Remember, Remember the 5th of November, The gunpowder treason and plot,

I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot

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A Judge's Story
Andrade, Franklin, Montreal
Angus, Bob:  Passport Removal & Privacy
Armstrong, Brian
Bagby, Andrew, RIP  "Your Father's Murderer"
Bailey, Russell , RIP
Bayne, Paul & Zabeth: Child Abduction
Bonacci, Paul:  Franklin Coverup, NAMBLA
Botha, Jandre, RIP 2006 : "You're not my Daddy"
Brown, Arthur
Bruce,Charles  Sent to Debtors Prison by Extortionists
Carlin, Sara, RIP: Death, Anti-Depressant
Charles I of England:  RIP 1649
Cino, Sam
Conway, Maurice
Crockford Scott v RCMP
Deadbeat Dad or Mum
Dexel Mark Edward RIP
Duplessis Orphans:  Nazi Experiments
England, Jonathan Vs Lesbian Lover
Earle, Shane: Mount Cashel, NL
Fleury , Theoren: Sexual Abuse
Frank, Jan: Sexual Abuse, Marrying a Survivor
Fredrickson, Rick RIP, Sask
Gonis, Frank & Ashley
Gosch, Johnny: Pedophile Ring Cover-up
Griggs, Kay: Colonel's Wife
Imputed Income Testimonials
Hall, Jeff & Danica: Imputed Income, Debtor's Prison
Jessen, Gianna: Surviving Your Abortion
Kennedy, John F. Assasination, CIA
Lobel, Thomas:  8 yr old Boy.. for sex-change
Lohstroh, Rick, RIP: Mother / Patricide
Mabbot, Mel
MacDonald, Dr. Jeffrey:   Green Beret Physician
Manley, Perry of Seattle, RIP:  Suicide-by-Cop
Maran,Meredith:  False Accusations
McLaughlin,Terry -  RIP
Marshall, Chris:  A Father's Story
Millar, Wrongful Arrest
Morneau, Roger:  Luciferians in Montreal
Mount Cashel Orphanage, NL
Murtari, John
O'Brien, Cathy:  Childhood Sex Abuse, NLP
Owen, Alisha:  Franklin Cover-Up
Paris, Kent:  Matriarchal Sexual Abuse
Pittman, Wayne, Mount Cashel Resident
Prejean, Carrie, Miss CA, "Tolerance...
Prior, Byron: Child Rape by Public Officer
Renouf, Andy T. RIP Judicial Kleptomania
Rodriguez, Ana Rosa: lost arm to Abortionist
Russert, Tim:  RIP June 13, 2008
Samson, Pierre:  Duplessis Orphans
Sielski, Paul:  Debtor’s Prison
Smith, Ashley, RIP:  Teen Suicide
Street, Wilbur - RIP
"Scouts Honor"   Pedophile Scout Leaders
Seccuro, Elizabeth: Date Rape
Tatum, Chip:  CIA Helicopter Pilot, Black Ops
Thornton: Womens' Threats
Trociuk, Darrel - SCC
Unruh, Jeff: Debtors' Prison, Judicial Racketeering
White, Darren - RIP
Whitepen, Baldy:  "Horsefeathers"
Wiebe, Ken  v Status of Women
Winkler, Matthew-RIP:  Homicidal Moms
Deadbeat Dad or Mum
Fathers Thrown into Poverty

Equal Parenting How To's

Equal Parenting is like a Three Layer Cake. 

"Without Cause or Consent, no Child shall be removed from a Natural Parent!!!

"Two Equal Parents may .. agree to unequal Parenting Time, but this does NOT impugn the Parental Authority of either Natural Parent relative to Third Party Interlopers.

1.  The Bottom Layer:  The Initial Equal Parenting Agreement

Initial Equal Parenting Agreement creating full time, all time equality of both natural parents, subordinate to no third parties (a Constitutional right ignored by most Family Courts); a series of tentative Parenting Timetables for each year and statement of intent, or  "Wishes"; the requirement that the tentative Parenting Timetable laid out there will be reviewed and finalized annually and incorporated into the Annual Parenting Supplement.  Parental authority and discretion is always equal and unaffected by inequalities of Parenting Time allocations.

2.  Middle Layer:  The Annual Supplement & its Parenting Timetable

At-A-Glance® Erasable Yearly Vertical Jumbo Wall Calendar, 48" x 32", 2005Yearly Annual Parenting Supplements for planning the school year and finalizing the Parenting Timetable for the upcoming  parenting year.  Parenting Timetable must meet the test for equality established in 1) the initial Equal Parenting Agreement.

3.  Top Layer:  Autonomy of Both Equal Parents on all matters not previously Constrained.

Parenting Timetable alternates all residual parenting questions between the two otherwise equal parents who are subordinate to no third parties.  Full autonomy of each parent during their Parenting Time as allotted in the agreed Parenting Timetable on all residual parenting questions not previously constrained by Covenants in the initial Equal Parenting Agreement, or the current Annual Parenting Supplement.  Full discretion on residual parenting with the Timetabled Parent, but flexibility encouraged and provided by Ad Hoc Agreements.

4.  Icing on the Cake.....

Forget about the Courts, and your Ex, and go have fun with your kids!!!

