Gary Corbiere

20040810 Police Report - Police alert public of sex offender released in K-town - Philip Foremsky -Kingston

20040910 York rapist out of prison Kingston

20040810 Family wins therapy ruling - Justice Paul Rouleau

20040810 DNA bank under attack

20040810 Japanese women shun the pill

20040810 Spurned lover stabs ex's new girlfriend

20040810 Labor caucus affirms marriage position

20040810 Kidnapping rare despite the myriad motives

20040810 Married pair charged over baby theft

20040809 Albertan ordered to pay ex-wife $200 a month for pet support

20040809 Alderwoman Dar Heatherington resigns CP

20040809 Heatherington resigns from council

20040809 Depression Medications

20040809 Anti-depressant warning issued

20040809 Howard blames fathers UK

20040809 Man dies hours after shot by police Taser

20040809 Druggie dies after Taser zap by cops - Kingston Police claim cocaine caused death

20040809 Chat rooms risky: Survey -Toronto Sun-

20040809 Chief: Expand DNA databank - Toronto Sun -

20040809 DNA database hailed after arrest - Toronto Star - Chief Fantino wants legalized fishing expeditions-

20040809 Accused father appears in court -Carmichael

20040809 Howard: Give absent fathers bigger role UK This is London

20040809 Sex offence law overhaul -Victorian Law Reform

20040809 Anger pours out at rally backing tougher sentencing 

20040809 Mother's plea for stolen infant - an example of society's bias

20040809 Why donor offspring need to know the truth

20040808 Don't Mess With Mom

20040808 Northern Ireland's suicide tragedy

20040808 Survey: Online dating dangerous

20040808 'John Doe' indictments keep cases open

20040807 Bank customers exposed to mysterious substance

20040807 Civilian cop probe urged - Four councillors want Fantino case investigated

200400807 Fallen' Svend spared jail time

20040806 Missing girl's mom angry at cops

20040806 Robinson to avoid record, jail time in ring theft

20040806 Yacht skipper 'tried to sink vessel' - mental illness 

20040806 Doctor found guilty over murder claims - wrongly accusing a father of murdering his two sons

20040806 Inside the hunt for Ardeth's killer

20040806 Keep courts here, says task force - Quinte West

20040806 Lucy Lu faces renewed threat of expulsion

20040806 Drug offers hope for schizophrenia

20040806 Hubby told kin of killing - Mental Illness

20040806 Chief's job is news to B.C.'s top Mountie

20040806 Robinson pleads guilty to theft -Toronto Star

20040806 Robinson pleads guilty to theft charge

20040806 John Hirst: Dads bear the burden of proof

20040806 Mom leaves Finck 5 bucks in will - Child Abductors Larry Fink & Carline VandelElsen

            Re Fink and VandElsen by Ian Tay

20040806 Police Clash with Wife-Swappers  - Muslim sharia Islamic sect

20040805 Holy mobiles! The bat phone's gone flat!

20040805 Judge recommends chemical castration 

20040805 Optimists more likely to give birth to boys

20040805 Stouffville Mother writes about perjury and anti-mail bias in family court.

20040805 Sad tale of a Tigger - Jury acquits Disney `character'
Was accused of groping girl, 13

20040805 Police criticized over requests for information

20040805 Judge tackled race before
Doherty approved jury bias queries
Sentence ruling shows `evolution'

20040805 Bosom pals blossom

20040805 Same-sex marriage takes a hit - Missouri

200408705 Labor backs ban on gay marriage

20040805 Pushy dads lose popularity contest

20040805 Former lover wants to see freed schoolteacher

20040805 Soldier treated prison abuse 'as a joke'

20040804 Divorce divides Morocco and W Sahara

20040804 Finck spoke of fleeing, hearing told

20040804 Mothers' flu link to schizophrenia

200400804 Muslims adopt Shariah legal code in Canada

20040804 Outing the Feminist Great Lie

20040804 Tort Law 'to Make Law'

20040804 Florida judge pretends to resign on TV

20040804 Radio interview of John Howard - Prime Minister of Australia

20040804 Can he/she really say that? - an unusual intersection of family law, free-speech issues, harassment, and defamation -

