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Abella, Judge Rosalie, SCC
Ackack, Ack A:  Martian Ambassador
ACT UP! Homosexual Activists
AFCC = A. Family Conciliation Courts
Agenda 21, Earth Summit
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud
Aquino, Col. Michael: Green Beret PsychOps,
Armenian Genocide, 1915 - 1923
Arterburn, Steve: "Want sex tonight?"
Augustine of Canterbury, RIP 604
Ayers, Bill:  Weather Underground
Bailey, Alice: Lucifer / Lucis Trust
Barbie, Klaus:  Vatican Assassin
BCHRT = BC Human Rights Tribunal
BCTF = BC Teachers "It's OK to be Gay"
Benwell, Richard:  CBA-FMEP-Kamloops, BC
Bilderberg Group
Blavatsky, Helena:  Theosophiy
Bohemian Grove:  Molech Ritual Sacrifice
Bouchard, Pierrette:  Laval University
Bretton Woods
Brown, Cynthia: "Deadbeat Parent" Piz...
Bryant, Michael: ON AG murders Cyclist
Buford, Bob;  Peter Drucker's Evangelist
Cameron, Dr.Ewen, MKULTRA in Canada
Camp Fyrefly
Campbell, Gordon:  Bilderberg 2010
Cantwell, Dr. Thomas: Waterford Hospital
CAS = Children's Aid Society
Cauchon, Martin:  "Fathers have no Rights"
CBA = Canadian Bar Association
CFR = Council on Foreign Relations
CCE = Chicago Climate Exch, Cap & Trade
COR = Club of Rome:  Ten Regions
Cotler, Irwin: "Parents have NO RIGHTS"
CPS = Child Protective Services
Codex Alimentarius
"Common Purpose": Tyranny by Pedophiles
Craig, Dr. David of Newfoundland
Creme, Benjamin:  Herald of Maitreya
Cross, Pamela: Feminist Law, Univ Ottawa
Crowley, Aleister:  Luciferian Freemasonry
CUPE = Canadian Union Public Employees
Day, Shelagh
de Jong, Michael:   Legalizing Child Trafficking
de Nysschen, Engeline:  Lesbians murder boy
Dewey, John:  Hegelian Communitarianism
Dobson , James: Focus on the Family
Douglas , "Her Whoreship" Judge Lori
Drucker, Peter:  Global Nazism
Edward VIII The Traitor King
Eichmann , Adolf:
Ellison, Tom:  Pedophile Teacher
Fabian Society, "Wolves / Sheep's' Clothing"
Fawkes, Guy the Villain, 1605
Fry, Hedi  & SOW
Georgia Guide Stones:  Depopulation
Gessen, Masha  "Gay Marriage is a LIE"
Gothard, Bill:  "Basic Youth Conflicts
Goudge Enquiry, ON
Graham, Bill:  Pedophile Parliamentarian
Haq,Naveed: "Fueled by Hate <Quran>"
Hall, Manly P:  Luciferian Freemasonry
Hertzman, Clyde: World Bank Consultant
Hickman, Judge T. Alex, NL
Hood, Sherman:  BCSC Judge
Houle, Francois: Speech "Crimes"
Huxley, Aldous
IMF = International Monetary Fund
Ingram, Heather, Teacher-Student Sex
Ingham, Michael:  St. John's Anglican
IPCC = Intergov. Panel Climate Change
Ireland, YWCA, NOW
Jafee, Peter: DV Scamster
Jessup, Philip C:  World Court
Kendall, Robert T:  "Total-Forgiveness"
Kinsey, Alfred: Pedophilia, Fake "Studies"
Kissinger, Henry
Lessard, Hester:  "Trociuk ..must be ignored"
LEAF = Women's Legal Ed & Action Fund
Lombard, Frank, Duke's Pedophile Professor
Loyola, Ignatiusf:  Jesuits' Founder
Lynch, Jennifer:  Canadian Human Rights
Lucis / Lucifer Trust
McCartney, Bill: Promise Keepers Cult
McLachlin, Beverly:  Judicial Globalization
McLellan, Anne: Joint Custody
MacDonald, Margaret:  Husband Sniper
Machiavelli, Niccolò "The Prince"
Matthews, Bill of Newfoundland
Maximus Inc., AKA NYSE:MMS
MCF = Min Children & Families
Mollenkott, Virginia:  "Word to Phrase" NIV
Monsanto GMOs & Food
Morgentaler’s Order of Canada
Mosley, Oswald
Murdoch, Rupert:  Publishing, Phone Taps
Murray, Dennis:  Special Prosecutor
NAMBLA = NAm Man-Boy "Love" Ass.
NAWGLA = NAm Woman-Girl "Love" Ass.
Newbury, Mary
Ng, Mass Murderer Charles Chitat
Noyes, Robert:  Pedophile Principal / Teacher
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate
Obama's Muslim Faith
OECD = Org. Economic Cooperation, Dev.
Olson, Clifford:  Charismatic BC Pedophiler
Orr, NFLD Judge  David
Paulson, Henry: Treasury Sec., Bail-Outs
Pechaluk, Ashleigh: Lesbian axe-murderer
Pike, Albert: Luciferian Freemasonry
Prowse, Jo-Ann
Ramsay, BC Judge David: Pedophile
Rathenau, Walter
Ratzinger, Joseph, AKA  "Nazi Pope"
Rhodes, Cecil: (1853 - 1902)
Richelieu, Cardinal, BIH 1642
RIIA = Royal Institute of International Affairs
RIAA =  Recording Industry Ass / Am
Robinson, Svend:  Lawyer / Thief / "Hate"
Rockl, Allan: Passport Removal
Rockefeller Foundation
Rothchild Family:  Central Banks
Ruddy, Raymond:  MAXIMUS
Ruskin, John:  Mentor of Cecil Rhodes
Russell , William: "Scull & Bones" to US
Sanger, Margaret / Planned Parenthood
Schlosser, Dena:  Cut off baby's arms
Sgro, Judy:  Fast-Tracked Immigration
Sharpe, John:  Kiddie Pornographer
Shaw, BC Judge Duncan Kiddie Porn
Simms,  Mary Woo:  BCHRT Chief
Skull & Bones, 322, Yale
Smalley, Gary & Steve Arterburn
Smith, Judge Daphne, Adoptions
Smith, ON Dr Charles:  Falsified Death Certs
Smithson, James : Smithsonian Institution
Solana, Javier
Southin BC Judge Mary, Pedophiilia
Stansfield, Hugh:  Chief Judge / Pedophile
Stansfield, Hugh:  Judge / Pedophile
Stocker, Petrina:  Munchausen Mom
Strong, Maurice:  Global Warming Fraud
Trudeau, Pierre:  Pals of Gorbachev, Castro
Themis Inc.
UNESCO World Heritage Properties
UNSC = United Nations' Security Council
Verbeeck,  Jozeph:  UNICEF's Pedophile Ringle
Verichip = Positive ID,  RFID  Surveillance
Wynne, Kathleen:  Lesbian "Education"
von Hagen, Gunther:  "Body Works
Young, Dr. Lionel Trevor:  Psychiatrist
Warman, Richard:  "Hate" Bounty Hunter
Warren, Rick,
WCC = World Council of Churches
Westcott & Hort vs. Textus Receptus
WHO gags unbiased DV studies
Weishaupt, Adam:  Illuminati Founder
Williams, Danny:  NL Premier / Mount Cashel
Winkler, Mary
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Kari Simpson & Terry O'Neal's "RoadKill Radio"

Tuesday Call-In show to combat attacks on the Natural Family, Parental Rights, Freedom of Speech, Common Law..

Kari Simpson, RoadKill Radio - Google Search;

Kari Simpson, RoadKill Radio - Google Videos

Kari Simpson is executive director of the Citizen's Research Institute in Langley, B.C.  CALL IN:  (604) 525-4167;  Tuesdays,  7:30-9:30 PM;  EMAIL THE SHOW LIVE:
RoadKill Radio on Vimeo

More:  Issues:  Simpson, Kari;
Issues:  Barbara Kay,  National Post
News:  Simms,  Mary Woo: BC HRT;
News:  BC Human Rights Tribunal;
Issues:  Corren Agreement;
About:  EPT =  Equal Parenting Trek;
About:  EPR = Equal Parenting Roundups;
EP Trek Generic Calendar;
About:  Equal Parenting How To's:  Three Layer Cake;
About:  Grandparents in Equal Parenting;
EP Trek Generic Calendar:
Issues:  Kinship Families or Grandparents raising Children::
About:  Grandparents in Equal Parenting

Liberal Irwin Cotler:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS"

Irwin Cotler, former Liberal "Justice" Minister robbed Canadians of their NATURAL PARENTS' Rights

Irwin Cotler - Google Search;
Irwin Cotler - Google Video

"Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS....  ONLY RESPONSIBILITIES....

"Natural Parents' Rights now  gone with my Homosexual Marriage bill"

16.10 Maximum Contact & Friendly Parent Rule has to go to conform to Judicial Practice, or Judges may be held in criminal BREACH OF TRUST"

FYI, the ideas that the State assigns Rights & Responsibilities to it's Citizen is straight from pre-war Nazi Germany.   Under the British system rights are not State-given, but God Given.

Buying into the Court's position that what rights remain are Children's Rights, is buying into the same position that "<Natural> Parents have no rights", and Canadian Children are at birth the property of the Courts.

More:  News:  Cotler, Irwin:  "Natural Parents have NO RIGHTS...;
News:  European Union;
Issues:  Paul Watson:  Nazi Origins of European Union;;;
Issues: G. Edward  Griffin ;
Issues: Fabian Socialism;

Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy

Chapter VII. The English Common Law. Section 57. The Norman Conquest

A beautiy of British  Common Law is that it is STATIC, and NOT DYNAMIC as these Activist Judges would have you think.

Ask a lawyer what "Common Law" is and they will likely tell you it is "Judge Made Law", and expand up this to say "Common Law is whatever the Judges are commonly saying these days"

This is completely FALSE.  The Judges are Agents of the Crown and they BY DEFINITION Judges are WITHOUT CAPACITY to make any law whatsoever.  Since 1649, only PARLIAMENT has the Capacity to make Law.

British Common law was NOT created by Judges, it was only observed and documented by individuals sent out by the newly Norman Crown after the Norman Conquest of 1066  to observe and codify the laws and customs of the various peoples of Britain..  This was done with a view to aggregate existing customs which may vary across the land,  into a unified body of Laws.  The Authority quoted by the Commoners in their administration of Common Law were frequently direct quotations from the Bible and principles of Danelaw

The process of documentation took only a couple of hundred years, and the product was a STATIC body of Law which was historical, popular, and has served in the intervening centuries as a Benchmark against which Statutory Law may be measured for "Fairness".  It does NOT change.

More:   Issues:  Common Law Perverted by Activist Judges and Legal Oligarchy;
Issues:  "Judicial Interpretation" to pervert Statutes of Parliament;
Issues:  Judicial Activism is Breach of Trust;
Issues:  Judicial Globalization is Treason

Beware of the "Parental Rights" IMPOSTER!!!!

"Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights"

Be on the lookout for the "Parent's Rights" IMPOSTER.  Insist on "Natural Parents Only", please!

It comes as a big surprise to us that many groups that present themselves as "Parents Rights" groups  REFUSE to defend the  NATURAL PARENT, and  and to demand RESTORATION of Natural Parents Rights taken from Canadians in the Homosexual Marriage legislation.

Instead their position to promote the "rights" of  a "Parent" in the widest sense of the word, making NO distinction  between NATURAL PARENTS and wannaabe Legal Parents.  They have bowed to University of Victoria's  assertion that  the SCC's Trociuk Decision "endorses a Heterosexual View of the Family and must be ignored", legitimizing the ongoing Child Trafficking by the State which views Canadian children as State Property and merchandise for  sale in the lucrative Child Adoption Market  They refuse to be hampered by prior obligations to that pesky Natural Parent who thinks they can Veto an Adoption.

It appears that many "Fathers Rights" groups commonly fall in with the United Nations and Liberal Irwin Cotler's assertion that the Child's Right is to be protected, but the Natural Parent has "NO RIGHTS", making the State, not the Natural Parents the Protector of the Child..

Without Cause or Consent, no Child shall be removed from a Natural Parent!!!

More:  About:  Beware of the IMPOSTER!!!!  "Natural Parent's Rights" Vs "Parent's Rights";
News:  Lessard, Hester - Heterosexual view of Parenthood must be ignored
News:  Smith, Judge Daphne, BCSC, for Child Trafficking;
Issues:  Trociuk, Darrell;
Issues:  Child Trafficking, Canadian;
Testimonials:  Rick Fredrickson of Saskatoon

Obama's Muslim Faith

Obama's Muslim Faith - Google Video
Obama's global currency / reserve notes - Google Video

"Quran commands Muslims to TERRORIZE unbelievers".