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Father Suicide Directory

 Hester Lessard, Feminist Law, University of Victoria

"Heterosexual View of Parenthood must be ignored"

Lessard, Hester - Google Search;
Lessard, Hester: UVic Faculty of Law

"Trociuk is .. a disheartening endorsement of biological  concepts of parenthood  ... flawed .... it legitimizes a heterosexual view of the family.   ..   It must be ignored."

More: News:  Lessard, Hester - Heterosexual view of Parenthood must be ignored
Erin PizzeyNews:  Smith, Judge Daphne, BCSC, for Child Trafficking;
Issus:  Trociuk, Darrell;
Issues:  Child Trafficking, Canadian;
Testimonials:  Rick Fredrickson of Saskatoon

BC Judge Mary Southin backs Pedophilia & Sexual  Solicitation of Children

"Fathers have no rights"....

"Society's attitudes toward child pornography may prove as fleeting as views in an earlier age on homosexuality."

Mary Southin, judge - Google Search;
Judge Mary Southin - Google Video

Judge Mary Southin is reported to dress always in black, has her Chambers painted black, and each October 31, has various decorative Black Candles.

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News:  Crowley, Aleister:  Luciferian Freemasonry, Homosexual Pedophilia & Pederasty;
News:  Pike, Albert: Luciferian Freemasonry;
News:  Helena Blavatsky (1831–1891), Lesbian Founder of Theosophical Society & Godmother of New Age Movement;
News:  Westcott & Hort vs. Textus Receptus for Bible Translation;
News:  Georgia Guide Stones: Global De-Population;
News:  Lucifer / Lucis Trust;

David Ramsay of Prince George: BC Judge & Pedophile

BC Judge David Ramsay: - Google Search;
BC Judge David Ramsay: - Google Videos

This is a Judge practicing his sexual orientation for decades while on the BC Bench.  It is inconceivable that the Law Enforcement officers and other Judges were unaware of all his activities.  Law Enforcement Officers, are of course unable to act without the support of the Judiciary.

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 Testimonials:   Earle, Shane: Mount Cashel Orphange, NL;
Testimonials:  Prior, Byron: Sexual Abuse;
Testimonials:  Earle, Shane: Mount Cashel;;
Testimonials: Samson, Pierre:  Duplessis Orphans, QU
News:  Mount Cashel Orphanage, St. John's NL;
News:  Duplessis Orphans:  Nazi Experiments Orphange, NL
Issues:  Boys Of St. Vincent <Mount Cashel, NL>;
Issues:  Judicial Freemasonry
Issues:  Judicial Interpretation
Issues: Child Trafficking by Public Officers & Judges

Erin Pizzey, Founder of the Women's Shelter Movement: 

Erin Pizzey

"Why I loathe feminism... and believe it will ultimately destroy the family",
"Feminism began with Marxist Lesbian University Professors and their students"

Erin Pizzey - Google Search
Erin Pizzey - Google Videos

2008-02-14  Erin Pizzey on KFBK talk radio (Sacramento, California)

Erin Pizzey is  the founder of the women's shelter movement and of the first modern women's refuge (1971, Chiswick, London, England)

More:  Issues:  Pizzey, Erin: Women's Shelter Scam;
Issues:  "Women's Shelter" Gulags:  Lesbian Brainwashing & Seduction Camps
Issues:  Cools, Senator Anne: Lying Lawyers;
News:  Liberal Hedy Fry / Status of Women (SOW):
Issues:  Pedophiles Fear Dads;
Issuess:  False Accusations;
Issues:  Domestic Violence Fraud
Issues:  Child Trafficking by Public Officers & Judges

Warren Farrell:  Why Men Earn More, Myth of Male Power

Warren Farrell - Google Search
Warren Farrell - Google Videos

More:  Issues:  Warren Farrell:  Why Men Earn More, Myth of Male Power

Hedy Fry's Status of Women, "SOW",  KILL IT, KILL IT FAST!!!!

Hedy Fry's Status of Women - Google Search;
Status of Women, sow - Google Video


The university community tells us that at least one of the Status of Women university profs is not just a run of the mill Communist...   she's a self professed MAOIST!!!   The difference we're told is that a MAOIST believes in killing her opponents.  Recall all of the FTSOTC Panelists had multiple Death Threats against them.

We say it is Hedy Fry, and these "Second Wave Feminists" / Status of Women / Women's Studies types that need to be eradicated from tax funded positions and be forced to make Reparations to the thousands of Fathers and their families whose lives who have been destroyed by them since the sixties.  We need also the restoration of the Enticement & Seduction provisions of Common Law which these SOWs had struck by Statute.

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Testimonials:  Wiebe, Ken;
News:  SOW = Status of Women, Father Hatred
News:  Hedy Fry:  Queen of False Accusers, Status of Women (SOW) Chief

Darrin White, RIP of Prince George, BC

Death by Judicial Kleptomania - Manslaughter, Suicide, March 2000

Darrin White, suicide, Prince George - Google Search;
Darrin White, suicide, Prince George - Google Video

"Darren White died in March of 2000 by his own hand. BC Supreme Court Master Doug Baker had just ordered Darren to pay $2,071 per month in child and spousal support. His monthly income at the time of that order was only $950 after taxes.  