20040804 Iraqi abuse done for 'fun'

20040804 Wife slain in her sleep?

20040804 RCMP settles sex-assault allegations

20040804 In Defense of 'Deadbeat' Dads

20040804 Teacher who had student's children to be freed

20040804 Toddlers pushed into arms of an addict

20040803 Pregnancy depression under-recognised

20040803 Letourneau getting out of prison

20040803 'Batman' crane protest continues

20040803 Appoint natives, Ottawa urged
Permanent spot on top court proposed
Lawyers to debate issue in Winnipeg

20040803 Women face dilemma: Abuse or deportation?

20040803 US woman faces Iraq abuse charges

20040803 Husband of child killer files for divorce

20040803 Toyboys snapped up by older brides

20040803 Doomsday cult wins federal cash -Australian - 

20040803 Foetal flu link to schizophrenia

20040803 Lesbians get OK for donor sperm

20040803 Guarded answers - at what price - Analysis by Brad Clifton

20040803 Unionist support for fathers group

20040802 'Catwoman' Joins Child Access Protest

20040802 Snoring solved with a tennis ball

20040802 Montreal man refuses to descend from crane

20040802 $100,000 interview fee will go to lawyers'

20040802 Guard will be charged with murder: police

20040802 A marriage made in Sydney fails to seduce city's gay couples

20040802 More sex assault cases heading for closed courts

20040802 Police anger at guard's $100,000 TV deal

20040801 Hormone 'makes mother protective'

20040801 Mother of two, 48, slain in Oshawa

20040801 Crackdown on 'deadbeat dads'

20040801 Japanese princess admits mental illness

20040801 The day I shot dead a robber

20040801 Security guard to be charged with murder

20040801 Vatican criticizes `lethal effects' of feminism

20040801 Modern feminism dangerous for family: Vatican

20040731 Beauty queen now fugitive

20040831 Child abuse has eluded family law reform

20040730 Women's Domestic Violence Peak Fears an Increase in Domestic Murders

20040730 Proposed changes -Australian Family Law

20040729 Children's rights

20040729 Fat shoplifters on the rampage

20040729 Bryant defense: Accuser has received 'incentive'

20040729 Province wants to keep father behind the 810 'gate'


20040729 Family law changes to allow men more access

20040728 Police: Award-winning teacher kills baby, self

20040728 Activists hope for reforms - 3 OTHER SIMILAR CASES CITED

20040728 Assault victim almost expelled - DEPORTATION BID FOLLOWED RAPE

20040728 Junkie cop 'fit for duty'

20040728 Teen in rape case spared deportation

20040927 A rifle cracks, a woman is saved

20040827 TV quick to veto footage of shooting

20040927 More horror is in what we don't see - Sugston Anthony (Tony) Brookes

20040727 Should fathers have equal access?

20040727 Must you give up everything to fight for custody?

20040727 Ј1m battle to see my son

20040727 Changes urged in probes of police

20040727 Mom in court, baby seized in fight

20040826 `There was no way out' - Psychiatrist looks at gunman's mind `It was an act of desperation'

20040926 A wife's terror as husband strikes

20040726 Cross-dressing protest switches gears

20040726 Ontario is 'taking away' my home

20040726 Body and soul: What has happened to all the romance?

20040726 Does money buy you happiness? No, it's the other way round

20040725 'Wild woman' Love surrenders

20040725 Cheating Charles taken to cleaners

20040724 Girl missing 3 years found in B.C.

20040724 Fidelity detector makes house calls Warning re: John McClinton aka Polygraph Expert

20040724 Pockets off limits to cops UNLESS OFFICER'S SAFETY AT RISK, HIGH COURT RULES

20040724 Kobe wins this round -his accuser's sex life during the week of their encounter can be used against her at trial