"Pretend you are your Enemy's Friend.... and then Kill him"

“Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush” (from Sura 9)

Fitna - Google Video

Revolution Muslim - Google Search;
Revolution Muslim - Google Video

More:  News:  Obama's Muslim Faith;
News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility;
Testimonials:  Jessen, Gianna: Right to Life for Children surviving Abortions, Born Alive Truth
Issues:  William Wagener:  "On Second Thought";;
Funstuff:  Biltz, Mark:  Blood Moons over Isreal;
Issues:  Russo, Aaron:  "America, Freedom to Fascism"

Funstuff:  Life of Christ, ESV

Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility

Obama's Birth Certificate - Google Search
Obama's Birth Certificate - Google Video

More:  News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate & Presidential Ineligibility;
Issues:  William Wagener:  "On Second Thought";
News:  Obama's Muslim Faith;
News:  Obama's Forged Birth Certificate;
Funstuff:  Biltz, Mark:  Blood Moons over Isreal;
Issues:  Russo, Aaron:  "America, Freedom to Fascism"
Funstuff:  Life of Christ, ESV

Svend Robinson:  NDP MP, Lawyer & Thief

Svend Robinson - Jewl Thief

FOR broader  "Hate Crimes" Legislation

Svend Robinson - Google Search;
Svend Robinson - Google Video

Bill C250 - Google Search

Svend Robinson (right) cries while being supported by his partner Max Riveron.  Robinson claimed "stress"  caused him to steal the jewelry he intended to give his boyfriend.  Robinson continues to practice law in BC following a deal cut with his  Special Prosecutor

Svend's Bill C250 added Homosexuals to the super class of groups in Canada's retarded "Hate Law". who can destroy in Criminal Court regular Canadians for exercising Free Speech

More:  News:  Robinson, Svend  NDP MP, Lawyer & Thief for "Hate Crimes" Legislation;
Issues:  "Special Prosecutors"  for Lawyers & Judges;
Issues:  "Hate Crime" Thought Police, Tyranny of Human Rights Tribunals;
Issues:  Coulter, Ann:  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly;
News:  Shaw, Duncan:  BC Judge for retailing Child Pornography

Pink Conservatives Moore, Keddy & Prentice vote for Homo-Marriage and elimination of Natural Parents Rights

2005-06-28  How'd They Vote Bill C-38, Third Reading (Same-sex Marriage) Voting FOR Homosexual Marriage (& putting into our children's schools, Homosexual Sex Education  Homosexual School Counselors, etc. therefore)   is James Moore, (Port Moody--Westwood--Port Coquitlam) 

2005-06-29  Marriage now just a sexual relationship, National Post

2005-06-29  For better or worse House of Commons approves same-sex marriage 158-133, National Post

Even France has rejected Homo-marriage (preferring France's homosexuals to emigrate to Canada?!). International societies of Women Judges & Lawyers appear to have designated Canada as the globe's Homosexual habitat of choice: Meijers Latest news about globalizing Homo-Marriage & Homo-Parenting;   Coming up:  26-29 June 2005, Toronto, Canada, the conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Law Association (ILGLaw),

Fabian Society, Communitarian "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing"

Globalizing National Socialism (Nazism) since 1884

Fabian Society - Google Search;
Fabian Society - Google Video 

More:  News:  Fabian Society, Communitarian "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing";
News:  John Dewey, Educating Americans for Hegelian Communitarianism, (AKA Marxism)

Real Fathers for Justice - News

News Links:

CBC Radio, Vancouver
Glenn Sacks' Hisside News
Calgary Herald
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CTV News
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Edmonton Journal
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Times Colonist, Victoria
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Vancouver Province
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Manitoba Canada Newspapers

Sniper Killer Margaret MacDonald acquitted of husband's murder

Claire Margaret MacDonald / AAP

2006-03-04  Tears as 'sniper' woman acquitted of murder; "Claire Margaret MacDonald, 39, pleaded not guilty to murdering her 40-year-old husband Warren MacDonald at the couple's property  ...  she donned camouflage gear and hid in a "sniper's nest" in bushes for 90 minutes before shooting her husband six times."  Claire Margaret MacDonald, 39 - Google Search

Goudreault, Gisele:  Mother's abduction of son Orey

2005-06-15   Mom imprisoned for '89 abduction  

In June 1989, Gisele Marie Goudreault, 46 disobeyed a court order to hand her son Orey over to his father, Rod Steinmann of Ponoka, who had been awarded custody. She fled with the boy to Mexico and lived there for four months before moving to California. ...  Justice Peter Martin condemned Goudreault's behaviour, which prevented Orey and his father from being together during the child's formative years.   "They had the right to know and love each other.  "That possibility was totally and irrevocably destroyed," Martin said.  "What this woman did to this man and this child is every parent's nightmare."  2004-02-19  US teen 'discovers own kidnap', BBC


Trociuk, Darrel:  Constitutional Right to Paternity Registration in BC Vital Statistics

Trociuk Story:  Dad  wins in the Supreme Court of Canada - He takes on the provincial government of British Columbia to get his name on the birth record, Children's Rights Council;

Darrel should be able to sue Justice Southin PERSONALLY for DAMAGES, but will that ever happen?  All members of the Law Societies have sworn their First Allegiance to their Society members.

More on ..Trociuk Darrell

2006-04-20 “Men in Black” Black Fridays for Divorced Canadian Men and Non-Custodial (NCP) Fathers

Many thanks to the Western Standard for reporting Jeremy's Story.  Jeremy is a nominee for Equal Parenting's "Shadow-Parliament".  

News 2009


December 2009

2009-12-29  Ottawa police officer dies in hospital stabbing

2009-12-26  14 retrials due to judge errors

2009-12-21  Violence reports soar at youth jail

2009-12-21  Profile A

2009-12-21  Profile C

2009-12-21  Diabetic youth says he was repeatedly denied insulin in jail

2009-12-22  New libel defence allowed: Supreme Court

2009-12-21  Mental illness common in male and female killers

2009-12-17  Proposed changes to family law in Ontario applauded

2009-12-15 Inquiry draws no firm conclusion on abuse ring claims

2009-12-11 'Gang rape' victim lied to get pity

2009-12-11 Child killer mums clash behind bars in New South Wales

2009-12-10 'Witch' was wicked, police say

2009-12-07 Montreal massacre death cult

November 2009

2009-09-29  Teale 'groupies' fascinated by court case

2009-11-30 Are you raising a bratty kid?

2009-11-27 Accused murderer killed children in psychotic act, psychiatrist testifies

2009-11-26 U.S. journalist says she was delayed at border, questioned about speech

2009-11-25 Don Jail prisoner charged in beating of fellow inmate

2009-11-25 Men swear to change

2009-11-23 The search for a sperm-donor father

2009-11-23 Ontario stands behind stunt driving law despite ruling

2009-11-20 Lawyer Joe Groia called to disciplinary hearing

2009-11-19 Our own little Abu Ghraib?

2009-11-19 Too tired for takeoff

2009-11-19 More homework rebels speak out

2009-11-17 How one family won the battle to ban homework  Differentiated Homework Plan pdf

2009-11-16 Third of family break-up children lose contact with fathers in ‘failing’ court system, poll

2009-11-13 Shouting: it's the new spanking

2009-11-12 It's hockey first, immigrants told

2009-11-12 Attempted murder suspect found dead in charred home

2009-11-11 Ottawa moves to remodel Canada's image

2009-1-111 A rare celebration of life

2009-11-09 Catholic priest faces sentencing for sexual abuse

2009-11-09 Judge reverses parental alienation ruling

2009-11-09 Low birth rates put hundreds of schools at risk of closing

2009-11-09 Superjail for youth raises troubling questions

2009-11-08 Regina police shoot, wound gun-toting man

2009-11-06 Students who question murder convictions under investigation

2009-11-06 Mother who gave rat poison to children sentenced to four years' jail

2009-11-05 Lovers shared plan to kill, court told

2009-11-03 Create prison psychiatric units, report urges

2009-11-03 Newborn brains are similar, so nurture makes the difference

2009-11-02 Domestic Violence Suspects Get Another Day In Court

2009-11-02 How a simple marshmallow can predict your future

2009-11-01 Women have never striven more for less

2009-11-01 Stop behaving badly, boorish lawyers told

October 2009

2009-10-31 'Abused' man guilty of de facto's manslaughter

2009-10-30 Ontario agency trying to break legal-aid boycott, lawyers say

2009-10-30 Jury hears boy, 7, describe how mother attacked him and his brother

2009-10-30 Woman fired over pregnancy wins $35,000 in rights case

2009-10-29 Parental Alienation: A Mental Diagnosis?

2009-10-27 Psychopath named long-term offender

2009-10-23 When motherhood isn't a joy

2009-10-22 Ignatieff gets his facts wrong in Arar case

2009-10-22 A case of innocence executed

2009-10-15 Texas Gov. Rick Perry defends 2004 execution despite questions about evidence, calls convict 'a monster'

2009-10-20 Excessive scrutiny of volunteers

2009-10-13 Fiorito: 1 old man died. Shame on us

2009-10-08 Mother killed son on day custody awarded to gran: court hears

2009-10-07 Mother who poisoned children 'on verge of being insane'

2009-10-07 Federal lawyers pressure diplomat at detainees probe: lawyer

2009-10-04 The good divorce - The Titus story

2009-10-04 Shattered: even tough guys get the blues

2009-10-03 Mother charged in attack on daughter

2009-10-02 West Virginia Domestic Violence Lawsuit - A Must Read decision for all men everywhere - this decision is a precedent example of  the finest legal writing around.

2009-10-03 Lack of comprehensive approach to domestic violence is the rule in B.C.

2009-10-02 Woman jailed for false rape claim

2009-10-02 Divorced dads can't catch a break

2009-10-02 Top court eyes joint care for parents

September 2009

2009-09-27 Proposed civilian unit to look into police not all it seems

2009-09-30 Manitoba police, Crown accused of cover-up

2009-09-28 B.C. budget cuts nix domestic-violence programs

2009-09-28 Spanking hurts — more than you think

2009-09-27 Former terrorist wants to be lawyer

2009-09-24 Polygamy charges tossed out

2009-09-25 Why custody labels matter

2009-09-24 Projected costs of new stations rising

2009-09-23 My husband's mistress moved into the guest house

2009-09-23 The war on women - Afghanistan

2009-09-22 Mother jailed for killing teen daughters

2009-09-21 Restrictions eased on terror suspect

2009-09-19 Crown delays endanger case against Kenk

2009-09-15 Judge makes case for space

2009-09-15 'Tragic' affair ends teacher's career


August 2009


July 2009


June 2009


May 2009


April 2009


March 2009


February 2009


January 2009

2009-xx-xx Experiments in Living:
The Fatherless Family

News 2009



28 year old Ottawa woman charged with attempted murder Angela Arvisais

20090912 Woman shot in Orangeville

20090911 B.C. gets new chief justice

20090910 Rat poison mum guilty of manslaughter

20090909 Police chief to testify at disciplinary hearing

20090909 Ottawa lawyers join legal aid boycott

20090909 Veteran cop to lose job for stealing gas

20090906 Enduring 'white torture' in Iranian jail

200909-6 Finding the will to live - The Paula Wriedt Story

20090906 Dads still a rare sight at playgroup

20090906 Missing boy found alive, hidden in grandma's secret room

20090905 The Afghan war for sexual reform

20090905 In a shrinking workforce women outnumber men

20090905 Crumbling legal aid system gets boost

20090905 Making every head count

20090905 Meet the woman who will defend Michael Bryant -Globe

20090905 Crown faces challenge in giving former A-G a fair trial -Globe

20090905 Spinning the first week of Michael Bryant's new life

20090905 Is Michael Bryant's life over - or has it just begun?  More spin for Bryant

20090904 Unique problems of boys unrecognized, untreated: Study

20090904 Mulroney doubts Schreiber affair will tarnish his legacy

20090904 Crown faces challenge in giving former A-G a fair trial

20090903 Layton: PM must 'reach out' to avoid election

20090903 Brain's 'rage system' cuts rational response

20090903 Car crash dad was 'mentally unstable': ex-wife

20090902 Friends, ex-colleagues stunned by news -  "Navigator has been retained to provide assistance to Bryant", "Friends, ex-colleagues stunned by news"

20090902 Other Canadian politicians who have had a brush with crime and punishment

20090902 Woman charged in beating of Winnipeg baby

20090902 Bryant leaves helm of Invest Toronto after cyclist dies  CBC

20090901 Michael Bryant charged in cyclist's death - Criminal Negligence Causing death and Dangerous Driving causing Death