..He was also paying $439 a month to support an older child from a previous marriage.

... No one would listen to my father , no one would give him a chance to speak. ... My dad was an abused husband, he was abused by his wife, and the justice system.  ... He was a kind man who fought a good fight but no matter what he did or said, he could never win with this system."

More...   Testimonials: Darren White, RIP
Testimonials:  Mark Dexel, RIP of Kamloops, BC;
Testimonials:  Manley, Perry:  RIP
Testimonials:  Jeffery, Jeff & Danica
Issues:  Custody Orders not Enforced;
Issues:  Parental Alienation Syndrome;
Issues:  Imputed income;
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Issues:  Debtors' Prison Reinstituted

Debtor's Prison Reinstituted

Debtor's Prison, abolished in 1869, but now reinstituted to appease "Femi-Nazis"

Debtor's Prison - Google Search;
Debtors Prison - Google Video;

The common practice in BC Courts when Fathers do not pay Child Support - which most of the time is merely Imputed - is to send non-paying Father to Prison until he or his family members pay the fees imposed by the Judge. 

1869-xx-xx Debtors Act 1869 (c.62), United Kingdom

Even when mothers agree that Child Support should no longer be paid, we find that the Family Enforcement agencies, which are private contractors functioning as Bounty Hunters, typically refuse to end their claim on the father's income,.

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Issues:  Child Support Fraud;

Byron Prior:  Adult Child of Prostitute / Child Pimp Mother

Newfoundland's protection of Pedophiles in Public Service

2008-09-16 PRIOR: Why wont anyone hear me Mission Unstoppable.mp3

Byron Prior - Google Search;
Byron Prior - Google Videos

Byron Prior is an Adult Child of Sexual Abuse who is breaking the "Conspiracy of Silence" of his family's Perpetrator. 

EPT: PRIOR, Byron, Protection of Pedophiles in Public Service, 2006

DISCUSSION-EPT: PRIOR, Byron, Protection of Pedophiles in Public Service

More:  Testimonials:  Prior, Byron: Sexual Abuse;
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News:  Hickman, T. Alex, NL Judge, alleged Pedophile
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Testimonials: Samson, Pierre:  Duplessis Orphans, QU
News:  Duplessis Orphans
Issues: Child Trafficking by Public Officers & Judges;
Issues:  Judicial Freemasonry;
News:  Crowley, Aleister:  Luciferian Freemasonry;
News:  Pike, Albert: Luciferian Freemasonry

Dr. Rick Lohstroh, RIP August 2004

Mother Assisted Patricide:  Murdered by 10 year old Son with Mom's gun, Galveston, TX

Rick Lohstroh, murder - Google Search;
Rick Lohstroh, murder - Google Video
Deborah Geisler - Google Search

"Lohstroh, a 41-year-old emergency-room doctor, was shot in the back Friday when he went to pick up his two sons at their mother's home.  Police say the 10-year-old boy climbed into the back of his father's sport utility vehicle, fired a pistol several times through the back of the driver's seat and then ran back inside the home."

More...  Testimonials:  Lohstroh, Dr. Rick, RIP:   Mother Assisted Patricide;
Testimonials:  Winkler, Matthew-RIP:  Immunity for Homicidal Moms;
 Issues:  "Stockholm Syndrome" Paradigm Shift creates a "Victim-Perpetrator";
Issues:  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD;
Issues:  Legal Abuse Syndrome;

Wilbur Street, RIP:  Judicial Manslaughter, August 14, 2004

Street, Kimberly, daughter of Wilbur Street, RIP


"Pass on.  This was a man who was illegally arrested and sent to jail on a bench warrant and the judge refused to let him speak in his own defense, yelled at him and ordered the sheriffs to take him away.  He had Lou Gehrig's Disease.  This absolutely disgusts me.  The guy could not work but the judge felt he could work and pay child support.  Judge Kieser is disgraceful.  Also, Wilbur's ex-wife and her attorney are disgraceful.  They have no moral compass.  ...   "   Parenting Trek

Google Video, Street, Kimberly, Wilbur StreetEqual Parenting Trek / Convention Weekend Dates;  SUGGESTED WEEKEND FORMAT for Joint Meetings during the Equal Parenting Trek

Wilbur Streett's Judge dumped

Wilbur Streett's Judge dumped

Wibur Streett of N J , Murdered by Family Court and abuse by Monmouth County Deputies

Wibur Streett of N J , Murdered by Family Court and abuse by Monmouth County Deputies



Recovered Adult Child of PAS abuse, Everett, WA

Rhodes, Carol, Friend of the Court, Enemy of the Family

carol rhodes - Google VideoEqual Parenting Trek / Convention Weekend Dates SUGGESTED WEEKEND FORMAT for Joint Meetings during the Equal Parenting Trek

Norton, Bob - Family Court Watcher

Norton, Bob - Lincoln Memorial

Baskerville, Stephen, Taken Into Custody

stephen baskerville - Google Video Equal Parenting Trek / Convention Weekend Dates SUGGESTED WEEKEND FORMAT for Joint Meetings during the Equal Parenting Trek

More...  Baskerville, Stephen

Legal Abuse Syndrome

Simons, Frank, Courts From Hell - Family InJustice in Canada

"Description:  Since the introduction of the so called “No Fault Divorce” in Canada, the divorce industry has evidenced unprecedented growth estimated at $6 billion per year. The problem is that the Legal / Court industry thrives off the $B’s generated by Tax payers and Families in crises. For this they provide no value and in fact cause destruction of families by unnecessarily removing fathers from children’s lives and lowering the standard of living for all family members. This is done through unnecessary litigation, biased decisions and unreasonable support orders which escalate conflict to perpetuate the status quo in support of their self serving business. The Solution is to update divorce laws to reflect parental equality and get families out of court eliminating significant grief and $'s wasted by families and taxpayers. An alternative to courts is identified in the book.