20040724 Court allows native adoption

20040724 Dad dresses to clothes loophole

20040723 Paul Watson Meets With Tony Blair

20040723 TV show competition to father child

20040723 Too young for technology?

20040724 Sperm donor must pay child support

20040724 Study investigates gay net users

20040724 Be a good egg, darling- Research says 20 per cent of relationships involve a partner pinched from someone else.

20040723 Ottawa wants to cut definition of spouse from Divorce Act

20040723 At 33, he's a two-time Supreme Court winner  U.S.S.C

20040723 Maternal stress link to kids' problems

20040723 Dads vow to keep up fight

20040723 Justice Tom Lally tosses 4-year-old fraud charges  against Leonard Levencrown, and Marc Lefebvre

            20040723 Judge tosses 4-year-old fraud charges


20040723 Japan suicides hit record Overall, men accounted for almost three-quarters of suicides

20040723 Police can't 'fish' for evidence: top court

20040723 Accused man's rights imperilled, experts say

20040723 Income not the only factor in saving for children's education

20040723 Chief Catney's comments spark a storm of criticism

20040723 Disregarded presumption of innocence, lawyers say

20040723 Chief 'over the line'T.0. LAWYER BLASTS PEEL TOP COP'S COMMENTS 

20040723 Police can't 'fish' for evidence, Supreme Court rules

20040722 Letter  by Mr. Justice Harvey Brownstone

20040722 DIVORCE AS REVOLUTION By Professor Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

20040722 Convicted murderer Andrea Yates hospitalized

20040722 Parents to face fines for refusing access

20040721 Russian Woman Defrauds Suitor of $5,000 via Online Marriage Agency

20040721 Equal access for divorced parents ruled out

20040721 New antidepressants 'no riskier'

20040721 Regina's sexual assault doctor deported

20040721 Equal parenting rights rejected 

20040721 Children removed from home of missing Regina girl

20040721 Now it's divorce, same-sex style

20040720 City hires lawyer to get rid of alderwoman

20040720 New lawyer had late calling -58 year old former nursing administrator graduates from Western

20040720 Natives end custody battle

20040720 Warring parents could face jail

20040720 Divorce reforms reject 'shared parenting'

20040720 'Doing our bit for Anglo-German relations'

20040720 Thailand's 'Swiss village'

20040720 Mother jailed for killing son, 3

20040720 30 years for woman who killed son

20040718 Where Have All The Fathers Gone?

20040718 Revenge of the wronged wives:

20040718 Estranged fathers to get more access to children

20040717 Plans for fairer parental access

20040717 'Fathers Condemn 'McDad' Green Paper'

20040717 Ron's gentle touch wins babes, players -Bricklayer turns midwife

20040717 Law society urged to `clear the air' Cheating probe held in near secret

20040717 Branded as terrorist threat, men languish in Toronto jail

20040717 Damaged for life by too much TV

20040717 Children thrive without the box

20040717 Chocs away, men

20040717 Like a virgin: why Rosie sold herself

20040716  Fathering from home

20040716 If Men Could Talk

20040716 Music lessons cause faster rise in children's IQ: study

20040716 Child cyclists lack ability to judge traffic

20040716 Kingston Lawyer John T. Zuber wins his appeal before Justice Denis Power for removing stumps 

20040716 Cheating probe ends abruptly - law students e-mails probed , Governing body sworn to secrecy - Toronto Star

20040715 Man Is Declared Dead, Thanks to His Ex-Wife

20040715 Robinson's Scottish trip defended

20040715 Hijack jet man insane - suffering paranoid schizophrenia

20040715 Demented drivers a growing hazard

20040715 Girl who drowned in tub was autistic, friend says

20040715 Former nun guilty of molesting child

20040715 Mom's sex fling gets admitted killer new trial

20040715 'Planned to kill as many as possible'

20040715  The slot machine ruined her life (she stole court fines from the attorney general of Ontario)


20040715 Lovesick kangaroo in Germany makes headlines while father suicides and alienated children ignored


20040714 Judge lets female child killer walk free


20040714 Feminists indoctrinate judiciary

20040714 Vets 'should help fight child abuse'

20040714 Cops probing death of girl in bathtub

Police treat drowning of Toronto child as suspicious

20040714 Mom: I'll sue Peel CAS over pervert

20040714 Beneath the Parlour divorce hype

20040714 "Dig Those Crazy Judges: The Wit and Wisdom of Britain's Secret Family Court