20090901 Ontario's ex-AG Bryant held after fatal accident   CBC News

20090901 Marriages at 20-year high as break-ups decline - After Australia introduced mandatory shared parenting

20090901 Michael Bryant in police custody

20090831 Wanganui bans gang patches - New Zealand

20090830 How evil goes undetected in our midst

20080829 Cop faces sex-related charges -Jean-Guy Beaudet Kapuskasing OPP

20090829 Adhocracy - Back on the soap box  The Body Shop Story

20090828 Abuse law blasted

20090828 Task Force to Reform Access to Family Justice in the Province of New Brunswick

20090827 Shared care system under family law spotlight Australia

20090827 'Penis burning' wife accused of murder

20090824 Canada-wide warrant issued in shooting

20090821 Chief on hand for ex-cop's sentence

20090821 Equal shared parenting a real gamble

20090820 Ontario legal aid plan faces $56-million deficit

20090820 Mother charged for leaving child in car

20090820 Judges' ages threaten court cases

2090818 17-hour hijacking a hoax

20090817 Kids' interests No.1 priority in divorce, justice minister says

20090815 Making more babies: a stimulus plan

20090814 Daughter Victoria turns the tables

20090814 Freedoms are losing out to fear

20090814 Sydney priest 'groomer' caught on webcam, court told

20090811 U.S. judge sentences man to 6 months for yawning

20090811 Can a busy female politician give reliable evidence? A judge says no

20090811 Tim Hortons withdraws donation to anti-gay event

20090807 Psychopaths' brains biologically different

20090810 Dads learning from dads

20090806 Newlywed Dalia accused of hitman plot

20090805 Want to be a corporate criminal? Move to Canada

20090805 Break my heart, prepare to suffer

20090805 Want to be a corporate criminal? Move to Canada

20090805 Men in suits happy to keep Irish women in pyjamas

20090805 Police seek four women in stabbing of man, 34

20090805 Mayor upbeat about trial outcome

20090806 Tale of sticky revenge takes a twist - Predictable outcome

20090805 Women stuck it to serial cheater in lovers' quadrangle, court told

20090804 Cabbie who assaulted fare should do jail time, Crown argues

20090804 Hell hath no fury like 4 women scorned

20090804 Is Karlheinz Schreiber finally out of secrets?

20090804 Clinton headed home with freed journalists

20090803 Rough justice - Victorian style

20090803 Cheating husband's genitals glued to his stomach

20090703 DJ fired after stunt reveals girl's rape

20090803 Canadian sentenced to life in Ethiopia

20090801 Mentally ill man held not criminally responsible for libel

20090801 US mum 'used attic as lockup for kids'

20090731 Creditors band together to salvage bankrupt adoption agency

20090729 Trevor the dog in fight for life in Yukon Supreme Court

20090728 Obama's inter-racial picnic: Is it a way out?

20090727 Mother says devil made her decapitate baby

20090726 Police pursue fresh probe into Theophanous

20090726 Theophanous saga demands hard questions be answered

20090724 Supreme Court upholds photo rules

20090723 Ontario police officer charged with stunt driving; cop vehicle impounded - Const. Jeff McNorgan, Elgin County

20090723 Sex offenders living under Miami bridge to be moved

Check out Peter Roscoe's blog

20090724 Why you never, ever get righteous on a street cop

20090724 Crackdown on violence in the home Aus

20090721 Women bring rapists to justice

20090714 Ping-pong children to play a new game

20090713 Makeshift border restarts traffic

20090711 Make it harder to divorce: Abbott

20090710 Security laws not shield for embarrassment: judge

20090710 Female workers come into their own

20090710 Bikies rev up at 'apartheid'

20090709 Embarrassment no reason for security shield: judge

20090706 Father ordered to pay $20,000 punishment

   20090707 Lucien Khodeir replies

20090706 First three years key to school success: study

20090705 Polygamy prosecutor points to marijuana ruling

20090805 Ottawa mayor upbeat about trial outcome

20090805 Women stuck it to serial cheater in lovers' quadrangle, court told

20090805 Hell hath no fury like 4 women scorned

20090804 Is Karlheinz Schreiber finally out of secrets?

20090804 Clinton headed home with freed journalists

20090804 Rough justice - Victorian style

20090804 Cheating husband's genitals glued to his stomach

20090704 Ignatieff and PM square off on attack ads, crime in Stampede speeches

20090703 Teaching your baby a foreign language

20090703 The value of reading

20090603 Elephants in the (Back) Room

20090703 Londoner has a far-reaching reputation for tackling violence against all humans

20090703 For Pakistan's female refugees, a silver lining

20090703 Legal aid boycott gathering strength

20090703 Polygamist had 9 child brides and 101 children, RCMP say

20090702 Commentary: Let's end disposable marriage

20090702 Woman left newborn in portable toilet, police say

20090702 Cornwall Island dispute

20090701 Untangling Blackmore's unconventional family

20090701 Universities launch scholarships for children of fallen soldiers

20090701 Lawyer slams Oppal on polygamy case

20090701 Canadian charged in Iran over protests

20090630 Daily sex 'best for good sperm'  BBC

20090629 Frank Lombard, Duke Univ. Official, Charged In Child Sex Case

20090629 High-conflict households

20080628 Swift blow to O’Brien defence

20090628 How much Harris is there in Tim Hudak?

20090628 City data sheds light on enclaves popping up beyond downtown

20090628 Saudi courts in stand-off over Montrealer facing beheading

20090628 Ex-Brethren father loses battle for children

20090625 15 months for avenging abuse  -Woman part of attack that killed city man - the murder of father, Ferenc Pal in Hamilton

20060625 Ban the burka? No, but ...

20090624 Inspector orders Ottawa's detention centre to clean up air system

20090624 Kingston lesbian couple targetted by vandals

20090623 Paramedic charged in sex assault

20090622 Abdelrazik versus Harper

20090621 Stay-at-home v. working mothers

20090619 Why not grade the teachers?

20090619 Thunder Bay man accused of rogue flight to U.S. indicted

20090619 Ottawa agrees to bring Abdelrazik home

20090619 Top court orders clerks to keep quiet

200090619 Alberta minister apologizes to those offended by remarks on child-rearing

20090619 The war on men

20090618 Tories seek to widen police access online

20090617 MPs hear soldiers 'scream'

20090617 A girl's first hero

20090617 Gender gap in birth weight shrinking, study finds

20090617 Harper, Ignatieff hash out EI deal in bid to stave off election

20090616 Publication ban ordered at hearing on jury checks

20090616 Why Women Are Unhappy

20090616 Father's fury as 12-year-old daughter falls pregnant

20090615 Will women one day father children?

20090615 Daddy's lost his job – now he's got a blog

20090615 Ottawa not saying if Canadian linked to al-Qaeda can return

20090615 Ignatieff to Harper: Meet key demands or face defeat

20090614 Take over daycares, Ontario schools told

20090613 An Afghan veteran's rage

20090612 Woman accused of hiding dead babies lived in shelter

20090612 Bad mom really needed jail time

20090611 Depression can often be more serious for men

20090609 Pregnant woman found dead with baby no longer in womb

20090609 Tracy Grimshaw slams Gordon Ramsay over 'lesbian' jibe

20090609 Lack of legal aid leads court to overturn conviction

20090607 Who are they kidding? Lawyers love legal aid

20090606  Suspended sentences: Forging a school-to-prison pipeline?

20090605 Not guilty verdict in lesbian axe murder

20090604 Big pension for troubled ex-judge

20090604 Ottawa pushes for new chapter in free trade with U.S

20090604 OPP asks if tow-truck firms paid off policeman

20090604 Mother kicked three-year-old daughter, lesbian ex tells court

20090603 Time for more than unhappily ever after

20090602 Prison system near breakdown, watchdog warns

20090602 Khadr at Gitmo rejects his military lawyers

20090602 Darling, this baby is coming between us

20090601 Sweeping change proposed for sex offender registry

20090601 Make terrorists pay up, PM says

20090531 Girl in swastika case abandoned, grandmother testifies

20090531 We keep secrets, but does anyone care?

20090531 It's a legal maze for Canadian authorities abroad

20090531 Mother ‘too stupid’ to keep child

20090531 Emotions high as veil around adoption lifts

20090531 PM plans law to allow lawsuits against terrorists

20090529 Withdrawn charges can stay on record, court rules - Man says police check with false accusations ruined job prospects

20090529 Michael Bryant: "I will keep my trap shut'  - Globe

20090528 MPP backs up Kilrea's account of alleged offer

20090526 Deadbeat Dads' an insult to reality

20090528 Defence minister breaks arm in rugby match

20090527 Court orders spy agency to reveal information

20090526 Opening adoption records in Ontario prompts few requests for secrecy

20090526 Mother of ‘missing' 10-year-old girl arrested in B.C.

20090526 Steps to better bonding with dad

20090526 For some, Father's Day is a sad and bitter occasion

20090525 Buying cocaine is 'giving money to war'

20090524 How a spouse swap affected two families

20090522 Bikie laws sideline the rule of law

20090521 Child-care centres to focus on preparing children for school

2009 05 18 Single mothers to be forced to name fathers on birth certificates UK

2009 05 18 Women gives birth to twins with different fathers

2009 05 16 Once upon a time, there was a certain logic to publication bans -Christie Blatchford

20090516 Baby survives 8-storey plunge

20090615 Russia lashes out at Finland over kidnapping

20090515 Mothers' talk is key to kids' social skills, study says

20090515 Another Selwyn House staffer faces sex charges

20090514 Parental alienation cases draining court resources

20090513 Life in the cockpit 'a recipe for an accident'

20090513 JP denies he grabbed colleague's derrière

20090512 Colleague groped me at court, JP says

20090512 A black eye for public life

20090512 Switched at birth, women learn truth after 56 years

20090511 Mandatory minimums: three good reasons why jail alone is a bad idea

 20090508 Margaret Trudeau is solo, sane, 60 – and irrepressible as ever

20090504 Honey, I Killed a Cop. I'm Sorry :(

20090503 Ignatieff plots path to power

20090502 Public scrutiny in family courts

20090502 Liberals gather to fete Dion, skewer Harper

        E Q U A L P A R E N T I N G - Canada needs a Legal...

20090502 Judge calls for urgent changes to family law

20090502 Bringing the focus back to what counts: little Tori Stafford

20090501 Judge moves fast to restore brothers to mother's care

20090430 New hearing for mother convicted in son's death

20090430 Legal 'tweaks' imperil boys' custody deal

20090429 Lawyers and judges spit out their own medicine.

20090429 Grooms: Brides Manipulated System

20090429 Justice Brownstone on parental alienation  -yes, the live one !

20090429 Take the plunge: deferring marriage is unhealthy and un-wealthy

20090429 The curious case of a mother's mystery benefactor

20090529 Recognize parental alienation

20090429 Victim's skull split, MD testifies, at trial involving lesbian lovers

20090428 Accused of murder, man set free

20090428 Liberal policy on domestic violence 'devastating' for women

20090428 Mom denies she breastfed to spite ex

20090427 'Miracle' baby survives cold night in woods

20090427 Ontario woman charged with webcam sex assault on child, dog

20090427 Father gets 'clean break' on spousal costs

20090427 Canada's crisis in children's mental health

20090426 Might be time to ditch archaic infanticide law

20090425 Solicitor General assailed over traffic violations

            The NDP have created an issue, traffic tickets aside...

                    There may just be another explanation for those speeding...

 20090424 That toxic tug-of-war  - Justice Harvey Brownstone  ( lots of comments regarding Justice Brownstone - read them at the above link)   

20090424 Teen tries to quiet the voices caused by schizophrenia

20090424 Employers fire mothers-to-be

20090424 Morning sickness leads to smarter kids: Study

20090423 Supreme Court won't hear medical marijuana appeal

20090422 Top court backs police in seizure of property

20090422 The fight to prevent cashing in on crime

               Canada is riddled by corrupt judges who make political...

                        Lets focus on the issue - which is not Thatcher's guilt..

                                Lets focus on the issue - which is not Thatcher's guilt...

                                        Read the publisher's preface - Notice how everyone...

20090422 Convicts and convictions

                  Canada is riddled by corrupt judges who make political...

20090421 D'Angelo not guilty of sex assault

20090421 Witnessing a democracy's decline

20090421 Teacher, 33, guilty of raping boy, 10

209090420 Vancouver NDP candidate steps down over racy photos

                 NDP again revealing their true rainbow colours Rainbows are beautiful, gender hatred is not,

20090419 Custody battle 'beyond tragic'

20090419 How we judge judges is an injustice

20090418 PM champions free trade at Americas summit

20090418 Iran convicts U.S. journalist of spying

20090417 Women in the field: what it's like to work in Afghanistan

         If a visitor from the past for future arrived now in...       

                Try being a male in Ontario Family Court - If our esteemed...

                1 - Taliban oppression of women also causes generational...

                        2 - Communications are probably the only way that this...

 20090417 Love triangle drove killing, court told

20090416 How a reviled Afghan law on women went from a magazine to a maelstrom

20090416 Vellacott releases results of new equal shared parenting poll

20090416 No legal training, but JPs earn $150K

20090416 Father of missing 10-year-old Montreal girl found in Vancouver anxious to reunite

20090415 Boyfriend in female lovers' way, trial told

200490417 The constitutional challenge of polygamy

20090415 Wife shot then cut up husband

20090414 Afghan parliamentarians furious at anti-woman law

           Canada's loud mouth attempt to dictate family law to

20090414 Jailhouse informants virtually phased out

20090414 Kidnapped Girl Found in Hungary

20090413 Jail a mother, condemn a child

20090413 Be bold, Ontario: Shift dollars from health care to education

             Has Preston has gone Stark Raving Mad?

              Ontario's Economy could improve IF - we ensure the...

                2 How to solve Ontario's economic problems.Our judiciary...

                  More Sad Stories of the RefoRm party. At my first job...

                        Read anyone's writing, and, you gain an insight into.

20090412 Liberals on best behaviour in bid to woo women

20090412 Daughter seeking sperm donor dad hits legal dead end

20090412 Parenting v. working

                Source -   Male Lawyers are Parents Too - More propaganda from...

                 Sarah Hyndman Fitzpatrick will be laughing to the bank...