The Verdict is VENGEANCE....   a VENDETTA

In Memoriam -- Wilbur Street

From: David
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 4:30 AM
Subject: In Memoriam -- Wilbur Street

I first met Wilbur several years ago, before the first time the goons of the New Jersey family court circus beat him up over a totally bogus child support arrest warrant. Wilbur had been paying according to the terms of a court order, but the goons of the New  Jersey child support office demanded that he pay a different way. When Wilbur continued to pay according to the court order, they refused to credit the payments, declared him in arrears, and got a rubber stamp arrest warrant issued. When they came to his door and Wilbur asked what this was about, the deputies simply pushed in his door and assaulted him, right in front of his daughter, who was also there.

I still have a haunting picture of Wilbur taken shortly after his release a few days later. He had a black eye and bruises all over his face. They claimed that Wilbur "resisted arrest", but Wilbur was a strapping six footer with a black belt in martial arts in perfect health (at that time), and if he had resisted arrest the most likely result is that none of the deputies would have walked away from it. But none of the deputies were injured at all, only Wilbur. As I recall that was on a Wednesday. Wilbur was released on the next Saturday after the child support agency admitted that he didn't owe any money.

Things went from bad to worse after that as the deputies lied their ass off to cover up their assault, and the child support agency colluded with the courts to concoct more bogus arrearages to continually issue more bogus arrest warrants despite the fact that Wilbur had never in his life failed to appear in court on any summons, and to my knowledge was never behind in child support until the continual legalistic assaults of the goons destroyed his ability to make a living.

I helped bail Wilbur out a couple of times, and talked to his wife and his parents several times.  Understandably they were quite distressed at the situation as Wilbur became locked in conflict with these goons, who were obviously trying to simply "bury" Wilbur under a mountain of legalistic cow poop. I tried to encourage Wilbur to find a way to de-escalate the conflict, and I think Wilbur tried his best do do that, although he had a strong idealistic streak in him about the Constitution and what ought to be a seamless majesty of law and justice in the courts that made it hard for him to compromise with what he perceived as absolute evil and corruption. His mother who had lived under the Nazis in WWII said this reminded her of that, and she was shocked that this was
happening in America.

At a certain point his second wife bailed out on him, saying, "I just can't take it any more." To an extent that is understandable, but she went too far when she apparently got mixed up with radical feminist types who encouraged her to file bogus restraining orders, etc. Through it all, Wilbur tried his best to maintain contact with his daughter from his first marriage, who wanted to live with Wilbur instead of her mother (I have emails from her to prove this). It's a classic case of the anti-father bigotry and ignorance, and the sheer brutality of the family court circus and the child support Gestapo destroying a second family after it destroyed the first. These goons could care less that both mothers and the children are worse off after they destroyed Wilbur, because all the goons really care about is keeping federal  money flowing from misguided federal subsidies and incentives that fuel the War on Fathers.

There have been many casualties in the War on Fathers, many of them horror stories at least as bad as what happened to Wilbur, such as Brian Armstrong who was beaten to death in a New Hampshire jail by the child support Gestapo, a crime that "the system" covered up. Wilbur did his best to seek justice for Brian (which never came), console his family, and keep his memory  alive. We will do the same for Wilbur.

One of the best ideas that I've seen would be to demand a federal "Wilbur's Law" that prohibits imprisonment for child support debt, and bans warrants for arrest or seizure of property "except upon probable cause" (does anyone remember the 4th Amendment?). The worst abuse of the child support Gestapo in Wilbur's final arrest is that they had to know or should have known of Wilbur's deteriorating medical condition, and that therefore any arrearage at that time could not have been because of contempt of court, and therefore whoever signed that warrant was guilty of reckless disregard for the truth and/or malicious and gross negligence causing wrongful death. They also knew or should have known enough about Wilbur's character by that time, to know that if they had simply issued a subpoena, that there is not the slightest chance that Wilbur would not have appeared in court if he could possibly have made it. If anyone was guilty of contempt of court here, it was the judge who signed the bogus final warrant that the goons of the child support Gestapo churned out. If that judge and those goons had a tenth of the regard for the Constitution and due process that Wilbur had, they should now arrest themselves and stay in jail until they purge their souls of their contempt for the Constitution and due process that Wilbur fought for to his last breath.

Wilbur's spirit was like a blazing star in the fight for truth and justice that passed from us too soon.  Wilbur's fighting spirit will never die, but lives on in the memories of those who knew him, and can only re-double our determination to fight on to inevitable final victory in the cause for which he gave the last full measure of devotion. He's gone to be with the others in a better place now. But the next time I see a comet in the night sky, I'll know that it was sent to remind us of a spirit that those who knew Wilbur can never forget.