20040714 Threat to benefits a marriage turn-off

20040714 $300,000 for Dads in Distress - Australia

20040714 New dads tired of having to stay mum

20040713 Child porn judge spared jail term

20040713 Town in shock over family tragedy -  Triple Murder-Suicide 

20040713 Peel child agency hit by $8M suit

20040713 Hijack bid was second attempt, court hears

20040713 Researcher Hides Domestic Violence Study Behind University Lawyers

20040712 Moms seek reforms in family court system - parental alienation syndrome

20040712 The fat doesn’t fall far from the tree

20040712 Tories backing shared parenting

20040711 British ministers consider father's rights

20040711 Judge quits for being in contempt of court

20040711 Why 'dads army' is stepping up the fight

20040711 Call for 'fairer' child custody BBC

20040711 Standoff mom appeals for public inquiry - Carline VandenElsen, her husband Larry Finck

20040711 You're out of touch

20040711 Equal custody for 'weekend dads'

20040711 Divorced fathers to get better child access rights

20040711 Fathers in Minster Rooftop Protest

20040711 Fathers yearn for more time

20040711 Equal parenting makes for benefits all round

20040711 Lawyer gets $1.5m for bank's sex harassment

20040711 Think of the children - custody patterns after separation 

20040710 Warnings ignored, dad says

20040710 Outside activities draw singles

20040710 Ministers to Tackle 'Gender Bias' over Child Custody Rights

20040710 STORY OF THE MONTH - Woman defrauds government for $500,000 for breast implants and claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

20040610  73 Year old punter teaches government lawyers about natural justice 

20040710 Love pact shackles wealthy widow - pre-nuptial

20040709 Angry fathers plan St Paul's protest

20040709 ‘Sneaking thieves in the night’ - Larry Finck and Carline VandenElsen 

20040709 Woman freed on bail  - VandenElsen  Fink

20040709 Crown: Finck pulled trigger -VandenElsen

20040709 Judge orders psychiatric test for man in baby-custody case - Fink -Carline VandenElsen

20040709 Former jail guard wins lawsuit against RCMP

20040709 US Supreme Court: Noncustodial parents have no rights a court need respect

20040709 Quebec radio host sues prosecutor, former minister over teen hooker charges - "Malicious Prosecution"-

20040609 Angry Dads arrested as Court Stormed

20040709 Angry fathers plan St Paul's protest

20040709 Canadians answer sperm call

20040709 Divorce ruling outcry

20040709 Ex-wife's ground-breaking settlement

20040708 Student-Father-Prisoner-Free
Jailed for murder he didn't commit

20040708 Parent-child contact and post separation parenting arrangements

20040708 Halifax couple demand trial in foreign country Fink -Carline VandenElsen

20040708 Parents on run with son after court ruling

20040708 Svend Robinson to plead guilty: lawyer

20040708 Fetus has no rights, European court rules

20040708 'Tories plan to revolutionise Family Law' Fathers-4-justice UK


20040708 Court roof duo battle for access -Fathers-4-Justice Worcester UK

20040707 Fathers rights before gay rights

20040707 Bail hearing offers details of Halifax standoff  - Carline VandenElsen

20040707 Fathers stage court roof protest Fathers-4-Justice  Worcester 

20040707 Prostate Test Scores Offer Powerful Warning, Study Shows - Washington Post

20040706 Beauty guilty of sham kidnap

20040706 Baby-killing Canada no land of compassion

20040706 Doctor Pleads Guilty to Killing Her Son

20040706 Jones to handle VandenElsen hearing 

20040706 Guilty Plea for Stacy DeBeer - (warning disturbing case)

20040706 Wiretap expert charged

20040706 Fake kidnap nets curfew -Toronto Sun

20040706 Curfew for mom who faked her own assault - Toronto Star

20040706 Father faces fourth court access order Wales Fathers4Justice (F4J)

20040706 Disbarment urged over sexual harassment- Gary Neinstein

20040706 Family violence draws lighter sentences - Toronto Star

20040706 Rep. urges veto of bill to jail `Deadbeat Parents'

20040706 Father faces fourth court access order Fathers4Justice (F4J) Cardiff

20040705 New study shows child support guidelines in need of reform

20040705 'We Could Bring Ulster To A Halt'