20090422 Law and order, Palestinian-style

20090412 Playboy sent to slammer

20090411 Afghan cleric defends contentious marriage law

20090407 Melbourne dad finds kidnapped sons and shows up Swedish cops

20090410 NY appeals court denies parental rights to lesbian

20090410 Bridge protesters found guilty of mischief

20090410 Hamilton children locked in basement

20090410 Stockwell Dai goes to China

20090409 My husband is married to his business

20090409 18-year-old can seek custody of brothers in brainwashing battle

20090408 Rape law saps support for Afghan mission, poll finds

20090408 Police ethics adviser quits over sponsors

20090408 People should build their own nations and liberate their own wives

20090407 Quebec dad sued by daughter after grounding loses his appeal

20090407 Fathers 'reduced to ATM status' by the courts ...

20090407 Video evidence urged for domestic violence cases

20090407 Multiple divorces increase dropout rate

20090407 Family courts open to media but not bloggers

20090406 Same sex couples names to appear on birth certificates

20090406 Lorne Gunter: Promote equal parenting

        2090406 commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre re "Promote equal Parenting"

20090406 Father 'sorry' he failed to protect boy

20090406 Canadian accused of terror ties denied passport 

20090406 Six-month-long trial was slow and costly exercise in justice

20090406 A marriage of fear and xenophobia

20090405 Police Say Man Killed Kids Over Wife's Exit

20090505 Ontario man found guilty in HIV murder trial 

20090405 Canada expects Afghan family law will be changed, ministers say

20090505 Methodical madness

20090405 Women's refuges told they must admit men

200090404 Controversial women's law to be reviewed

20090404 3 officers slain responding to call, Pittsburgh police chief says

20090403 Father reunites with sons after Swedish alleged kidnap attempt

20090403 Ontario court documents will be more open to the media

20090403 Children harmed by sole custody, report says

20090403 Charges to proceed on alleged subway pusher

20090403 Flouting custody orders to cost mother $35,000

20090403 Cosgrove resigns ahead of ouster

20090403 Malawi judge refuses Madonna's adoption bid

20090402 Fathers fight back

20090402 Arrest made over Aussie kidnapping

20090402 Law legalizing rape in marriage prompts outcry

20090402 Mother guilty of feeding cocaine to toddler

20090402 Support men who are battered

20090401 Mother arrested in deaths of daughters

20090401 Slain toddler at centre of parental custody war - mother tried to deny father access to boy, court documents show

20090401 Parental alienation syndrome leaves bruises deep inside

20090331 Airport security breaches persist, auditor warns

20090331 Remove judge, judicial panel urges

20090331 Family court orders children live with father after mother's negative comments

20090331 Quebec man wants name stricken from birth certificate of child who isn't his\

20090330 Why do the innocent plead guilty?

20090328 Gender bias evident in parental alienation cases

20090328 Mother charged in baby boy's death

20090426 Judge chastises Norway after woman, daughters flee Canada

20090326 Tory plan to eliminate '2 for 1' jail credit not so clear

20090325 France Seeks Arrest Of Russian Mother

20090325 Ottawa girds for polygamy challenge

20090325 Marriage benefits us all 

20090325 Judges reject role in child-custody bill

20090324 Ontario to forge ahead with sales tax reform

20090324 Dads who fight win favour in custody cases

20090324 U.S. fugitive nabbed in Montreal - Globe , capture of child sex abuser

20090322 Manitoba needs more services for abused men: Experts Star

20090320 The road to lower taxes leads to New Brunswick

20090320 Former judge Einfeld gets at least two years jail ... all for lying about a $77 traffic fine

20090320 Einfeld drove his fate and reputation over a cliff

20090319 The other divorce talk: breaking it to your folks

20090318 Jailed Canadian in Ethiopia gets day in court at last

20090316 Millionaire ordered to pay $31,015 a month in temporary child support

20090316 It's the Hells Angels: They want their stuff back

20090316 Crown won't appeal Radwanski acquittal

20090316 Harper v. Mulroney

20090316 Officer charged with attempted murder, arson  

20090315 Charged with attempted murder

OPP Det. Const. Cecile Fournel  -  Kellyann Drive in Timmins.

20090316 Jail for woman who shot husband

20090315 Personal Best - How the mentally ill beat assessments

20090314 Military padres a rare breed

20090314 Facebook user poked - by the courts

20090314 Man found dead in cell 2 days after guilty plea

20090314 How to deal with 'toxic' parents

20090313 Judge denies adoption in surrogacy case

20090313 Prisoner who plead guilty to historic murder found dead

20090313 Western premiers unite to combat violence Globe

20090313 'Mr. Big' police stings spark debate The Star

20090310 Justice Harvey Brownstone on family law issues - and the questions he failed to answer !  - The Star

20090310 Teen enters brainwashing battle to seek brothers' release from parents

20090309 How long will this madness last? Don't ask the historian

20090309 The living wage mystery

20090308 Forum told: Punish those responsible for wrongful convictions

20090308 Crying out loud: mothercraft theories clash

20090307 Judge makes final plea to save career

20090306 Canada envy, amid a global meltdown

20090306 How the mental health system failed Vince Li

20090306 Mother furious after school confines son

2009030 6 Ten years in NATO — thanks, Canada -Globe's refusal to allow comments

20090303 Divorce law and the family -Brownstone's propaganda

20090304 Wife Knifes Husband in Eye For Refusing to Peel Potatoes

20090303 Ottawa man charged in attempted Montreal abduction tried to snatch boy in 2005  CBC News

20090303 Top officer faces sex harassment charges -Staff Insp. Steve Izzett of  Toronto Police

20090303 Ottawa man from mental hospital charged with kidnapping girl

20090303 Ohio police charge breast-feeding driver with child endangerment

20090303 Defence to focus on mental health in beheading trial

20090303 Defence to focus on mental health in beheading trial

20090302 Abducted children to stay

20090302 Men urged to make sperm will

20090301 Last resort: DOCS removes 90 children from home a week NSW

20090229 In the jaws of work psychos

20090227 Insider look at family court lauded

20090226 Ottawa moves to toughen anti-gang laws Toronto Star

20090226Tories unveil anti-gang legislation Globe & Mail

20090226 Watchdog warns of information access 'crisis'

20090226 Cornwall sex abuse accounts not unique, lawyer says

20090226 Justice Arthur Gans in hot water - again (for straight talk!)

20090225 Judge's sarcasm from the bench forces costly retrial

20090225 'War' mentality erodes rights, report says

20090224 Open child-death files: NDP

20090223 Officer's crusade fuelled belief in Cornwall pedophile ring: inquiry

200902323 Advocate a voice for kids in care

20090223 Why did 90 children die?

20090223 2,000 called for jury duty in bikers' trial

20090223 MD father suspected of killing his two children

20090223 Fatherless teenagers find help online

230090221 Adenir DeOliveira experienced 'auditory hallucinations' to kill people, judge told

20090221 Subway suspect to undergo evaluation

20090219 Supreme Court revises divorce settlement

20090218 Frustrated father stages one-man protest

20090217 Brampton Justice of the Peace exonerated of misconduct

20090217 Lawyer argues defamation law outdated

20090214 Wife guilty of exercising husband to death

20090214 Psychiatric evaluation ordered for subway suspect

20090214 U.S. soldier who committed suicide in N.S. had twice served in Iraq

20090213 Desperate mothers fuel India's 'baby factories'

20090213 Court ruling could allow access to IP addresses without warrants

20090213 Judge's ruling could let police access IP data without warrant

20090213 Information gathering has become the stuff of KGB, Gestapo fantasies, privacy experts warn

20090213 Where you've been on Net not private, judge rules

20090213 Cops spike safe injection site

20090212 Mounties restrict taser use

20090212 After 15 years and a recession, Bob Rae finally has his day

20090212 Montreal police conducting raids

20090212 New law to give police access to online exchanges

20090212 Judges told to forget 18 per cent pay hike

20090211 Opposition urges Khadr's return

20090211 Lafleur to stand trial

20090211 Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash

20090210 China unhappy as accused smuggler gets Canada permit

20090210 Family will suffer if U.S. war dodger deported: lawyer

20090210 B.C. man shot dead by RCMP investigating domestic dispute

20090209 Kids must come first in custody battles

20090209 12 really angry people

20090209 U.S. revenue crunch could clear the way for progress on cigarette smuggling

20090207 In shrinking workforce, women may surpass men

20090207 China's most-wanted man hopes to sell real estate here

20090207 The medieval price an author pays for insulting Thailand's monarchy

20090206 Dads opt for buyouts to spend more time with kids

20090206 The winners in equalization decision: lawyers

20090205 Teen arrested in fire that destroyed Lieutenant-Governor's home

20090205 Hunt for Nazis' 'Dr. Death' ends in Egypt

20090205 60-year-old Calgary woman gives birth to twins

20080205 Ottawa's deficit promise may be too rosy

20090204 Premier now singing from Tory's songbook

20090204 Divorce ruling takes recession into account

20090204 Nurturing improves memory

20090204 Ontario faces daycare losses: advocate

20090303 Sadly, killer moms are not uncommon

20090203 Officer admitted kicking homeless man in head: court testimony CBC News

 20090203 Help for children alienated by a parent Researcher reports signs of progress in kids from `toxic' relationships

20090202 The 'evil stepmother'

20090202 Order to take off niqab pits law against religion

20090202 Judges send children to U.S. quacks, expert charges  Toronto Star

20090202 Daycare crisis? A single-parent speaks out

20090201 British seek power to expel wayward lords like Conrad Black Toronto Star

20090201 Anguished dads unite over Darcey

20090131 Single mother of octuplets obsessed with having children, her mother says

20090130 Barbara Kay: Brainwashing the kids to spite the ex

20090130 Canadian convicted of killing daughter to keep boyfriend

20090130 N.S. woman admits she strangled daughter to keep boyfriend

20090130 MELANIE PHILLIPS: To place children with two gay men when an adoptive mother and father are available, just to uphold a brutal dogma, is a sickening assault on family life Scotland

20090130 'You'll never see your grandchildren again': Social worker's warning to couple after they spoke out over gay adoption row Scotland

20090129 Court backs parental right of known sperm donors

20090129 Barbara Kay, Nunavut Minister is Stripped by Big Sister of his Cabinet Post for Telling the Truth

20090129 Project truth hears from last witness

20090129 Australian 'throws girl to death' - mentally ill

20090128 Okalik criticizes Aariak for removing justice minister over email   CBC News

20090128 Manitoba wants to bar media from child welfare trial


20090128 RCMP agent was instigator who broke law: defence

20090127 Jailed dad still deserves child support: court

20090127 Secrecy of bail hearings reduced by high court

20090127 Devastated by divorce court

20090127 No jail for Montrealer, 93, in sex abuse case

20090126 Publication ban law too broad, court rules Toronto Star

20090126 Publication ban law too broad, top Ontario court rules Globe and Mail

20090126 Things I learned from dad

20090126 Complex citizenship laws anger adoptive parents

20090126 A last look at Guantanamo

20090125 Parental sine qua non

20090125 Surrogates told to pay support

20090124 Parental sine qua non

20080124 The wrongfully convicted get a rightful donation

20090124 Blending taxes an option, McGuinty says

20090124 Judge removes children from mother's control

20090124 Mom loses custody for alienating dad

20090124 Property rights eroding state of marriage

20090123 Khadr comment pleases Liberals

20090123 Common-law partners watch wealthy Quebec couple's battle

20090122 Half Aussie women drink while pregnant

20090122 Obama makes Harper look bad

20090122 Khadr gets a ray of hope

20090121 High-profile businessman bankrolls Quebec common-law case

20090121 Obama rolls up his sleeves

20090121 Khadr trial suspended

20090121 Cracks show in FBI agent's testimony on Khadr

20090121 Accused sex-doll thief 'left DNA at scene'

20090120 Mr. President

20090120 Full text of Barack Obama's Inaugural Address:

20090120 Woman seeking alimony after common-law marriage

20090120 Trial puts wiretap expert on hot seat

20090120 Schizophrenia and bipolar may be the same disease

20090119 Former Liberal MLA to represent Blackmore on polygamy charges

20090119 'We're proud of Sept. 11,' Guantanamo court told

20090119 Sydney Harris, 91: Judge was defender of rights

20090119 Quebec billionaire's partner launches challenge for alimony

20090118 Beer industry request behind rise in Ontario prices: Document

20090118 Hells Angels acquitted of murder charges

20090118 Downed jet lifted from ice-laden Hudson

20090117 Child access rights for grandparents  Aus

20090117 Police break search rules in grow-op trial

20090117 Khadr hearing still on despite requests for delay

20090116 Ontario judge declares secrecy law unconstitutional

20090115 Biology, not heart, provokes infidelity

20090115 Kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home

20090115  Why so many minds think alike - explanation for pressures to conform -

20090114 Do suicides go up when the economy heads south?

2009-0114 Khadr fails to evoke sympathy   -   A courageous article  by Thomas Walkom 