Please forward this message to any place you feel is appropriate. Sign and distribute the petition for RESTORATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  Ed "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE" WARd

A whimsical picture of me

Wilbur on Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)

Wilbur Street passed away on 8-13-04

2004-08-14  WILBUR STREETT DIED TODAY AUGUST 14, 2004 Thanks to Judge Kieser of the New Jersey Family Court

"Injustice", by Wilbur Streett

In Memory of Wilbur Streett Whose Life was Shortened at the Hands of the Child Support Gestapo

Wilbur Streett Fallen Father Memorial

I've got a father murdered in jail.. by a prison guard with an EYEWITNESS!

Wilbur Streett on Easter Day, April 15, 2001, murdered by CRIMINAL justice system August 15, 2004:

Attorney Barbara Johnson Receives Telephone Call from Wilbur Streett's 18-Year-Old Daughter

Rest in Peace Wilbur Streett, A Family Law Gladiator Goes Down Fighting in NJ 

Before He Passed, Wilbur Streett Certainly Did His Homework...To The Benefit Of Us All

Wilbur Streett Fallen Father Memorial


INJUSTICE, by Wilbur Streett

Wilbur Streett
16 Crescent Place
Hazlet, NJ 07730
(732) 888-1858

I have just received a notice in the US Mail that a bench warrant will issue for failure to appear in front of a hearing officer in the state of New Jersey.

Too bad that I made a "special appearance" documenting that they had no jurisdiction over me..

and I have a stamped filed copy of it.

But then the NJ Constitution specifically states that ONLY JUDGES have authority, and they have documented numerous times that Hearing Officers only have authority if the parties consent, OR ARE ON PROBATION.  I am not on probation, and certainly did not consent, having pointed out that the Judge and multiple hearing officers in this matter that the State of New Jersey has NO JURISDICTION on numerous occasions.  Yet this process has once again occurred.  But the the even more simple process of having the Welfare Department computer print out a warrant and a Judge rubber stamp it has occurred 166,000 times in the state of New Jersey.  These acts constitute the LARGEST CRIMINAL RACKET that I have ever become aware of in my entire life.

But since Welfare pays for these crimes, they pretend that IT IS OK to commit FIRST DEGREE FELONIES.  (I have a copy of the contract if you want to see it).  In particular, Racketeering, Kidnapping, and Extortion.  (quoted along with URLs from the NJ Legislature pages at the bottom of this email). 

In this particular case, this entire matter comes down to Jurisdiction, as in does the court have authority to act in this matter.  The N.J.S.A Statute which specifically addresses jurisdiction:

2A:4-30.71  Establishment of support order, jurisdictional basis.

7. a. A tribunal of this State may exercise jurisdiction to establish a support order if the complaint, petition or comparable pleading is filed after a complaint or comparable pleading is filed in another state only if:    

(1) the complaint, petition or comparable pleading in this State is filed before the expiration of the time allowed in the other state for filing a responsive pleading challenging the exercise of jurisdiction by the other state; a complete copy of this law can be verified at:

The applicable New York State Code:

Sec. 3012. Service of pleadings and demand for complaint. (a) Service of pleadings. The complaint may be served with the summons. A subsequent pleading asserting new or additional claims for relief shall be served upon a party who has not appeared in the manner provided for service of a summons. In any other case, a pleading shall be served in the manner provided for service of papers generally. Service of an answer or reply shall be made within twenty days after service of the pleading to which it responds.

This can be verified at:

The original challenge to Jurisdiction was filed on Feb 2, 2001, a copy of which can be supplied to any party interested.  Twenty days after February 2, 2001 is February 22, 2001.  No response to that jurisdictional challenge has ever been supplied.  In addition, the actual wording of NJSA 2A:4-30.71 would put the date to 20 days from the date of unlawful service, which was January 17, 2001, or February 6th, 2001. 

Yet the state of New Jersey claims that a UIFSA petition filed on June 28, 2001 is somehow within 20 days?  This FACT has been supplied to the court over seven times now, in "special appearances" which did not grant jurisdiction and specifically challenged jurisdiction.  The previous special appearances were in substantially the same form as the one referenced above, but didn't ask for a quarter million dollars in fees for the injuries that I have been suffering.  As a result of the numerous special appearances that have been filed, and no response ever having been made, the parties are currently in default for an amount of $542,500.  The primary party being Judge McGann.  In any matter, when Jurisdiction is challenged, it must be shown by the Plaintiff.  Yet there are now NINE DEFAULTS filed on each of the special appearances that have been filed.  Yet they still pretend to have jurisdiction in this matter.