20040605 Judge rating to be published, despite opposition 

20040705 Girls of 14 who want babies seek IVF treatment

20040704 Why young men are popping Viagra to give themselves a lift - Ottawa Citizen

20040704 Missing girl found safe - Megane Ladouceur

20040704 Police locate missing Quebec girl

20040703 Judge switches custody to father (F4J - UK)

        20040704 Re Judges switches custody to father F4JNE  Matt O'Connor 

20040702 Custody order is 'vital victory'

20040701 New Family Justice Panel Launched (U.K.)

20040701Could your kids be given to 'gay' parents?  By Stephen Baskerville

20040630 Judge guilty of misconduct. Judicial panel 'mortified' Judge Dianne Nichols could face reprimand, be forced to apologize. 


20040630 Va. Woman Acquitted In Death Of Husband - Washington Post

20040630 New law opens up Family Court -New Zealand

20040630 More than dirty looks Teacher accused of sex with 14-year-old pupil

20040630 Dar faked plot - Judge   Alderman guilty of public mischief

20040630 Alberta alderwoman made up stalker story - judge Toronto Star

20040630 Divorced Dads' White-Hot Sense of Injustice


20040629 Alberta alderwoman told to stay away from council after conviction

20040629 Dar Heatherington found guilty CP

20040629 Judge rules Heatherington fabricated stalker - Globe and Mail


20040629 The folly of a law that puts children last; by Deborah Orr

20040628 Man released on bail after 18 years -Rodney Cain story -CBC News

20040628 Court Rules Police Double-Questioning Technique Is Improper - Washington Post

20040628 Heatherington case comes to a close

20040628 Russian men are not ready to abandon their dominant roles over wo


20040628 Russian men are not ready to abandon their dominant roles over women

20040627 Mobiles 'could cut male fertility' BBC

20040627 Policing the police bent on making a buck - The Age Australia




20040626 Pre-schooling shoots pupils to top of class

20040626 High cost of a cheaper law option - Australia

20040626 Cool head leaps into legal hot seat -Australia

20040625 Judge upholds teacher's sex indictment

20040625 When equal custody is law, who gains?

20040625 Conservative victory likely to affect government's approach to family law "The Lawyer's Weekly"


20040624 When equal custody is law, who gains?

20040624  Convict's mother warns Brampton 'He will kill': Man who aspires to be Bernardo will live in Peel Region: police National Post - - Mental Illness- 

20040624 Fathers in Court on Tower Bridge Protest Charge

20040624 Shooting spree averted, police say -  mental illness - Globe and Mail mental illness

20040623 New Warning Urged On Antidepressants

20040623 Survey: Men's marital hopes and fears CNN

20040623 Inmate not guilty of weapons charges, top court rules

20040623 Lawyers finish sex-life debate - woman accusing Kobe Bryant

20040623 Feminists manipulate government to demonise men in domestic violence advertising campaign.

20040623 Mom killer: Cops - KIDS DROWNED IN TUB mental illness


20040623 Star's series called an 'attack' on police Toronto Star

20040622 IVF babies want more info  - TangledWebs - Narelle Grech - Michael Linden - Myfanwy Walker -Victorian Law Reform Commission