20090114 Father convicted of killing daughters a no-show   The Nelson Heart Saga

20090114 Police shouldn't be investigating themselves: Ontario ombudsman

20090114 Crown's case 'devastated' by tattoo evidence exclusion, court told

20090114 Star wins 'landmark' court fight over records

20090114 Over two hours TV a day hurting kids - study

20090114 Medvedev Decorates Prolific Parents   Russia promotes family values

20090114 Star wins 'landmark' court fight over records

20090113 Doubt cast on 1983 verdict National Post -Ivan Henry strory

20090113 Case reopened for B.C. man convicted of rapes -more on the Ivan Henry story

20090113 Elite school to pay $5M for abuse allegations

20090114  Pilot mutters "die" as run from law ends

20090113 Man caught after apparently trying to fake own death pathological liar - pilot

20090113 Hells Angel witness called the 'Wayne Gretzky of lying'

20090113 Stepfather killing: 10,000 sexual abuse images seized

20090113 Obama's chess master talks strategy

20090112 Why your brain can't always make good decisions

20090112 Would-be judge 'forgot' drunk driving conviction Toronto Star

20090112 Mix-up caused missed conviction record Globe and Mail

20090112 Lawyer says client jailed on wrongful rape conviction CTV

20090112 Lawyer urges court to reopen Ivan Henry case

20090112 Lawyers defend 'two-beer' defence

20090111 The man behind Murphy's Law

20090110 Watchdogs of sexual harassment as eager to bite as they ever were Another great article by Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Mail - this is a typical example of her passion for justice

20090110 Divorced couples fight over shrinking assets

20090110 Crown accuses Toronto police of racism

20090109 Sopranos actor gets 10 years in prison

20090108 The good divorce

20090107 Court lets dad appeal Dr. Smith baby case

20090107 Men's rights groups thrive on anger -(see example of censorship by Toronto Star on commentary)



20090107 Man who didn't father twins must pay child support

20090107 Polygamy charges in Bountiful

20080107 Man who didn't father twins must pay child support

20080107  <!--[if !supportNestedAnchors]--><!--[endif]-->STATEMENT ON BOUNTIFUL SPECIAL PROSECUTION

Statement on Bountiful special prosecution

Woman sues Google over blogger's comments

The art of cross-examination

20080106 Judge grants appeal in Smith baby case

20090104 Internal hearing turns ugly for Julian Fantino

20090104 Law targets rogue lawyers

20090103 Justice at last for gay war widower -Now its time for Canadian men who are victims of Ontario's Gender Apartheid laws to file similar claims.

20090102 Retroactive Child Support and Special or Extraordinary Expenses


Kissinger calls on Obama to create a New World Order, January 5th, 2009

2009-01-05  Kissinger calls on Obama to create a New World Order, January 5th, 2009

More:  News:  Obama's Fake Birth Certificate;
News:  Obama;s Muslim Faith;
Issues:  Paul Watson:  Nazi Origins of the European Union

The Brotherhood of Darkness, Dr. Stanley Monteith

The Brotherhood of Darkness, Dr. Stanley Monteith

"Dr. Stanley Monteith. It is impossible to understand the unfolding of world events without the information contained in this video. What was the origin of the Council on Foreign Relations, and what is its relationship to Freemasonry, Theosophy, Socialism and Communism? This video is felt by many researchers to be the best single source of information on the movements working to create a New World Order. No researcher, or seeker for the truth should be without a copy of this highly acclaimed presentation."

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New <LGBT> camp offers 'sexual minority' <aged 14 to 29> their own space, July 3, 2009

2009-07-03  New <LGBT> camp offers 'sexual minority' <aged 14 to 29> their own space, July 3, 2009

Canada's only leadership camp for "lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, questioning and allied youth" made its debut yesterday in B.C.   With the three-day event on an unnamed island in Howe Sound comes a chance for the province's young "sexual minority" to have their own space -- perhaps for the first time in their lives.

"The youth can just be completely free to be themselves, and they don't have to worry about some of the negative consequences or . . . the stigma just associated with expressing themselves," said Rod Knight, the camp's B.C. director.  Knight, 29, calls the camp a "social-health and education intervention" for a group that does not have enough community support.

Camp fYrefly was founded by university researchers at the University of Alberta in 2004. It expanded this year to Newfoundland, Regina and the Vancouver area. Participants must apply to attend the camp, but Knight said no one was turned away this year.  In B.C., 50 campers, aged 14 to 24, are doing campy things such as theatre and hiking, but also learning about health and sexuality and issues in the queer community. There are 10 youth leaders and 20 adult volunteers, as well as guest speakers.   But it is the camp atmosphere that means the most, said Knight.

"Just sitting around doing arts and crafts can be potentially emancipatory experiences for them," he said.  "They're talking about things that they may never in their own community have talked about, or had the opportunity to talk about."

For Taylor Basso, 19, a youth leader from Surrey, the camp is a chance to mentor young people and share his life experiences as a gay youth.   "I thought that I had come to a place of accepting who I was, but I realized that, for me, self-acceptance meant silence," said Basso. "I was not comfortable speaking about it with other people."  The third-year University of B.C. creative-writing student now volunteers with a queer organization and has met many people in the gay community.  "Everyone should celebrate themselves," he said. "Not just queer people. I think that everyone should be allowed to celebrate what makes them an individual, what makes them unique."  <Note Narcissistic Personality taking hold>

Note that in Homosexual culture "Celebration" typically means heavy partying and orgies.

Rod Knight, bc camp - Google Search

Promote equal parenting, Lorne Gunter, April 06, 2009

2009-04-06  Promote equal parenting, Lorne Gunter

Children who grow up without both parents in their lives are more prone to a whole host of social problems.

According to a three-year study done by Edward Kruk, an associate professor of social work at the University of British Columbia, 85% of young people in prison and youth detention are fatherless. This is a particularly important finding since, according to Statistics Canada, youth crime is the only category of crime that has been consistently increasing over the past decade. Nearly one-in-five young Canadians will have a run-in with the law — more than twice the percentage of adults — and most of them have no father in the home.

A combination of his own research and the findings of dozens of long-term studies of the effects of divorce on children, Professor Kruk’s study explains that 90% of runaways, as well as 71% of dropouts and majorities of depressed, suicidal, addicted and pregnant teens, grew up in father-absent homes.

It’s true: There are bad dads out there — men who abuse their wives or children, or both, or even just abandon them, disappearing entirely from their lives. But more often than not, father absence is the result of divorce, and, increasingly, of our legal system’s deliberate bias in favour of mothers and against fathers in custody awards.
Nearly 80% of custody awards in Canadian courts are made to mothers, and visitation rights are almost never enforced with the same enthusiasm as child support awards. Public officials are quick to condemn so-called deadbeat dads, passing laws to suspend their driver’s licenses and government cheques if they are behind on their payments to their exes. Yet mothers who deny visitation are almost never punished. No province, in practice, has penalties for access denial that match those for falling behind on support.

Federal judges and many appointed to provincial courts are required to take sensitivity training on women’s perspectives of and experiences with the justice system. No similar courses about men’s perceptions are required, because the (badly mistaken) belief within the system is that our laws and courts are stacked in favour of men.

Among all the examples of anti-male bias in our family law, two stand out. In the mid-1990s, then-justice minister Allan Rock changed Canadian law so that men could no longer deduct child support from their taxes, while women receiving support no longer had to pay taxes on that income. In other words, men are taxed on income they do not have, while women — who are the recipients and beneficiaries of the income — don’t pay.

Many judges in divorce cases initially “grossed up” or “grossed down” their support awards to compensate for this new upside-down tax arrangement, so the net effect was neutral. Still, the point of the change was to punish men because the bias within the federal justice department held that men were all heels and women all victims.

Over time, too, the initial neutrality has vanished (if men’s stories of their financial experiences after divorce are to be believed), forcing many divorced fathers into poverty, alienation from their children, depression and even suicide.

The other glaring example of anti-male bias comes from Justice Canada’s rejection of a 1998 recommendation by a joint Commons-Senate committee that all child custody awards in divorce cases start as 50-50 mother-father arrangements. Not only did the justice department ignore the suggestion of “equal parenting,” in 2001 arch-feminist civil servants conducted their own cross-country review in secret, inviting testimony only from those special interest “experts” who agreed with their jaded view of men.

According to the latest census figures, husbands and wives who both work outside the home now spend nearly equal time raising children. If, in divorce, one parent is given far more time than the other with the children, the kids suffer badly from the loss of affection and contact with the non-custodial parent, who is usually the father.

The best solution is for couples to work harder to avoid divorce. It is a modern myth that if the adults are happier after divorce, the children eventually will be, too. Divorce is hard on kids, period.

But given that divorce is unavoidable today, the Conservative government must heed Prof. Kruk’s finding and reconsider the concept of equal parenting when marriages fall apart.

National Post

<Norman English, Male> Nurse avoids jail in killing, Feb 01 2008

2008-02-01  <Norman English, Male> Nurse avoids jail in killing

A male nurse who made a citizen’s arrest by grabbing a cocaine-intoxicated robber by the neck, unintentionally causing his death has been given a suspended sentence.

Provincial court Justice William Wolski gave Norman English an 18-month suspended sentence Thursday after he pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm. The judge said it was ironic that someone who has dedicated much of his career to preserving life would be involved in taking one. 

The court found that English used excessive force in a reckless manner.  The 47-year-old nurse, who works with a transplant team at a major Toronto teaching hospital, was originally charged with manslaughter in the death of Stephen MacEachern, but the court accepted his guilty plea to assault causing bodily harm.

Outside court, defence lawyer Frank Gabriel said his client was very happy with the sentence. The judge was “terrifically fair,” Gabriel said. English declined comment.

But MacEachern’s spouse, Debbie, who asked that her last name not be used, said the sentence is not fair, considering a life was lost.

In the early hours of Sept. 22, 2006, English met MacEachern, 45, at a downtown Toronto bar and the two went to his apartment near Yonge and Carlton Sts. After they arrived, MacEachern shoved English to the ground and stole his wallet, court heard.

English gave chase and caught MacEachern in the building’s stairwell. As they struggled, he used his arm to grip MacEachern by the neck, while shouting for police. When English got off the man, he noticed he wasn’t moving. Building security officers arrived and used CPR to try to revive MacEachern.

Unknown to English, the man was very high on cocaine and died on the scene. The cause of death was pressure exerted on the neck of a person with acute cocaine addiction.

The judge said English was reckless in the way he went about retrieving his wallet, but he did not know MacEachern was acutely intoxicated. “I am satisfied that Mr. English should be punished but I am also satisfied that he is a person unlikely to reoffend.”

English has expressed great remorse, the judge said.

During the 18 months, English must take counselling, do 35 hours of community service, and consume no alcohol or controlled drugs.

Although English had assault and drunk driving convictions nearly two decades old, he is now “a contributing member of society,” Wolski said.

Chief Justice Diana Bryant attacks Australia's 2006 Family Law amendments, May 3, 2009

Diana Bryant, Chief Justice, Australia - Google Search

Fathers4Equality respond to recent comments by the Chief Justice of the Australian Family Court

A case of poor judgment

The Chief Justice of the Family Court, Diana Bryant, has recently launched an extraordinary attack on Australia's internationally regarded 2006 Family Law amendments, by writing to the Attorney-General and asking him to urgently repeal important provisions within the amendments.

These provisions in the family law act were specifically implemented to reduce the epidemic of false allegations and parental alienation that permeate every corridor of the Family Law Courts, to the clear detriment of the innocent children caught in the cross-fire. But Bryant wants them removed, and fails to explain how the innocent victims of maliciously false allegations would be protected without them.

What is more astonishing it seems is that unlike the parliamentary committee that recommended these laws in the first place, the Chief Justice has not consulted widely before making such an extraordinary intervention (in fact she has not consulted with any fathers' groups at all). Rightly or wrongly, Bryant will now be perceived to have compromised views on this issue, denying her the opportunity to have played a unifying force in the process of family law reform in this country, much like the wasted opportunities of her predecessor.

The two provisions Bryant wants specifically removed include:

the order of costs, at the Judge's discretion, against a parent who has been proven to have "knowingly" made false allegation in Court, and

unspecified actions, at the Judges's discretion, against a parent who has purposely alienated or deliberately maligned the children against the other parent

The importance of these provisions

These provisions have been specifically implemented to reduce the disturbingly common practices by some separated parents in making contrived and sinister allegations in Court against the other parent, and to otherwise engage in concerted efforts to destroy the relationship between the child and the other parent. This is done knowing full well the children will be irrevocably harmed in the process, both psychologically and emotionally. Yet it goes on and will continue to go on given human nature, unless we have laws to help it stop.

So these are "good", modest provisions designed to stop misguided parents from misusing the system and abusing innocent children.

Introduced only after extensive community consultation

These provisions were agreed to by a bi-partisan parliamentary committee (both Labor and Libs/Nats) that went around Australia canvassing the views of all Australians for over two years. Finally this committee was so appalled at the extent of institutional abuse in the Family Court that it recommended measures to protect innocent children and parents who were victims of contrived allegations and parental alienation by spiteful ex-partners.

But Bryant wants to override the will of the Australian people and the will of Parliament, and to completely remove all disincentives against lying in the Family Court

Really soft penalty for a very serious crime

Proving that someone has "knowingly" made false allegations rather than "mistakenly" or "recklessly" is quite a tall order. The standard of proof in these matters is a very tough hurdle to pass, and as a result "knowingly false" allegations have only been proven in a relatively few cases in recent years. If they are proved, they may result in a costs order, although this has been rarely applied in children's matters by the judiciary.