I have also filed the criminal charge of "Official Misconduct" on Judge McGann for acting without Jurisdiction, specifically after he was notified numerous times.  Despite the rules of the court that declare that any Judge making a ruling must do a finding of fact and conclusion of law, the Judge who heard the charges did not make such a ruling.  A Motion for Reconsideration was filed, and the Judge has been sitting on it for almost 2 months now.

and the order which the Judge must either sign or refute every single item:

It's very clear that Feb 2, 2001 to June 28, 2001 is NOT twenty days, and any proceeding against me by the Judge, after having been fully informed, is a criminal act.  Particularly when there has been NO RESPONSE from any party.  But then there are already $292,500 in "Final Judgement by Default" stamped received against this Judge, and the other actors in the criminal racket.  But then the "Final Judgement By Defaults" which have been filed with the court have been DESTROYED TWO TIMES ALREADY.  (Destroying court documents is a crime).  This copy was served by hand, and I have stamped received copies..  they were supposed to be heard the next day by a clerk, but they have now rescheduled them for the Judge for the 20th of this month.  Despite that they are to be signed by the CLERK, they have been scheduled to be heard in front OF THE SAME JUDGE who would be liable, and already has criminal charges on him regarding this matter.

Since I had previously received a notice to appear in front of this hearing officer last Monday.  I specifically filed a motion to VOID all of the orders of Mr. McGann, since he is WITHOUT JURISDICTION on an EMERGENT BASIS, since this criminal acts continue against me.  I also filed a motion to recuse Judge McGann, and a special appearance pointing out once again that the the court has NO JURISDICTION in this matter.  I spent a lot of time, digging up the concept of Jurisdiction in the courts, even quoting US Supreme Court cases which get into the entire Jurisdiction matter:

and despite that these were "EMERGENT" motions to be heard THE SAME DAY, they are now scheduled for September 20th as well.  Yet the chief family court Judge, Eugene Iadanza, is the one the signed the order that I received today.  The release figure is set to $5,000 dollars.  This constitutes yet another felony act against me.  I will be filing charges on Monday, both state and federal, against NUMEROUS PARTIES.  But despite the claims that I failed to appear, I filed a "special appearance" once again, documenting that they have NO JURISDICTION over this matter.  Too bad I have stamped filed copies.  Judge Iadanza will receive a motion for reconsideration on Monday, along with copies of the Emergent Motion once again.  In the "Motion for Reconsideration" it will be documented to him how he is personally liable for the criminal acts that he has committed if he does not immediately recall the order.  Anyone interested in contacting him can do so via the Monmouth County phone number (732) 431-7000.  The more press coverage, the more likely that he will abide by the LAW.

But then yesterday I confirmed that Judge Iadanza is on vacation this week.  I was told that Judge Mellaci was hearing his cases.  So I wrote up yet another "EMERGENT ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE DECLARING VOID JUDGMENTS VOID AND
INJUNCTIVE RELIEF" and specifically had to pay a messenger service to serve
this.  But they were told that Judge Mellaci was not hearing the matter, that instead it was Judge Colago.  That Judge's clerk refused to receive the papers, claiming that they had to be filed with the court clerk.  So the messenger service specifically got them filed with the court clerk.

The Court Clerk then scheduled the "EMERGENT MOTION" in front of Judge McGann.  This despite that obviously a different Judge has been involved.  I also specifically wrote on the cover page..

This is an EMERGENT matter as I am currently under threat of false arrest and numerous other acts which constitute first degree felony acts as the result of orders signed without jurisdiction. a complete copy can be found at:

But the court clerk pretends it's not an emergency, and once again that the Judge with criminal charges on him and pecuniary interests can hear this matter, on the 20th, despite that another Judge signed the order. 

I went to the FBI and explained how these constituted criminal acts.  The investigator told me that they would not investigate.  This despite having documented that this is a multi-state problem, and specifically that it was funded by the FEDERAL welfare department.  I also explained the gross abuses of the fourth amendment, which I mentioned above, and how 166,000 warrants in violation of the fourth amendment were being issued in the State of New Jersey every year.  He refused to investigate.  I specifically left the papers there which document my personal emergency in this matter.

He also refused to tell me the name of his boss.  His only answer was to "get a lawyer".  I expressed to him that he was not to give me legal advice, but to explain why he didn't believe that this was a crime, and why he would not investigate.  He refused to do either.  His name is Sean Addison.  He can be reached (973) 792-3000.  I explained to him that the real domestic terrorism is.  I explained to him that 11,000 men are killing themselves over these sort of matters every year, far in excess of those that died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.  After he refused, and I explained that he was sworn to uphold the law, I pointed out to him that if he refused to uphold the law, that I would be required to take the law into my own hands.  He stated, "that would be a mistake".. why could that be? We have a Nation of Law, and the government specifically engages in first degree felonies, and the responsible parties refuse to uphold the law.  The "right to revolution" was defined in the Declaration of Independence for a reason.

If the Press does not start to report these first degree felony ABUSES OF TAXPAYER MONEY, then we will indeed end up in a revolution.  Michel Foucault, the man credited with PostModerism, and who was the Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris, documented that all the revolutions since the 1,400s have come about through three factors:

      1.  The abuse of Judicial Authority
      2.  The use of Special Masters
      3.  The creation of Debtors Prison

We already have all three factors going on only through the policy put into place by Welfare.  Despite the law and Constitutional protectins put into place to prevent these abuses.