20040622 Fury over cop case

20040622 MP Svend Robinson has been charged with theft over $5,000 mental illness?

20040622 NDP MP Robinson charged with theft Globe and Mail

20040622 Iacobucci reflects on own Supreme Court trials Globe and Mail

20040622 Iacobucci, a 'giant' of a judge, retires

20040622 Two-year itch infects marriages

20040621 Bathhouse Enquiry

20040621 Fathers 4 Justice

20040621 Estranged Happenings - Fathers4Justice Ireland

20040621 The pain of seperation -Fathers4Justice

20040621 Fathers Campaign Group Stage Court Protests

20040621 Wife, husband dead in west-end incident  NEPEAN OTTAWA mental illness?

20040620 Courts, not legislatures, limit freedoms under out Charter: Lorne Gunter Edmonton Journal

20040620 (U.S.) Courts see moms as guilty till proven innocent

20040620 Schneeberger takes a pass on parole hearing

20040617 Faith lost in police complaints system, board told Number of complainants `falling off,' lawyers' group says

20040617 Language lessons: You’re smarter than you think - (see anger management)

2000617 Are fathers getting a raw deal?

20040617 Dads play a vital role in family

20040616 Fathers group targets Brum - fathers4justice recruiting new members.

20040615 Lawyer no stranger to controversy, backrooms - Peter Shoniker

20040615 Fathers Are Capable Too Annual Picnic on June 20, 2004

20040615 Man applauds estranged wife's jail sentence Aus

20040615 Stepmom sentenced in 'savage' killing CP Perkel

20040615 15 years for stepmom Sam Pazzaon Toronto Sun

20040615 Farah Khan's stepmother gets life term Toronto Star

20050615 Top lawyer held in police sting

20040615 Visitation Rights Are Becoming High-Tech

20040615 Hulls considers lawyer-client sex ban Aus


20040614 Thousands affected by mast sabotage - Attack Denied by Fathers 4 Justice

20040614 Mom tells cops: I killed my kids mental illness

20040614 Press Release: Fathers Leader warns of 'militants' after TV Disruption

20040614 Is marriage worth it? VOX DAY

20040613 N.S. man granted new trial relives shooting -Rodney Cain Story -CNEWS

20040613 Time to bring on the judicial circus

20040613 Row over Kidman's film romp with youngster

20040613 Police probe television blackout - not sanctioned says fathers for justice

20040613 Sex lecturer tells of girl's crush

20040613 Girl pleads guilty in father's murder, will testify

20040612 I want it all 

20040611 Adam Daifallah and John Turley-Ewart

2004 06 11  Proponents insist laws are misunderstood

20040611 Trial by TV' expert stands by murder claims

2004 06 12 Ex-wife of lotto winner was 'duped'

2004 06 12 Women can be abusive too

20040612 Women join fathers fight

20040610 Porn charges can ruin innocent lives

20040609 Heatherington faces pressure to resign

20040609 Liberal senator Anne Cools fed up with PM, crosses floor - seeks changes to Family Court


20040608 Liberal senator goes Conservative

20040608 New Unconstitutional Laws Forthcoming in Saskatchewan 

20040607 Halifax standoff couple urged to retain lawyer - Larry Finck and Carline VandenElsen

20040605 Gay cop rips city councillor

20040605 What were women doing in Abu Ghraib? Kathleen Parker

2004 06 05 Dads in loyalty campaign for Family Law changes

20040604 Eric Bouchard faces criminal charge of parental abduction

20040603 Has child care finally become the nation's business?

20040601 Former B.C. judge imprisoned for seven years

2004 06 01 War is no place for our gender equality myths

20040531 Gay Raid Cop ‘Hated, Feared’

20040531 Families And The State - Correcting The Balance

20040526 Fathers 'have key role with children' after families split UK

20040526 Father mounts cinema roof protest (Fathers-4-Jjustice  UK)

20040525 Fathers the key to child behaviour -Manchester Online - Fathers 4 Justice 

20040525 N.Z. Child Support Debt Passes $795 Million 

20040523 Let's bring suicide out of the shadows

20040523 My post natal depression battle

20040521 Women don't throw rocks at men

20040520 MI5 in Commons security review

20040520 Two charged on Blair flour attack

20040521 Friendly' divorce movement gains ground

20040521 'Friendly' divorce movement gains ground -Christian Science Monitor


20040519 'Dads army' steps up fight for rights  Fathers-4-Justice (F4J) UK

20040516 Court-ordered sexism

20040514 Top court rejects Schneeberger's appeal

20040513 Teens not seduced by cash, says PM New Zealand

20040512 Mountie sues Ottawa police over arrest in domestic dispute


20040508 Abuse Initiative Unveiled

20040507 So, how’s Mom doing? - (abusive mothers - depression)?

20040507 Heatherington found in Las Vegas

20040507 Heatherington leaves Las Vegas

20040507 Heatherington known to Lethbridge police

20040505 Special Report   Thelma and Louise in Iraq

20040506 "Feds should enshrine shared parenting" 