Now given that perjury in any other Australian court may result in 10 years or more jail time, one must be mindful of the fact that this is a really soft penalty for a very serious crime. It is a provision however that can work as a disincentive, albeit a modest one, in dissuading many parents from lying in the Family Court in the first place.

So these are "good", modest provisions designed as a disincentive to those misguided parents who may in a moment of weakness be tempted to make contrived allegations in Court.

Measured responses to issues of concern

Bryant justifies the need for these changes by suggesting that some people have misunderstood these provisions. Even if this is true, her suggested fix is a remarkable over-reaction to an issue that could be addressed through a number of simple measures.

Given that most parents in family law proceedings are either represented by lawyers, have visited a family relationship centre or have sought government funded legal services, a simple review could identify the cause of this misinformation from within these service providers, and provide an opportunity for corrective measures to be implemented.

Secondly, a request to the Attorney General to implement an educational campaign to educate parents about these provisions would go a long way in addressing any existing misconceptions, and would be a more measured and effective approach to the issue at hand.

Given the unprecedented nature of these family law amendments, what is required are sensible, well-measured & ultimately timely approaches to these issues, in order to allow for proper outcomes based research to develop. Anything less than this would put at risk the very wellbeing of those we are trying to protect.

Broader consultations as a first step

Fathers4Equality would like to encourage the Chief Justice to put some thought into what checks and measures she would alternatively suggest be implemented, if the current provisions are removed, to protect children from the devastating damage resulting from alienation and perjury in Court. Given that lying in the Family Court and parental alienation are forms of child abuse, we stress the importance of carefully considering the implications to the welfare of children if these safeguards are removed.

Secondly and in reference to a recent campaign that has promoted a less than accurate reflection of these new laws, we would ask the Chief Justice to consider making a public statement to the effect, as is the case, that no evidence exists of any escalation of child abuse as a result of the new amendments. This would be an important statement from the Chief Justice in the interests of an informed community discussion on this matter, and would help ensure that the debate is discussed in terms of facts, not innuendo.

Finally, we would like to draw attention to the increasingly under-resourced and overworked child protection authorities in this country, and the fact that too many cases of genuine abuse are not thoroughly investigated, in part because of the level of false allegations emanating from the Family Court. It must be recognised that for every hour that a child protection officer is investigating a false allegation, it is one hour less protection that can be given to a child in genuine need, and this is a cost that the children of Australia simply cannot afford.

Fathers4Equality would be open to discussing these important issues further with the Chief Justice, if she is willing to accept our invitation.

written by Ash Patil & James Adams
fathers4equality - australia

Other Media Enquiries

James Adams


A rebuttable presumption of equal parenting time is about children, and it's about time!

"Do you know that over 90% of Australians support equal custody after separation? Show your support by signing the Online Equal Parenting Petition

Former Burnaby teacher jailed for sex with student, August 28, 2009

2009-08-28 Former Burnaby teacher jailed for sex with student

A former private school teacher in Burnaby, B.C., has been sentenced to six months in jail for what the judge in the case called the "abhorrent" sexual exploitation of one of her male students.

The sentence — which included two years' probation and a ban on contact with males between the ages of 14 and 18 — was meant to send a very clear statement, provincial court Judge Jocelyn Palmer said.

The teacher had pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation, an offence that carries a 45-day mandatory minimum sentence. Her lawyer had asked for a 90-day term to be served on weekends so the woman could continue to care for her two young children.   The court was told in earlier hearings that while a drama teacher at the Burnaby private school in 2007, the woman developed a sexual relationship with a male student, 17, that led to oral sex and intercourse.   The teacher not only breached the boundaries between teacher and student by instigating the relationship but also violated his trust further by gossiping about the act after the fact with other students, Palmer said Friday.  The judge turned down the Crown's request that the teacher's name be added to the sexual offender registry.

A ban was issued on the publication of the names of the student, the teacher and the school involved.        <!!!!!!!>

Mentally ill man <Byron Prior> held not criminally responsible for libel  Aug 1, 2009

2009-08-01   <Newfoundland Press claims> Mentally ill man <Byron Prior> held not criminally responsible for libel;

A judge has ruled that a mentally ill man who accused a former politician of sexual misconduct can’t be held criminally responsible for damaging the politician’s reputation by spreading the accusations.  

Byron Prior was charged with a defamatory libel after he published leaflets, wore placards and made comments on a website about the former politician, whom he accused of sexual misconduct with his own young sister in the 1960s.  The charge against Prior read that he’d published comments he knew were defamatory and false on May 29, 2008.

Prior didn’t deny making the comments. Rather, he argued that the statements were true and therefore not defamatory. However, evidence entered by police, the politician — who can’t be named to protect his identity — and even Prior’s sister, showed the accusations weren’t true.  Normally that would result in jail time — as much as five years less a day — but because of Prior’s mental health issues, on July 20 Judge David Orr ordered him to the Waterford Hospital, where the mental-health review board will decide what happens next.

In statements to police in the late 1990s about sexual abuse in his family, Prior alleged there was a cover-up to protect the politician, though he admitted to officers then that he had no proof of sexual misconduct or of a cover-up. “He simply had a ‘gut feeling,’” according to court documents.

Wanted investigation

He told police he hadn’t made the complaint earlier because he felt the politician had too much influence. He said he wanted the police to uncover evidence in an official investigation. 

Police followed up on the case and interviewed Prior’s sister twice. Both times she denied the incident ever happened.  She denied it for a third time before the charges were laid against her brother.  The politician was also interviewed and he denied knowing the girl or Prior at the time the incident was supposed to have happened. He denied anything ever happened with the girl.  He said he became aware of the family because of the allegations levelled against him by Prior.

The court ruled that based on the timelines outlined by Prior, his claims were impossible.   “Mr. Prior has engaged in a campaign to publicize his allegations …,” the decision reads. “In the past, he has made statements about it on the Internet, he has set up a booth on Parliament Hill in Ottawa with signs on it … and has printed and distributed pamphlets to that effect.”

Two assessments

Prior had two separate psychological assessments. One showed he suffers from a delusional disorder. The second said he was depressed and suffers from neurosis as a result of a traumatic childhood, but is not delusional.

“In this case, the accused suffers from a disease of the mind, delusional disorder and had a false belief that deprived him of the capacity to rationally make a choice about the rightness or wrongness of his actions,” Orr wrote. “… A verdict of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder is entered.”

Prior remains at the Waterford.



01 August 2009


How come you did not mention the fact that Byron's sister got pregnant at the tender age of twelve and delivered a baby girl? Was that a case of Immaculate Conception or a case of rape, or statutory rape if she went along with it? This baby girl must have been fathered by someone would you agree on that?

How come you did not mention the fact that this baby girl and Byron's niece grew up and went to work and to this very day works for a company that is owned by the very politician who allegedly raped Byron’s sister and made her pregnant??

How come you decided to ignore to mention that Byron Prior made a very simple request that politician Byron accused of raping his sister submit himself to a DNA testing in order to exclude him as a father of Byron’s nice born to his sister when his sister was twelve years old?? How come you decided to ignore to mention that a politician Byron accused of raping his sister refused to submit himself to such DNA paternity testing??

How come you decided to ignore to mention that Byron Prior was tried under section 301 of the Criminal Code of Canada in 2008 in Supreme Court and Justice Lois Hoegg dismissed all charges against Byron Prior by finding Section 301 of the Criminal Code of Canada unconstitutional?

2008-05-06  Libel section in Criminal Code unconstitutional

How come you decided to ignore to mention that Justice Lois Hoegg in her ruling in May of 2008 mentioned specifically that the Crown had ample opportunity to charge Byron Prior under Section 300 of the Criminal Code of Canada and chose not to proceed??

How come you decided to ignore to mention that Justice Lois Hoegg decision effectively barred Newfoundland Crown from charging Byron Prior under Section 300 of Criminal Code as it would be a clear violation of Section 11(h) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that bars double jeopardy..

Proceedings in criminal and penal matters

11. Any person charged with an offence has the right

(h) if finally acquitted of the offence, not to be tried for it again and, if finally found guilty and punished for the offence, not to be tried or punished for it again; and

How come you decided to ignore to mention that Newfoundland Crown basically ignored Justice Hoegg’s decision as they never appealed it, and charged Byron Prior for the same offences based on the same set of facts in Provincial Court using Section 300 of Criminal Code despite of having plenty of opportunity on previous occasion to argue their case in front of Justice Hoegg in Supreme Court.

There is much more to your hatchet job of an article that you wrote and published in the Telegram than what I have mentioned so far but I am not about to try to have a public discussions based on court materials that are not accessible to general public.

From: Karol Karolak

Children: Father didn't abuse us, July 11, 2009

2009-07-11_Ex-Vancouver police officer spent nearly 20 years in prison

Matthew Spencer, left, testified Friday that he’s always known in his heart that his father, Clyde Ray Spencer, right, never abused him. (Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)   The two adult children of former Vancouver police officer Clyde Ray Spencer, who spent nearly 20 years in prison after being convicted of molesting them, testified in court Friday the abuse never happened.

A 33-year-old son recalled how, at age 9, he was repeatedly questioned, alone, by now-retired Detective Sharon Krause of the Clark County Sheriff's Office. He said after months of questioning, he said he was abused to get Krause to leave him alone.   A 30-year-old daughter said she doesn't remember what she told Krause at age 5, but recalled Krause bought her ice cream.   Both children, who live in Sacramento, Calif., said that while growing up in California they were told by their mother, who divorced Spencer before Spencer was charged, that they were blocking out the memory of the abuse.   They said they realized as adults the abuse never happened, and they came forward because it was the right thing to do.

The fallout from Friday's hearing won't be known for months, after appellate judges weigh in. But the hearing does pave the way for the state Court of Appeals to allow Spencer to withdraw the no-contest pleas he entered in 1985 and have his convictions vacated.   After Matthew Spencer and Kathryn (Spencer) Tetz each took a turn on the witness stand, Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis said their testimony followed the written declarations they filed with the Court of Appeals.

Since the appellate court doesn't take live testimony from witnesses, Lewis was ordered to listen to the children testify and see whether they stuck by their written declarations, even under cross-examination by a prosecuting attorney.

They did, Lewis said.

Spencer, 61, who goes by Ray, hugged his son and daughter after the hearing while a dozen supporters cheered.    In 1985, Spencer was also convicted of abusing a 4-year-old stepson, who was not at Friday's hearing.   The Court of Appeals ruled his testimony was not necessary, given his age at the time of the alleged crimes and the fact his mother had an affair with Krause's supervisor.

According to Krause, the children were together when they were abused.   Both Matthew Spencer and Tetz testified their stepbrother was never abused by their dad.   In 1985, Spencer entered the no-contest pleas, a type of guilty plea, after learning his court-appointed attorney had not prepared a defense. He felt pleading no contest was his only option, and that he would appeal his convictions.   Former Judge Thomas Lodge sentenced Spencer to two life terms in prison, plus 14 years.   For several years, Spencer's appeals failed. He was denied parole five times because he refused to admit guilt and enter a sex offender treatment program.

He hired Seattle attorney Peter Camiel in the mid-1990s. Camiel and a private investigator uncovered several disturbing facts about the investigation — including that prosecutors withheld medical exams that showed no evidence of abuse, despite Krause's claims that the children had been violently, repeatedly raped — and those discoveries led Gov. Gary Locke to commute Spencer's sentence in 2004.   Spencer was ordered to be on supervision for three years.

He's still a convicted sex offender, and Friday's hearing was just another step in the long process of clearing his name.   The process has admittedly taken its toll on Spencer, who suffered a heart attack in April.  "For so many years, nothing went right," said Spencer. "When things keep going right, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Kim Farr grilled Spencer's children about why they are so certain they weren't abused.   Matthew Spencer said he knew his father had ruined the relationship with his mother.  "He had downfalls. But none of them were molesting children," he said.

Tetz said when she finally read the police reports she was "absolutely sure" the abuse never happened.  "I would have remembered something that graphic, that violent," she said.  Krause, who declined an interview request from The Columbian in 2005, could not be reached Friday.

If the Court of Appeals vacates Spencer's convictions, the case would return to the Clark County Prosecutor's Office.   Charges would either be refiled or dismissed.   Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Dennis Hunter wasn't ready to wave a white flag on Friday. He said if convictions are tossed, prosecutors could appeal to the state Supreme Court.  After the hearing, Spencer, who has received his doctorate in clinical psychology but cannot get his state license as long as he has a criminal record, said he will just have to wait and see.

But at least he has his children, who didn't talk to him for more than 20 years.  "They were my life, and they were taken away from me. That was the hardest part. I could serve in prison," Spencer said, before his voice trailed off, and his son came up for another hug.

Stephanie Rice:

Private bill for ‘equal parenting’ goes on Parliament’s order, July 15 , 2009

2009-07-15  Private bill for ‘equal parenting’ goes on Parliament’s order, has support from Laval-les Îles Liberal MP Raymonde Folco

‘This law if passed would make it mandatory for two parents who are divorcing to discuss with either a mediator or a judge how they would divide the time with the children’ – Raymonde Folco

In the weeks preceding this past Fathers’ Day, there were so many different interpretations of who is a dad, some may have found it difficult to distinguish just what is a father these days. Oprah featured a single dad with nine children, and the National Post didn’t do much for the idea of fathers as role models when it ran an article on the importance of sperm in child development.