But then I haven't even told the rest of the abuses that I've suffered  Last year, three weeks after I served a federal lawsuit over this matter:  here

I specifically subpeona'd the CHIEF JUSTICE of the NJ SUPREME COURT, Debora Poritz, and numerous other parties.  They claimed that I had not show the
relevance, and quashed them all.  I had to write up a document which showed the relevance of the subpeonas here

but the court claims that I do not have the right to subpeona these people. I'm sorry, but my research specifcally shows otherwise:

But before I could file that on the court, they arrested me, despite the law that specifically states that when you're in court on a criminal matter, as a witness, you can not be arrested in a civil matter.  Then the Judge that I appeared in front of was misinformed and it was claimed that I had "turned myself in" and I explained that I'm out of work, and was released on "street release" AKA PROBATION.   But then a man on probation who is sentenced to make a monthly payment is given notice, and a chance to appear in front of the court, to explain why he did not make the payment.

But fathers are routinely jailed without notice, even when they have made the payments.  The four guys with me in the chain gang had documentation that the money was taken OUT OF THEIR PAYCHECKS.

But we already have a Welfare State which has usurped the law, which has been the cause of the failures of all societies in history.  Also specifically documented by Foucault.  I'm sure that if we spent the money that welfare spends committing these felony acts on National Security, we would not have had 9/11.  But then less people died on 9/11 then fathers that commit suicide over the abuses such as I documented above.  Were it not for my wife supporting me, I'd already be dead.  But then my other daughters fish, Dorothy, (aka Elmo's fish) died back on 9/11 last year.

Rather ironic, when I was walking by the World Trade Center one day, about 10 years ago, and tried to see the top of the "twin towers", I flashed back to trying to balance myself seeing my parents faces when I was a child.  I made the connection back to parents being the twin towers in our lives when were are small.  But I see that my parents made me who I am, and explained the world to me so that I have a better life than they did.  My mother went through the second world war, and a concentration camp, and my father grew up in a military school.  My father made a deal with my mother that she would stay at home, and he could do whatever necesary to support the family.  He did this so that his children would have a family, unlike the childhood that he had.

I have a picture that my current wife took of me holding my first daughter on top of the World Trade Center:

After a Judge ordered that I couldn't see Kimberly, my first daughter, she sent me this picture.  Yet, with numerous times in court, and with no reason given, I am prevented from seeing her.  Kimberly has became suicidal, and failed out of the honor's classes she was in.  She almost failed the entire school year last year, and is now on psychiatric drugs.  Yet with NO REASON SHOWN for me not being able to see her, and the suffering that has been documented to the court, they still prevent me from seeing her.  Oh yeah, when Probation stole the money from me, my ex could afford a lawyer (liar).  

The Don Henley song, "In a New York Minute" Everything can change.  That song starts about a man committing suicide by stepping in front of a train. But when we destroy our system of law, and allow first degree felonies to occur ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY at taxpayer expense, with the goal to foster the practice of family  law, fill up the jails, and destroy the family to allow the government to continue it's intrusion on our lives, we'll end up in a welfare state, and fail, just like all other societal failures in history.

But then I heard that the father and eyewitness that I found to the Brian Armstrong HOMICIDE has liver cancer and will probably be dead in six months.

But then his kids were in Columbine High School on the when his wife moved out of New Hampshire with the kids.

How much farther into a Welfare State will the USA progress until we totally fail?


Wilbur on Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)

At 09:26 AM 11/15/99 +0100, Konfrontatie wrote:

Despite the victory against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) thanks to France's withdrawal from the negotiations in October 1998 - questions remain. Why were governments ready to sign this scandalous treaty and renounce huge areas of their sovereignty, without any discernible advantage in exchange? The only explanation seems to be, as Marx and Engels put it, that "modern state power is merely the executive committee charged with managing the affairs of the bourgeoisie" (1).

If you wish to see just how far this has already occurred, check out the International Law known as the "Technology Transfer Agreement" which allows the licensing of "technology" from France to the USA and payments for that license to be made TAX FREE on both sides of the border. In other words, a company can pretend to create a technology and license it to a US company and move funds out of the country with no taxation and no limit. I personally know of two such instances, and I'm not even looking for them., Wilbur

Wilbur Streett's Judge dumped

Wilbur Streett ( is CEO of Face Information Technology - or just a geek hacking reality.  Wilbur Streett - Google Search

Message from Dr. Baskerville on Wilbur Streett

Pass on.  This was a man who was illegally arrested and sent to jail on a bench warrant and the judge refused to let him speak in his own defense, yelled at him and ordered the sheriffs to take him away.  He had Lou Gehrig's Disease.  This absolutely disgusts me.  The guy could not work but the judge felt he could work and pay child support.  Judge Kieser is disgraceful.  Also, Wilbur's ex-wife and her attorney are disgraceful.  They have no moral compass.  ...  

Subject: Re: Wilbur Streett,  Eric,  I hope some of these remarks can eventually be passed to Wilbur's family.   Stephen (Baskerville)
I knew Wilbur Streett personally from his occasional visits to Washington and from many phone conversations.  Our relationship was mostly business, by necessity, but naturally I did glimpse some of his personal life.  I knew that he dearly loved his children, not because he said so (anyone can say so), but because of the brutality he endured for their sake at the hands of the authorities.  It always amazes me how people can make easy assumptions about men's lack of feeling for their children because, for the most part, men don't talk about their love or tell other people about it or cry about it.  They just put their lives on the line.