20040506 Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse and American Misandry

20040504 Risk of divorce declines over time: StatsCan

20040503 Confession from Mother Charged in Son's Murder

20040503 A legal boost for noncustodial parents

20040428 Judge's 'misuse' of power pompts inquiry


200427  Profiles of candidates for top court kept secret





20040423 Negative drug research 'withheld'

20040420 Dumping the rule of law

20040419 Birth rate falls to historic low Globe and Mail

20040419 Judge heading inquiry will resign from copyright post:

20040417 Dance school, center must co-exist: judge Ontario Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon 

20040417 Five rules to get a woman

20040414 Top court open to case-choice bias, study says

20040411 Avoid legal system When possible

20040408 Men living at home

20040406 Timmins Police Officer Faces Criminal Charges Constable Fortin

20040406 Outraged fathers who made me think again - The Times - MARILYN STOWE


20040405 “Denying father loses mother custody rights”

20040404 Judges form Canada's 'new priesthood'

20040404 Judges say bigger role merits big pay hike

20040402 Child access for Dads to be debated

20040402 'Law Fails love splits dads' The Sun UK

20040402 Judge backs angry fathers over contact with children The Guardian

20040402 Justice fails fathers, says judge -Justice Munby - The Times

20040402 Legal system is failing fathers, says judge - Justice Munby U.K. 

20040401 Courts 'fail fathers' says judge BBC UK

20040331 25 rules for ideal marriage

20040330 Jailing Fathers Who Can't Afford Braces

20040319 Former refugee board judge charged in alleged fraud

20040308 International Women's Day: Legally doomed

20040225 Police Search for Motive in Teen's Murder - Donna Anderson killed son

20040222  Judging judge

20040207 Former prosecutor in Morin case appointed to bench - The Dishonourable Susan MacLean

20040206 ATTORNEY GENERAL ANNOUNCES JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS New Judges To Preside In Brampton, Newmarket And Oshawa - Justice S. Ford Clements, Justice Paul Currie, Justice Howard Chisvin, Justice Kofi Barnes, Madam Justice Susan MacLean

20040206 Suddenly, boy-bashing is all the rage for teenage girls

20040130 Do love and marriage really go together anymore?

20040130 Spanking upheld by Supreme Court

20040130 Canadian Court: Spanking Kids OK

20040130   Steve Osborne says judges get Secret Training

20040128 Fathers are not out of fashion

20040121 Suzi Leather: 'It's the relationship's quality that counts, not people's sex'

20040104 Advocates want rules to be clear

20040101 Barbie’s still not for boys

20040118 Accused claims judges receive 'secret training'

20040317 "Political patronage and bias need to be swept away..."

20040314 Stephen Harper re shared parenting and Divorce

20040308 Justice Marie Deschamps is emerging as one of the court's most fearless and original thinkers

20040307 Fathers are 'ignored', says study BBC

20040203 Fathers' group promises further protests - Fathers 4 Justice bridge protest


News 2004

2004-12-26  Strippergate scandal puts Sgro in hotseat

2004-11-17  Jeffery Hearing in Courtenay, BC:  Judgment on Debtors Prison on Imputed Income

2004-06-01  Former B.C. judge Davin Ramsay  imprisoned for seven years

2004-04-19-G&M: Birth rate falls to historic low

2004-04-18-Mother kills 3 children, commits suicide

2004-03-30  Woman thought God told her to kill sons

2004-03-29  Mrs. and Mrs. in a Gay Mecca, B.C. is also the site of fierce opposition to any redefinition of marriage

2004-03-03  Woman stabbed husband 193 times-ABC

2004-05-29 Attacks On Father's Groups By Feminist Orgs To Be Funded By Canadian Feds

2004-06-xx  The Fatherhood Crisis:  Time for a New Look? -  Baskerviille, Stephen

More:  News:  News - 2004

Liberal Irwin Cotler:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS"

Irwin Cotler, former Liberal "Justice" Minister robbed Canadians of their NATURAL PARENTS' Rights

Irwin Cotler - Google Search;
Irwin Cotler - Google Video

"Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS....  ONLY RESPONSIBILITIES....