Divorce Act amendments

Now a small group of legislators from different sides of the House of Commons in Ottawa have gotten together in an attempt to address some of the real issues. Bill C-422, to amend the Divorce Act in favor of a presumption of equal parenting, has been tabled by Saskatchewan Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott, with the support of Laval-les Îles Liberal Raymonde Folco and Lévis-Bellechasse Conservative Steven Blaney.

At least one purpose of the proposed amendment would be to counter an overall bias many people feel currently exists in divorce and child custody law which generally favours women. “I had already met with a group that was trying to get a private member’s bill on this,” Folco said in an interview with TLN.

‘No hesitation’: Folco

“They thought I would be interested because of some of the other things I’d done in Parliament. So I said I would be very happy to second it. This is the kind of bill where I felt no hesitation at all. If he hadn’t tabled it, I would have. This law if passed would make it mandatory for two parents who are divorcing to discuss with either a mediator or a judge how they would divide the time with the children.

“Equal parenting means that 50 per cent of the time a child would be with one parent and 50 per cent with the other,” she continued. “That’s so that the two parents can come together for the good of the child. If one of the parents felt that during the week it was impossible for him or her to have the child and they would rather have him or her on the weekend, that would be something to be discussed between the two parents with a mediator. But the basic line is a 50-50 proposition, and this is to help the child grow up with the help of both parents.”

Supporters pleased

The Canadian Equal Parenting Council, a coalition of 40 member organizations and worldwide affiliates pushing for the recognition of presumptive equal parenting as being in the best interest of the child, is pleased with the proposed amendment. “We have had the real pleasure of working on this legislation with Mr. Vellacott who truly has the same interests as our coalition ― protecting the best interests of children after divorce,” said Kris Titus, co-president of the CEPC.

The CEPC says it agrees with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s position on the issue and has called on all parties and their leaders to stand by their commitments to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Canada in 1992, and to follow recommendations made in the For the Sake of the Children Parliamentary report of 1998.

Fathers 4 Justice

Regarding the move to shared parenting legislative changes, Ignatieff wrote in his 2002 book The Rights Revolution, “These are sensible and overdue suggestions.” Fathers 4 Justice Canada, a controversial group that has attracted a fair bit of media attention in recent years with tactics such as scaling tall structures like bridges where they hang banners, fully supports the proposed changes.

"Men in Canada need to quite literally start protecting themselves from the flawed family law system,” the group said in a statement reacting to Bill C-422. “Right now the focus is on litigation not restoration. Money talks and Dads are forced to walk away because they cannot afford to fight for their children any longer. We need to start asking why they should even have to. Dads are just not seen as important."

F4J Canada New Year's Message - 2009, Kris Titus


Our Resolution for the New Year is that the BEST child support is EQUAL Parenting.

Cookstown Bat Girl flags ON water tower on Parental Alienation, April 25

Full Story:  Fathers 4 Justice Canada - April 25/09 - PAAD - Ontario Bat Girl In Cookstown Action

Accused in lesbian axe-murder trial acquitted, Jun. 04, 2009

Jury finds 24-year-old woman not guilty of first degree murder in death of her female lover's long-time boyfriend

2009-06-04  Accused in lesbian axe-murder trial acquitted, Globe and Mail

Amid a torrent of emotion, a Toronto woman accused of using an axe to bludgeon to death her lesbian lover's possessive boyfriend  walked free from a downtown courtroom yesterday afternoon, acquitted of first-degree murder. <murdering a competitor isn't "possessive?>

The verdict from the seven-woman, five-man jury capped more than three days of tense deliberations.  Ashleigh Pechaluk, 24, and her parents embraced tearfully before stepping out into the bright sunshine to face a bank of microphones and television cameras.  Arrested the day of the murder, she spent more than two and a half years in custody.  But both she and her mother, Beverley Salton, said yesterday they never doubted the outcome and praised the skills and compassion of defence lawyers Peter Zaduk and Kristine Connidis.

“That's what got me through,” Ms. Pechaluk told the media throng.  “It's been a long time – hard, stressful, not knowing what's going to happen, and there was always that bit of doubt,” she said. “But I always knew it was going to be okay.”

She had pleaded not guilty in the Oct. 27, 2006 slaying of Dennis Hoy, a 36-year-old GO Transit constable and long-time boyfriend of her former lover, Nicola (Nicky) Puddicombe.  Ms. Puddicombe is set to stand trial beginning Monday. She too is charged with first-degree murder in Mr. Hoy's death.

During Ms. Pechaluk's two-month trial, the prosecution alleged the two women killed Mr. Hoy so they could be together.  He was found bludgeoned to death by an axe in Ms. Puddicombe's bed in the Queensway apartment shared by the two accused.  The jury also heard that Ms. Puddicombe, now 36, was the sole beneficiary of Mr. Hoy's $238,200 life insurance policy and his pension proceeds, and that she had convinced Ms. Pechaluk that Mr. Hoy was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, a killer and a drug dealer.

The jury began deliberating Monday afternoon, after Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto gave them her final instructions.

“[Ms.] Puddicombe had Ashleigh Pechaluk believing she [Ms. Puddicombe] was being forced to have sex with Dennis Hoy,” Judge Benotto said in outlining the case presented by lead prosecutor Maureen Bellmore.  “She wanted to pump up Ashleigh into a frenzy of hate, so that she could kill Dennis Hoy.”   But after deliberations punctuated by a temporary impasse, when they returned to court to tell the judge they were deadlocked and were urged to go back and try again, the jurors concluded otherwise.   In doing so they accepted Mr. Zaduk's contention that although his client had talked with friends about getting rid of Mr. Hoy, even in the last days before his death, she never went through with the plan.

The Crown's case against Ms. Pechaluk was almost entirely circumstantial. The gory crime scene yielded no physical evidence against her: no blood traces, no fingerprints, no DNA.  And also central to the verdict, in all likelihood, was Ms. Pechaluk's decision to testify on her own behalf, which she did for close to three days.  Wary of the rigours of cross-examination by the prosecution, defendants in murder trials rarely take the witness stand. But Ms. Pechaluk remained calm and articulate, turning in a performance that observers found compelling.

“I just answered the questions as best I could,” she said yesterday. “I wasn't really aware of anyone else in the room. You just try and get through it.”

The stakes in the trial could scarcely have been higher.  Conviction for first-degree murder carries an automatic penalty of life imprisonment with little chance of parole for 25 years.  But Mr. Zaduk said yesterday he was certain all along his client was innocent.  “There's not a fibre of her being that made her capable of this [murder].”  He conceded it was a bad moment when the jury returned to the courtroom on Wednesday and announced that it was unable to reach a verdict, which under Canadian law must be unanimous.  “That really rips you, you have the sense that you have to go through all this again. I'm just really glad that justice prevailed in the end.”

Ms. Salton and Ms. Pechaluk's stepfather, Keith St. John, attended the trial every day, seated in the left front row of the spectators' gallery.  Since their daughter's arrest, that was about as close as they had got.  “I haven't touched her in two years and seven months,” Ms. Salton said after the verdict.

The moment when the jury pronounced Ms . Pechaluk not guilty “was amazing,” Ms. Salton said, giving her daughter another hug.  “ I never, ever doubted this would happen but it was more wonderful than I thought.”  As for Ms. Puddicombe's trial, which will be prefaced next week by legal arguments, “We'll deal with that, we're not thinking about that right now,” Ms. Pechaluk said.  “She'll have a fair trial.”

She also commiserated with Mr. Hoy's parents, who were estranged from their son, did not attend his funeral and only occasionally visited the trial. 

“I'm sorry for their loss,” she said. “It's not fair.”  Her first post-custody pleasure?  “Seafood,” she said with a laugh.

Beyond that, she said her future will encompass working with children.  “It's a new slate, starting again, this is over for me now and I want to get on with my life,” she said.  And in the embrace of her beaming parents, still pursued by the cameras, she walked quickly away.

Trial Underway In 2006 Etobicoke Axe Murder, April 14, 2009

2009-04-19  Trial Underway In 2006 Etobicoke Axe Murder

The trial got underway Tuesday in the 2006 axe murder of a man in a west end apartment.  The body of 36-year-old Dennis Hoy was found in a building on The Queensway near Royal York in October of that year.  Ashley Pechaluk, who is in her early 20s, faces first degree murder charges in the slaying.  In an opening statement Tuesday the Crown alleged that the accused stood to make $250,000 in insurance money and was in a sexual relationship with another woman who's also accused in Hoy's death.

The second woman accused is also believed to have been in a relationship with Hoy and Pechaluk, with the latter scheming the murder after she sought an exclusive relationship with Hoy's long-time girlfriend.  Nicola Puddicombe, in her early 30s, faces an equal charge of first degree murder and will stand trial later this year. The Crown says she was the sole beneficiary of Hoy's life insurance policy.

<Ashleigh Pechaluk> Not guilty in axe-murder trial, June 4, 2009

A woman was acquitted today of murdering her lover’s boyfriend in a bizarre love triangle.  A jury found Ashleigh Pechaluk, 24, not guilty of all charges stemming from the Oct. 27, 2006, bludgeoning death of Dennis Hoy, 36, while he slept in the bed of his long-time girlfriend Nicola ‘Nicky’ Puddicombe. 

Pechaluk, who has been in custody since that day, almost 3 1/2 years in jail, was freed at 4 p.m. after the jury rendered its verdict.  She hugged her lawyers Peter Zaduk and Kristine Connidis and then embraced her mother Bev Salton for several moments as both women shook with emotion. 

In summing up the prosecution case earlier yesterday, Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto called Puddicombe “a master manipulator who carried on sexual relationships with Dennis Hoy and Ashleigh Pechaluk at the same time.”  The jury, which began its deliberations at 3 p.m. Monday, returned its verdict after four days of deliberations. Crown attorneys Tom Lissaman and Maureen Bellmore argued that Pechaluk is the axe-wielding assassin who killed Hoy in a plot executed by her and Puddicombe, so that the lesbian lovers would be free of his meddling.

Pechaluk, 24, maintained her innocence, saying she never intended to kill Hoy. Once she rejected the scheme at the last hour, she testified that Puddicombe alone murdered him. Her co-workers universally liked the easy-going Pechaluk, who once aspired to become a police officer.

Benotto had said the jury members must first understand the dynamics of the love triangle of Puddicombe, Hoy and Pechaluk, her lover of 13 months, before they could decide if the prosecution had proved its case against Pechaluk.  “Puddicombe had Ashleigh Pechaluk believing she (Puddicombe) was being forced to have sex with Dennis Hoy,” said Benotto in her charge yesterday.  “She wanted to pump up Ashleigh into a frenzy of hate, so that she could kill Dennis Hoy,” said Benotto.

Hoy was found bludgeoned to death by an axe as he slept in Puddicombe’s bed.

Puddicombe convinced Pechaluk that Hoy, a GO Transit officer and her boyfriend for 11 years, was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels motorcyle gang, a killer and a drug dealer, said Benotto. Pechaluk also believed that Hoy “controlled Puddicombe,” although there’s “no evidence of that (or Hoy’s criminal activities),” said Benotto.

The lesbian couple also indicated the timing was perfect since Hoy had recently had his car tires slashed and was sleeping at their home. The women wanted the police to search for an assassin who’d invaded their home to kill Hoy.  Pechaluk divulged details of the murder scheme to co-worker and confidante Sarah Sousa, who became a key Crown witness. Sousa knew inside details of the plan, including what Puddicombe would tell the 911 operator and police and where the assassin would have found a murder weapon inside their Queensway Ave. home. 

Puddicombe, now 36, will go on trial, starting on Monday at Superior Court in front of Benotto. The trial is expected to last six weeks.

Law societies under fire, Kate Lunau, April 30, 2009

SPECIAL REPORT: Critics say there’s a problem with how lawyers are regulated

2009-04-30  Law societies under fire, Kate Lunau

2009-04-30  Law societies under fire, Kate Lunau - Google Search

Cora MacPhail doesn’t dislike lawyers. She has close friends who are lawyers; family members, too. MacPhail considers the law to be an honourable profession. Which helps explain why her dealings with the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) left her shaken.

In 2006, MacPhail was confined to a wheelchair for eight weeks following ankle surgery. The retiree, who lives alone in London, Ont., asked for help at home from a local care centre, but due to a mix-up, was at first denied (the centre later apologized, and provided her with services including a personal care worker). MacPhail’s son fired off a letter of complaint to the local MPP, and copied it to the centre; days later, the elderly woman got a knock on her door. It was the care centre’s “director of quality and contracted service delivery,” who questioned her and her son about the letter, she says. The meeting left her feeling uneasy. Weeks later, her son typed the care centre employee’s name into Google and discovered he was a lawyer, not a social worker, as they had believed. On Dec. 4, 2006, MacPhail filed a complaint with the LSUC, which regulates Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals. “He did not disclose who he was—a lawyer,” she wrote in her letter. “I trust you will take action.”

MacPhail, who was hoping for an apology, figured it would be an open-and-shut case. In fact, the process dragged on for almost two years. Her complaint was at first dismissed; when she requested an independent review, it bounced back to the law society instead, where it was rejected again. MacPhail appealed to a higher power, the complaints resolution commissioner, who is funded by the law society to conduct impartial reviews of their investigations. Then she learned the commissioner had a conflict of interest and had to withdraw. When her complaint was finally reviewed, the commissioner’s delegate found in MacPhail’s favour, asking the law society to reconsider. It did—and rejected her complaint a third and final time, deciding the man was not working in his capacity as a lawyer at the time of the visit. (For confidentiality reasons, the LSUC declined to comment on the case.)