In his political work on behalf of others, Wilbur likewise proved his dedication not only with words but with deeds.  He publicly confronted the Vice President of the United States, who was playing fast and loose with some facts in a speech here in Washington. Wilbur faced down Al Gore and won the exchange by having the facts at hand and telling the truth.  In doing so, he anticipated precisely the kind of actions that are now being undertaken on a larger scale in Britain, with the result that the divorce industry is now on the defensive in the national media of that country, and leaders of the major parties are calling for reform.  Where might we be in this country if we had more fathers of the courage of Wilbur Streett?

I remember another incident during the same weekend when Wilbur challenged Vice President Gore.  It was at conference of the National Fatherhood Initiative, which was taking place on Capitol Hill. Cathy Young's cover story, "The Sadness of the American Father," had just come out in The American Spectator.  Very few people knew about it, even at a major "fatherhood" conference.  I had a copy and was showing it around, but Wilbur immediately went over to the B. Dalton bookstore in Union Station, bought every copy of the shelf, and began distributing it to the top people at the conference.  That was typical of his willingness to do what had to be done.

Wilbur had an unpretentious exterior that disguised a sharp intellect.  He was one of the few who recognized how critical the death of Brian Armstrong was.  Along with Bob Burk, another fallen hero, he worked tireless to expose the truth behind Armstrong's brutal death, to ensure that he did not die in vain.  We all owe the same to Bob and Wilbur.

Stephen Baskerville

Eric Ross:  "I spoke this morning with Mrs. Juliette Street, Wilbur's mother"

Subject: Re: [AMOJ_MAIN] Wilbur Streett

Dear Friends:
 I spoke this morning with Mrs. Juliette Street, Wilbur's mother, at length.

I don't need to explain what the loss of a child is to a parent. Their pain is especially acute in view of the tragic turn of events in their son's life and the inhumane, cruel treatment he received. Mrs. Street, who is originally from Luxemburg, in the course of our conversation felt only a German saying would best describe the treatment her son received,  but my German is too poor for me to understood the two sayings she used well enough.

 She said that Wilbur was always a talented person, as a child and later on in life, as a recognized software engineer, musician, dedicated father and son,  and more. Wilbur, who was 44, is survived by a younger brother, 43, and both of his parents.  Wilbur's brother is a great source of strength and support for the family at this grievous time. His Father is a US Armed Forces veteran, so Wilbur and his brother received part of their education in Europe, where their dad was stationed. Mrs. Street lamented that she should have insisted on them staying in Europe. The family is devastated and they wish to hold a very private funeral.

Mrs. Street said they might be open to meeting with people, talking and more, after they recover a little, but at this juncture the tortured family just wants peace and privacy. The private funeral will be held on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We should respect their wishes and pray for them.

Eric Ross.

Attorney Barbara Johnson Receives Telephone Call from Wilbur Streett's 18-Year-Old Daughter

Folks,  I just received a surprise phone call from Kimberly, Wilbur Streett's oldest child. She is 18. (Julia is now  7 and Nicholas is 4.) We spoke of Fathers Day 2003, when I saw Wilbur and Julia in Washington, D.C.

"I was not allowed to see him that Fathers Day," she said sadly.  But during the rest of the conversation, Kimberly grew strong. She was just a delight. She adored her Dad. "I'll never love anyone as much as I loved him," she said. "He was the best person I've ever known." And then she added, "But for him, I wouldn't have seen the beauty of the world."  She spoke of his dedication to fathers' rights. He said he had to change the world. That was his favorite song, Eric Clapton's "Change the World."

She wants to hear from all his friends. He had a feeling of commitment. He told her, "Don't give up."  She said, "That is something he would never do."  "Oh, tell everyone, he was not arrested in a wheelchair." She was convinced that her Dad would not let that happen. He would stand proud. "The courts killed him, you know."

"Yes, I, too, believe they did. All that stress exacerbated his illness." (Lou Gehrig's.)  "It all began when they arrested him and beat him," she insisted.  Kimberly said she would have called and written folks, but her grandparents took Wilbur's cell phone, which had everyone's number in it. She knew where to find mine. She wished she had Bob Cheney's phone number. He and her Dad were good friends.
"They (her grandparents) wouldn't even let me attend his Memorial Service." But, thankfully, they gave her Wilbur's computer. 

Lots of folks are calling her grandparents, but they do not want the calls. She, on the other hand, does not want her Dad to be forgotten, so, folks, she wants to hear from everyone. Her Dad called her every day, and she misses that special phone call. "On the 12th, when I didn't get it, I knew something was wrong."  That young woman-child needs lots of support at this time. She is charming to speak to . . . upbeat. Wilbur, clearly, must have been an absolutely wonderful father to make such a wonderful person as his daughter Kimberly.

Thank you,

Attorney Barbara Johnson Receives Telephone Call from Wilbur Streett's 18-Year-Old Daughter

Wilbur Street, RIP:  Judicial Manslaughter, August 14, 2004

Judicial Manslaughter

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Erin Pizzey

"Why I loathe feminism... and believe it will ultimately destroy the family"

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2008-02-14  Erin Pizzey on KFBK talk radio (Sacramento, California)

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