"Natural Parents' Rights now  gone with my Homosexual Marriage bill"

16.10 Maximum Contact & Friendly Parent Rule has to go to conform to Judicial Practice, or Judges may be held in criminal BREACH OF TRUST"

FYI, the ideas that the State assigns Rights & Responsibilities to it's Citizen is straight from pre-war Nazi Germany.   Under the British system rights are not State-given, but God Given.

Buying into the Court's position that what rights remain are Children's Rights, is buying into the same position that "<Natural> Parents have no rights", and Canadian Children are at birth the property of the Courts.

More:  News:  Cotler, Irwin:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS...;
News:  European Union;
Issues:  Paul Watson:  Nazi Origins of European Union;;;
Issues: G. Edward  Griffin ;
Issues: Fabian Socialism;

Judge David Ramsay of Prince George, BC

BC Judge & Pedophile, untouchable for 30 yrs

BC Judge David Ramsay: - Google Search;
BC Judge David Ramsay: - Google Videos

This is a Judge practicing his sexual orientation for decades while on the BC Bench.  It is inconceivable that the Law Enforcement officers and other Judges were unaware of all his activities.  Law Enforcement Officers, are of course unable to act without the support of the Judiciary.

More:  News:  Ramsay, Judge David;
 Testimonials:   Earle, Shane: Mount Cashel Orphange, NL;
Testimonials:  Prior, Byron: Sexual Abuse;
Testimonials:  Earle, Shane: Mount Cashel;;
Testimonials: Samson, Pierre:  Duplessis Orphans, QU
News:  Mount Cashel Orphanage, St. John's NL;
News:  Duplessis Orphans:  Nazi Experiments Orphange, NL
Issues:  Boys Of St. Vincent <Mount Cashel, NL>;
Issues:  Judicial Freemasonry
Issues:  Judicial Interpretation
Issues: Child Trafficking by Public Officers & Judges

Dena Schlosser: Mom cuts off baby's arms

not guilty.. "temporary insanity" .. "post-partum depression"

dena schlosser - Google Search;
dena schlosser - Google Video

More:  News:  Schlosser, Dena:  Mom cuts off baby's arms during "post portum depression" 

Petrina Stocker:  Munchausen Mom kills son on IV

A nine-year-old boy died after his mother spiked his hospital feed with salt to mislead doctors about his illness

petrina stocker - Google Search;
petrina stocker - Google Video

2004-11-26  Mother <Petrina Stocker> denies poisoning son, nine, UK

More:  News:  Stocker, Petrina:  Munchausen Mom kills son on IV

Dr. Rick Lohstroh, RIP August 2004

Mother Assisted Patricide:  Murdered by 10 year old Son with Mom's gun, Galveston, TX

Rick Lohstroh, murder - Google Search;
Rick Lohstroh, murder - Google Video
Deborah Geisler - Google Search

"Lohstroh, a 41-year-old emergency-room doctor, was shot in the back Friday when he went to pick up his two sons at their mother's home.  Police say the 10-year-old boy climbed into the back of his father's sport utility vehicle, fired a pistol several times through the back of the driver's seat and then ran back inside the home."

More...  Testimonials:  Lohstroh, Dr. Rick, RIP:   Mother Assisted Patricide;
Testimonials:  Winkler, Matthew-RIP:  Immunity for Homicidal Moms;
 Issues:  "Stockholm Syndrome" Paradigm Shift creates a "Victim-Perpetrator";
Issues:  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD;
Issues:  Legal Abuse Syndrome;

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