MacPhail’s story is just one small example of what critics call a fundamental problem with the way the Canadian legal profession is regulated. Law societies, the regulatory bodies to which every practising lawyer must belong, have the authority to investigate and discipline their own members. But if you feel you’ve been bamboozled by a lawyer, complaining to his or her membership group can quickly undermine faith in the system. A bright, vivacious woman, MacPhail becomes visibly deflated when discussing her case. “It makes you feel very powerless,” she says. “They’re all such pals.”

In other countries, concerns like MacPhail’s have become an impetus for change. In England and Australia, for example, law societies are having some powers stripped away, and independent bodies have sprung up to deal with complaints. Among the Commonwealth countries, Canada’s system of lawyer discipline is fast becoming the exception instead of the rule. “People think it’s Caesar judging Caesar, when it’s the legal profession [handling complaints] itself,” says Steve Mark, legal services commissioner for Australia’s largest state, New South Wales.

In England and Wales, a new law came into effect in 2007 aimed at taking power away from lawyers and putting it in consumers’ hands. The profession’s self-regulating bodies, like the Bar Council and Law Society of England and Wales (which represent barristers and solicitors, respectively), no longer have free rein: the Legal Services Act created an independent body, chaired by a non-lawyer, to watch over them. The complaints process has also been revamped. Instead of seeking redress from the law society or bar council, members of the public will soon be able to go directly to the independent Office for Legal Complaints (OLC). Having a separate body perform this function is crucial to bolster public confidence, says Mary Seneviratne, director of research at Nottingham Law School and one of the OLC’s recently appointed members.

England isn’t the first to move away from pure lawyer self-regulation. In Australia, most states have an independent legal services commissioner to handle complaints. Steve Mark has been in the role in New South Wales since 1994; his office has proved so successful it’s served as a model elsewhere, including in England. As the “sole port of call” for complainants, he can decide whether to handle them in his office (about three-quarters of complaints stay with him), or refer them to the law society or the New South Wales Bar Association. “As an independent body, I can advocate for the consumer and not seem to have a vested interest,” Mark says. And when he chooses to dismiss a complaint, he adds, “it’s not assumed I’m trying to protect the profession.”

In both England and Australia, it wasn’t just bad optics that brought about change; law societies’ track records at investigating complaints were notoriously awful. Prior to reform, Zahida Manzoor, a non-lawyer who serves as legal services ombudsman and legal services complaints commissioner for England and Wales, issued a series of scathing reports criticizing the law society’s complaints-handling arm for being slow, poorly run and providing bad service. When it failed to submit adequate plans to improve, she imposed a hefty fine. “It wasn’t just a problem of perception; they were performing badly,” Manzoor says. In the Australian state of Queensland, where lawyer self-regulation came to an end in 2004, legal ombudsman Jack Nimmo concluded the lawyers’ complaints-handling body was “nothing but a post office box” that forwarded complaints to the lawyer in question, then sent the response back to the complainant.

Canadian law societies don’t have the same problems, argues Stéphane Rivard, a Montreal lawyer and president of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, an umbrella for the 14 provincial and territorial bodies (Quebec has two). “What triggers government intervention is when you have a lack of rigour [in regulating the profession and investigating complaints],” he says. “That’s not the case here.”

That, however, is up for debate. Canada hasn’t seen reforms comparable to those abroad, but “I’m skeptical it’s because lawyer self-regulation works here,” says Alice Woolley, an associate professor with the University of Calgary’s faculty of law. “There’s been insufficient scrutiny to assess that.” Unlike Australia or England, Canada has no independent legal ombudsman; members of the public must appeal to a law society-funded commissioner. And while the Law Society of England and Wales was criticized for receiving one complaint for every six of its members, turns out the Law Society of Upper Canada, the largest in the country, doesn’t have a much better record. In 2007, the LSUC had 38,879 lawyer members, and got 6,157 complaints, a ratio roughly equal to its English counterpart.

Philip Slayton is a former Bay Street lawyer and author of Lawyers Gone Bad: Money, Sex and Madness in Canada’s Legal Profession. He calls the disciplinary record of our law societies a “patchwork quilt” that varies from province to province, and even from one case to another. “I think the idea of a law society disciplining its own members is contrary to the basic principles of justice,” he says. Beyond that, “they’ve done a bad job.”

Take the case of former Law Society of Upper Canada treasurer George Hunter, which Slayton discusses in his book. In 2004, Hunter sat on a law society panel that for the first time disbarred a lawyer for sexually harassing a client (the disbarment was later overturned on appeal). In 2007, after Hunter admitted he himself had engaged in a relationship with a client—one of three extramarital affairs he’d been juggling—the prominent lawyer found himself back before the panel, this time on the opposite end.

Hunter’s former client was not at the hearing, but her impact statement told of depression, anxiety and a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, the Lawyers Weekly reported. Hunter’s counsel presented the panel with a stack of 27 “glowing reference letters” on his behalf, many of them penned by prominent benchers (members of the law society’s governing board). “Spectators remarked on the irony of benchers urging three fellow benchers to mete out the mildest possible sentence to a former bencher guilty of conflict of interest,” the lawyers’ newspaper reports. Hunter was suspended from practice for 60 days.

Whether it creates a conflict of interest when law societies investigate their members is “open to question,” says Paul Paton, vice-chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s national ethics and professional issues committee, and associate professor at the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. But, he adds, “a perceived conflict of interest is often equal, in the public mind, to an actual one.” Most dangerously, that perception can put people off from complaining at all. In one British survey, 81 per cent of people who’d used a solicitor in the previous three years said they’d rather complain to an independent body; if it had to be to another lawyer, 52 per cent wouldn’t complain at all.

It’s unfortunate, says Manzoor, the legal services ombudsman for England and Wales, because a lack of public confidence can undermine the entire legal system. “We’re talking about the rule of law. We’re talking about access to justice,” says Manzoor, who supports independent complaints resolution. “It’s not ‘lawyer knows best’; it’s a service that’s being provided,” she says. “We’ve got to make sure it’s of the highest standard, because it affects the public in such a way.”

Yet, unlike in Australia or England, the Canadian public—and its elected officials—have been surprisingly mute on the subject of legal reform. MacPhail can’t help but wonder whether meek acceptance is part of our culture. “I can recall going to a movie once,” she says. “The lights went out, but the movie didn’t start. Everybody just sat there.” After sitting quietly in the dark for several minutes, waiting in vain for the movie to begin, she says, “we finally got up and told someone.”

With so many Canadians losing faith in the justice system—or feeling shut out of it entirely—change seems inevitable. Legal reforms abroad were intended to empower the public, instead of lawyers; in England and Australia, “change came for good reasons,” Woolley says. “Those reasons exist here.”

Before widespread reform can happen in Canada, though, Paton suggests that public confidence in our legal system might have to hit an all-time low. “I think it will take one more scandal,” he says.

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Giving parents equal parenting time by law, Bill Harrington, Feb 25, 2009

2009-02-25  Giving parents equal parenting time by law, Bill Harrington

For the third time in 22 years, Washington state is leading the nation in family law reform. This time, the report is called the Residential Time Summary Report prepared by the state Office of the Administrator for the Courts. This is a first-in-the-nation compilation of post-divorce breakdown of parenting time for children, mothers and fathers. The numbers are collected case-by-case and county-by-county.

Amazingly, 46 percent of children of divorce, statewide, are ordered to spend a minimum of 35 percent parenting time with their biological fathers. Parenting time is broken down by large percentages, and meaningful shared parenting starts in the range of 30-35 percent. This is about 300 percent better results than anyone could have expected from the time the Parenting Act was first approved. If there ever was any doubt, Washington state is now an official shared-parenting state for families impacted by parental separation.

In 1987, Washington required divorcing parents to detail parenting schedules in Parenting Plan documents that are filed with the court. Over 30 states have adopted this family law reform. Again, in 1991, Washington Department of Social and Health Services first developed and used the Paternity Affidavit for unwed, never-married, fathers. Staffers were pleasantly shocked and surprised with how forthcoming fathers were to provide financial information used to help create child-support orders.

However, the question has always been placed — how much post-divorce parenting time are children of divorce actually spending with their male parents? Now we see some actual results statewide and county-by-county.

The King County and Pierce County numbers are higher than the statewide average at 50 percent with Snohomish close by at 49 percent. The two highest counties are Whatcom at 66 percent and Skagit at 59 percent. Yakima County comes in the lowest at 28 percent.

The summary report and study was advocated for by fathers' organizations and shared-parenting advocates as a way of documenting why an official shared-parenting law is needed in Washington. Sen. Jim Kastama introduced Senate Bill 5342 addressing this issue but it has not moved out of committee.

The 46 percent is a great number. However, there are probably another 30 percent where the fathers and some mothers arbitrarily are restricted to the typical every-other-weekend. In these cases, the fathers and mothers with limited schedules actually feel more like aunts and uncles than meaningfully involved parents. The children are the biggest losers. The new law is needed for these other parents to avoid decisions that are strictly perceived winners and losers.

The report statistic that rings the loudest and truest is that 93 percent of the final decisions are by agreement of the parents. This means that good mothers and fathers are operating with one reality most in mind: These children had two involved parents before separation and this should be the end result as well. These good parents are sending society and our courthouse officials a loud message.

Unfortunately, our elected superior-court judges, appointed court commissioners and family law lawyers seem stuck in 1987. This is the time before the positive and encouraging language of the Parenting Act was approved and the Tender Years Doctrine was still operational.

Children of divorce are our most fragile social statistics: over 70 percent of high-school dropouts and pregnant teen girls come from fatherless homes as well as the 80-85 percent of male teens in juvenile justice centers and more than 90 percent of men in prison, all from fatherless homes. Society has paid a huge price to keep fathers away from their children. Now we see good dads fighting to stay involved and our children are better off for this effort.

The time has come for children of divorce to be guaranteed continuing parental involvement such as the children in the above numbers coming from homes where both parents are legally fit. It is time to stop divorcing children from one of their parents, most often the father. We can do better.

Bill Harrington from Pierce County was a commissioner with the US Commission on Child and Family Welfare.

Quebec man wants name stricken from birth certificate of child who isn't his, 2009-03-30

2009-03-30  Quebec man wants name stricken from birth certificate of child who isn't his

MONTREAL - A Quebec man who has failed to have his name removed from the birth certificate of a young girl he found out was not his biological daughter wants to argue his case before the Supreme Court of Canada.

The businessman has already struck out in Quebec Superior Court and in the Quebec Court of Appeal.

Both courts ruled that paternity is ironclad if a man's name is on the birth certificate, if that status is not contested within a year of the child's birth and if other factors, including the same family name, indicate obvious bonds between the child and the parents.

The courts ruled there is little room for interpretation, but the man's lawyer disagreed with both rulings.

"It's not a monetary question as much as it is a question of principle - can we impose a child on a man?" Guylaine Gauthier said in an interview.

"The message the courts have sent is that we can falsely name someone as the father and this goes against the judicial system and the values upon which it is based.

"The question of good faith and bad faith is of major importance here - and I think there's a poor application of the Civil Code." 

The man, a native of Rimouski in eastern Quebec, was involved in a common-law relationship with a woman between 1998 and 2005 and the girl was born in 2002.

He testified he had no reason to believe he wasn't the father, but after the relationship ended he learned she'd kept her infidelity from him.

"After he was separated, people came forward and told him who the father was and that person also acknowledged that he was the girl's father," Gauthier said.

In January 2007, a DNA test concluded with a probability of more than 99.99 per cent that Gauthier's client was not the biological father.

Since then, he's had no contact with the young girl and the girl's mother has cut ties with him, but the man is still legally considered her father and could still be responsible for her financially, Gauthier said.

A well-known Quebec family lawyer said she doesn't think the case will even make it to Ottawa as she says the question of filiation has been long settled.

"The theme of this is filiation has nothing to do with biology," said Anne-France Goldwater.

"Once a child has a birth certificate and the child has a possession of status that matches the certificate, it's over, you cannot contest its filiation ever again."

Goldwater said there is a short window of time to contest, but in the majority of cases, the truth is discovered too late.

"Once his name is on the birth certificate and he has treated the child as his own, filiation is considered irrevocably established," she said.

The Canadian Children's Rights Council, an advocacy group concerned with children's human rights, said statistics reveal that about 10 per cent of Canadians don't have the name of their biological father on their birth certificate.

President Grant Wilson said men should not have to go to court in cases of paternal fraud to have the matter resolved.

Also, judges often rule that "because you've acted like dad long enough, we're making you the dad but unfortunately you can't tell people how to feel," Wilson said.

"Certainly, their relationship is going to be different."

Mandatory DNA testing during pregnancy would go a long way to limit the damage and protect the children from future harm, Wilson said.

"It's extremely damaging to children when they find out the man they thought was their father isn't their father," he said.

Goldwater said seemingly forgotten in the whole affair is the young girl.

"It's a cruelty beyond understanding to break this child's life like that," she said.

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